Sunday, May 06, 2012

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for May 6

Our topic this week was dealing with delayed or interrupted spankings. Here are your thoughts.

Sunny Girl: I usually get witchier the longer it is postponed.

Julia: If I know the reason why it is postponed, I am fine to wait for it. And DH will spank me, no matter what. If I don't know the reason and think he forgot, then I get really bitchy because I think he doesn't care about me and simply forgot. Just writing this, it sounds stupid to behave that way...

Suzie: We try not to put off a spanking for more than 24 hours because apparently I get really edgy. He's planned to spank me, but hasn't told me so that I wouldn't fret over it.

Mistress Nichole: When a spanking has to be postponed, I know it's my responsibility to remember to do it later. It's not good for P, though, because she becomes more and more unstable the longer she has to wait.

My only advice is (if possible) give a timeframe for the spanking. P is never a hundred percent, but she's better knowing when it will happen.

Her mindset is always fine when we come back to it. It's mine that needs adjusting. The longer the wait, the less-inclined I am to do the thing up right.

Welcome to you both!

Hermione: We are both firm believers in routine, so a scheduled spanking is rarely missed. But if, due to circumstances beyond our control, it doesn't take place, then we always reschedule it to another convenient time in the not-too-distant future.

Reece Seever: Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your perspective, when the appointed day for a spanking comes and goes, it may be a week or more before there is another. Given the general pace of life, the opportunities for time alone for Anne to "take care of business" don't come along with great regularity.

Jean Marie: The only reason my spankings have been postponed in the past is because we've been in public. This has happened on several occasions. Each time, my lover has whispered the threat of baring me right then and there and punishing me in front of others. My head knows that he's too modest to do this, but my libido does not. The prospect gets me so excited that every little look from him makes me short of breath. An innocent little butt-pat makes me tingle. By the time we do get down to business, I'm REALLY into it, and randy as hell immediately afterward.

Melly: When it comes to erotic spankings there's rarely a need for it to be postponed. It's simply the heat of the moment. As for discipline spankings, sometimes they do need to be postponed because either we are away from one another (texting, etc), our child is around, we are in public, etc. When a spanking has to be postponed, it drives me crazy. I am on complete edge. I just want to get it over with NOW. I don't like the anticipation of waiting for one, especially when I know its for punishment and I have disappointed my Sir. I prefer to have the slate wiped and be reset right away.

When the time comes, we are both good at getting into the mindset though. Actually, if anything now that I think of it, I probably submit better because I have had time to think about it and I really know I deserve it and I just want the slate wiped.

Welcome back, Melly. It's great to see you again!

Joeyred: If we miss a spanking, we wait until a time when we can both be emotionally in the right headspace for the spanking.

Susie: We simply reschedule for the next day if possible. There are often times when having others around don't make it possible to take care of things when we want to. It does cause me angst, but I decided a while ago that like everything else in a messy life, we are grown ups and we have to act like it. Sometimes that means waiting and it can be a good thing at times. When we finally get some alone time together we are both more resolved.

morningstar: Because of our current living situation - regular spankings - scheduled spankings - are just not on our agendas.

And right now with W busier than a one armed paper hanger, I have no idea when the next one will happen. Hell, I don't even see a blip of one on my radar. To be honest, it makes me very cranky and then angry with myself because I KNOW that if a spanking was possible, it would happen.

So I hang on by my fingernails until an hour or so can be found for "us." Then all is right with the world again.

Ronnie: P knows I get edgy when a spanking is postponed, so he always tries to make sure it happens within a day or two. He never forgets that I'm due a spanking.

Playful Little Brat: My disciplinarian isn't someone I see on a daily basis or anything like that, so spankings/punishments don't take place on the spot (except for a few occasions) and they usually have to be postponed for a little bit. This can be irritating because it's something you want to be over and done with so the slate can be clean. But I think the most important part is knowing that there is consistency there so that it will take place when it can. It'd be worse to question whether or not it will take place at all.

Bonnie: As I mentioned in the introduction, I can be impatient when a much needed spanking is denied due to real world intrusions. I don't fuss at Randy (it's not his fault) so much as I fidget. I am sure it will happen, just not when sometimes.

Randy, for his part, assures me in small ways. For example, when we had a house guest recently, he signaled his intentions by leaving a certain curved handled wooden brush on the nightstand. Innocent it was to a vanilla, but to me, this signal was unmistakable.

In most cases, we return quite naturally to a proper mindset after an interruption. Once I take my place across his lap, my mind and body are focused upon the here and now.

Thanks, everyone, for joining our brunch celebration! See you next weekend.


Rosie said...

I loved this one :) I'm just sorry I didn't get to it in time this week. Good to hear from so many people since this hits close to home... I still have a month to wait for my spanking. But hey, after I've already waited 4, one more isn't too bad, right? ;) Thanks for the discussion!

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What the heck is in that bowl? Polenta?

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