Sunday, February 26, 2012

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Feb26

Our topic this week was historical spanking role play. Here are your thoughts.

Celeste Jones: I am currently working on an idea for a couple of short stories which would be continuations of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, which takes place in the Regency period in England (about 200 years ago). I love the original story, but can't help wondering what happens after the sisters are married. :) So, I will be curious to see what others have to say about this topic. Although I've not done historical role play myself, I might be tempted by a Gone With the Wind Scenario. Fiddle Dee Dee.

“Scarlett, you need to be spanked, and often, by someone who knows how.”

Joeyred: I have read many stories about caning in the English school system from the turn of the century. My fantasy involves a caning scene that is related to a missed school assignment. I have written the American equivalent of the scene involving a graduate student who misses an assignment in class because of a flu virus and is given the choice of a caning or an "F."

Kitty: I would love to watch a historical movie involving spanking.

Joeyred's idea sounded good. I'd love to see the modern day graduate student choose a caning over an F. For myself, having never made an F in my life, it would be a no-brainer.

Sarah Thorne: Yes. We are living history re-enactors,with a focus on the American Civil War. We have often dressed up on our period-correct attire and played, sometimes snapping pictures. I plan to share some of them in the near future.

I could imagine a spanko re-enactment of the burning of Atlanta being quite uncomfortable for the recipient.

Joeyred: Kitty - I did not choose the "F" in my story! :)

Lea: I've never tried anything like that. I suppose I'd be open to it, but I don't have any particular scenarios in my mind. I think it'd be WAY too hot (temperature wise) to wear some of those old costumes though, so I may not be too keen on that.

Kitty: Joeyred - That doesn't surprise me. LOL!

Abby: We have done some role play, but never of any historical scenes. I agree with Lea. There would be lots of clothing involved.

Six of the Best: I have always loved the nostalgic era such as the Regency, Victorian, or Edwardian period. It was especially good when naughty women wore old-fashioned bloomers. These garments were a joy to pull down from a woman's voluptuous bottom, so she could be caned or birched on her naked rear end.

Jean Marie: Oh gosh, I love historical role play!

My lover plays a cowboy and I'm a saloon girl that he "convinces" to be monogamous through a strapping with his holster's belt.

I'm a harem girl and pasha whips me for teasing the eunuch. I'm then shown what a virile man does with his erection.

I put my hair up and play Marie Antoinette who is decadent and needs harsh punishment.

I'm an innocent heiress traveling across the ocean who is captured and abused by Blackbeard the pirate.

Of course my favorite is naughty school girl who is caned by her headmaster.

I LOVE historical role play; my school students have no idea that the many costumes I wear to bring History class to life have other uses after hours!

Conina: My favorite is being flogged by the evil pirate after he captures my ship en route to the Spice Islands.

Rod: I've not really tried it, although that whole post-war Britain caning heyday is a turn-on. So is the Victorian era.

Kaelah: Most historical scenarios don't hold such a big appeal for me, since women often were in rather weak positions in ancient societies. I'm not really interested in being a maid, an obedient wife or an innocent fair lady.

But I'm a fan of ancient naval discipline, and I would love to play a young midshipman (as a bottom) or a higher ranked officer (as a top) on an 18th century armed vessel. I guess to enjoy historical scenarios, I would either have to play a male character or a woman disguised as a man. Or the historical facts would have to be changed for the role play, in a way that allows women to do the same things as men. What is the fun of historical role play if one isn't allowed to wear a sabre or a sword? ;-)

Hermione: My historical fantasy, set in the 18th century, would involve Demelza and Ross Poldark from the Winston Graham novels. There was the odd bit of spanking in those books, and I would like to expand on the theme.

Prefectdt: Although I am a bit short on costumes (non at all), I love historical role play. My favourite period is the late Victorian and Edwardian era. The formalized, almost ceremonial, style of CP in that era is very appealing to me and I loved the clothes of the time. The shame it is that I cannot put together some appropriate costumes.

Adriane Greeneyez: Historical role play would probably not be my thing. I have only limited interest in any role play. The closest thing to historical role play I can really see myself participating in would be to either be made to "cut a switch" (the tree branch kind, LOL) or to dress in a 1950's-ish outfit for some nice 1950's household-type role play.

I tend to favor more realism in my spankings, and prefer those that are for "real reasons," even if that reason is "because I feel like it" or "to remind you who's in charge." That just seems to be my preferred style of play at the moment. Who knows? Maybe later I will decide to give it a whirl. It would be interesting because in addition to costumes, there's also the use of historical implements! ^_^ Old school hairbrushes look so awesome!

Governing Ana: I like fantasies! I'm afraid mine would be the cliched version of school play (think Jane Eyre or The Secret Garden). It would be fun to be the young teacher taken in hand.

As a graduate student myself, the idea (even if only fantasy) of getting a caning for missing an assignment in class is enough to give me nightmares! :)

A'marie: I've never really thought of it, but I do find guilty pleasure in Judith McNaught's historical romance books. Despite having a wildly active imagination, I don't know that I would be very good at role playing.

If I put any thought into it, the time frame would definitely be European Renaissance. This would, of course, require an awesome costume. Right? ;) I guess I have a hard time with the scenario, though. I do enough things in real life that are spank-worthy that it's a bit ironic to think about role-playing a completely fictional reason for a spanking.

I seem to recall something about you and swashbuckling buccaneers...

Daisy: Wow, a lot of you have great fantasies!

I am afraid thaat history always bored the pants off me (pardon the pun!). As a result, I know nothing about it really, other than we won the war, ha ha! I tend to be more forward thinking than historical thinking. My fantasies simply involve Davey and I occupying the same part of the planet.

Bonnie: I'm open to almost anything, but we have a few scenarios to which we return again and again. We tend to go with the twentieth century themes because the costumes are easier and we have a good grasp of the roles. The naughty fifties housewife is fun. I think the principal paddles naughty cheerleader scene is now historical too. Each of these has enough variations to keep things interesting.

I'd love to try a nineteen century English caning with lots of formality and ritual, but that would require considerable research.

Thanks, everyone, for sharing your experiences and ideas concerning historical spanking role play!

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