Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Apr 1

Our topic this week was hiding the telltale wince. Here are your thoughts.

Kaelah: Luckily, I have never had to explain any involuntary cringe or yelp resulting from sitting on a sore bottom. I was especially scared after I took my most severe spanking so far, fifty very severe cane strokes. Even then, I almost didn't have any problems with sitting down the next day, even though my bottom was very vividly marked.

I sometimes mark very heavily and need quite a long time to heal, but still my bottom doesn't hurt too much when I sit down after a spanking.

Oh, and welcome back, Bonnie! :-)

Thank you!

Dave: About a month ago, I deserved and received a very hard spanking from my Lady. There were bruises and marks for more than a week, and every time I sat down I was reminded vividly of my punishment. I had to consciously remember to sit down as if nothing was different, but needless to say, sitting was quite painful for a while.

Prefectdt: I have never had much pain from sitting on a well whupped derriere. The build up of heat caused by sitting on soft furnishings shortly after a rump roasting does produce some interesting leaning and shuffling, to let the heat out. Getting up, after sitting on a hard surface can be very painful, but avoiding embarrassment of having people see you cringe is just a matter of timing. "Look everyone, a Kangaroo!"

Enzo and Charlotte: One day, Charlotte's sister saw the marks of a beating with a wooden paddle on her bottom. There were two very large purple bruises. Charlotte said she had fallen on the stairs. Obviously, her sister did not believe her. Some weeks later, we confessed the truth to Clara.

Since that day, the sister of Charlotte has been interested in BDSM and spanking. And she told us about some of her experiences.

Saoirse: I'm slightly ashamed to admit that I enjoy the heat. Well, it's not the heat, as much as the effects of the heat. The damp heat surging in certain areas. The warm soft feelings proving his dominion. The anticipation of a different kind of ownership being played out later. It's hard for him to keep His hands off of me when I wear his marks. Do I have to surrender my card? Move to a different kink site?

Once I had a doctor's appointment where my bum was on display, and a bruise visible. Fortunately, there'd been an ice storm. I'd been knocked off my feet by a mastiff who thought the horse going by was his long lost mother and I had bruises everywhere...

Blondie: I haven't had to disguise my discomfort, but one of my friends did. She told her friend that she had pulled something that made it uncomfortable to sit. Her friend never even blinked an eye. Just kept on going with the conversation. Too funny.

Lea: I've had many occasions where sitting was truly uncomfortable. I would sit quite gingerly, but nobody ever asked about it. Obviously, I can't have a pillow on my office chair so I just had to deal with it. As a funny side note, a coworker of mine (who is usually on her feet a lot in her job) complained at how her butt hurt one day from having to sit at the desk so much. I just laughed and thought "You have NO idea!"

Dragon's Rose: I expect the discomfort from sitting. I yelp when someone touches my back unexpectedly after a flogging. We explain my yelp away with super sensitive skin. I don't know why but a soft touch hurts. Firm touch is fine but not soft. My little quirk is well known and is a convenient excuse for a sore back.

Rod: Yes, it's happened to me a couple of times the day after my bottom had been caned soundly. The first time was when I was driving and got a sudden twinge. That was tricky, especially as my passenger asked what the problem was. The second time was in the office, but the warm pain and glow just made me thankful for what I had received.

A'marie: A few months ago, I was being spanked by a FWB, and had to be home soon after for a weekly gaming session with friends. I'm normally not fazed by sitting on a sore bottom (maybe it's just never been sore enough, eh?). So I wasn't worried about being able to sit for the three hours we'd be raiding.

I had my wireless headset on later, and got up out of my chair to grab replacement mouse batteries. I was chatting as I went to sit back down; I just kind of threw myself in the chair as I usually do without thinking, and I yelped and let out a string of obscenities. My friends were all concerned I had hurt myself, or (as has happened often) spilled soda on my keyboard/laptop, or something else disastrous. So I lied. I said I stubbed my toe. I didn't even feel the slightest bit guilty about lying, either! The (kinky) raid co-leader messaged me about ten seconds later, however, and said: "Liar, liar, your pants ARE on fire, aren't they?"

Eh, at least most of them were in the dark. ;)

Hermione: I usually enjoy the afterglow and residual discomfort, but there was one occasion when I performed in a concert a few hours after a spanking. When our group wasn't singing we sat on unpadded wooden benches, and there was no chance to stand up for relief because we were in full view of the audience for the entire time.

Honey: I am very, very good at keeping a straight face. I like the pain as a reminder too, so I just wriggle into my seat and try and not smile too widely!

Unless I'm tipsy. Then I have a tendency to announce that SOMEONE was very MEAN and I can't sit down. My boyfriend tends to facepalm and tell me to drink less. I have no shame. (He doesn't really mind. We're out as kinky to all our close friends.)

A-Non: I am a runner, and I often complain offhand of lots of little sore muscles in my back and ribs. So I almost always sit gingerly. Most people don't want to think of the two or three reasons why a person might wince as sitting, so they just tune out. Yelping might seem notable, however.

Susan: After a good hiding, I am allowed a day or two to recover, but after a sound spanking (hand, hairbrush or slipper), it is a different matter. D likes to spank, just before we are going out to the cinema, theatre or dining. The car is OK, as I can keep my burning hereafter clear of the seat, but cinemas and theaters are another matter; I can't fidget as it disturbs the others near me, and the interval is such a welcome relief. A firm restaurant chair is another matter, and any rubbing or wriggling is bound to attract attention. I was once offered a cushion by a waiter who I think had guessed my problem!

The worst one was when we were staying in an hotel. During dinner I said something, which D said merited a spanking there and then. He told the waiter to put our main course on hold, and led me up to our room. Very quickly, I found myself over his lap, my short thin skirt on high, my knickers on the floor, and the hairbrush drumming against my poor bare bottom. It was a very sound spanking indeed, and when I at last stood up, my bottom was burning and throbbing. D pulled down my dress, and led me knickerless back to the dining room. I gasped as I sat down, and somehow managed to eat my rare steak, which must have resembled my own poor rump steak! A turn round the dance floor was some respite, although I was sure my short flirty skirt was going to swirl up to show my bare red bottom beneath, but the thin silk gave no protection, as I sat down to finish my dinner. I was glad to get back to our room, and a good seeing-to from D, which by then I was longing for!

Anon: I'm always sore bottomed after paddlings. My wife refers to it as "thinking of me each time you sit." While I do feel it when I sit, I never any problems doing so. I have one friend, N, a lady who knows my kink. Her restaurant is between work and home, a 35 minute commute. She got a big laugh out of hearing me say that I "needed a break from sitting." Her employee looked puzzled, but N thought it was deservedly hilarious.

Ana: I asked a friend once for advice, and she suggested saying that I pulled a muscle in my back or slept wrong. But mostly, people don't notice and I am quiet.

Make Mine Red: I haven't ever winced sitting down, but have groaned upon rising after being seated awhile. I just say I must be getting old. I live in a very vanilla world and no one has ever questioned it. :) I am basking in a "warm glow" right now and enjoying every minute and memory. :)

Kiwi Girlie Girl: As with many people, I enjoy the after effects and I am often sore for the next day or so. I've never had to explain away an ouch or anything like but, one night, I was was getting into the bath when Little Miss walked into the bathroom. She often sits in there with me while I'm in the bath and just talks to me. Anyway, she saw bruises and I had to explain that they were from riding my horse. LOL... Luckily, littlies fall for little white lies so much more easily.

Poppy: I pretend my back is sore, which sometimes it is, so if I word it properly, I don't even have to lie.

Sits, winces. "I have a bad back which sometimes makes it hurt when I go from standing to sitting."
All true. It is just that this wince was caused by a monster session with the cane.

Bonnie: One would think that I would be skilled at handling this dilemma by now. Quite often, though, I'm not. Randy takes great delight in watching me struggle with posterior discomfort, especially in public. Even a clever excuse is worthless when he stares at me and smiles from ear to ear. I suddenly find myself blushing and it's a bit like getting spanked all over again. I might be upset were it not such a turn-on!

Thanks, everyone for joining our brunch get together. I hope to see you again next week.


SublimeWifey said...

I'm sorry I missed this week's Spanko Brunch 'cause I actually have a story to tell! So even though we're on to another week, I thought I'd share. My husband and I are fairly new to spanking and we're experimenting with using various household items as spanking implements. One evening I asked him to spank me with a wire hanger and it HURT, but there were no lingering marks the next morning and I felt pretty good. However, over the course of the day the pain grew and grew. When I stopped sitting in the afternoon, my friends noticed and asked questions. It was winter and so I said I had slipped on the ice, but truthfully the ground at home and work was clear so I'm surprised anyone believed me. When I had the chance to check my bottom at home there was still no bruising so I'm surprised it hurt that bad, and that it took nearly 12 hours to really start aching. I don't think we'll be playing with the wire hanger again.

Dana said...

I know for me after my wife has given me a good spanking, probably that I richly deserved, every time that I sit down I am reminded what happens when I misbehave. Actually, I was over her knee Sunday afternoon for a date with the paddle and still feel the effect.

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