Monday, December 26, 2011

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Dec 25

I hope everyone is enjoying a splendid holiday weekend. Our question dealt with our 2012 plans to make our lifestyle more fulfilling, more enjoyable, or more a part of our daily life.

Dragon's Rose: More spankings!

Otto: Merry Christmas, Bonnie. And a happy New Year. Keep on blogging!

Thank you, Otto!

Spanky: I'd like to continue blogging and share our happiness with others. Merry Christmas Bonnie! You're a real inspiration.

Welcome back, Spanky! It's great to have you home for the holidays.

Sunny Girl: I look forward to more spankings, more blogging, less stress and more relaxation time.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Thank you, dear SG.

Country Spanker: I aim to get my head to the right place and keep it there. I want to do more blogging with more pics. Thanks Bonnie, for another great year of your blog, and Merry Christmas.

Thanks, CS. Having you join our community was a highlight of 2011!

Hermione: Daily blogging, frequent playful exchanges with my husband, and regular spankings all make TTWD a regular part of my life. I'd like to experiment with some new ideas to keep our interactions fresh and exciting and maintain our enthusiasm.

Thank you, Hermione, for your incredible daily posts and everything else you do to promote our community and keep it vibrant.

Six of the Best: Seasons Greetings Bonnie, to you and your hubby. Since I am as nutty as the delicious fruit cake you show, I would love to continue spanking the bare bottoms of naughty ladies, plus communicating with as many spanking bloggers as there are in this whole wild world.

Thank you, Six!

MarQe: I'd like to see a bit more of my own little country, go to see lots of great live music, and keep my spankees in line. I would also wish to meet a few new ladies who need my firm hand applied in the traditional manner!

Happy Christmas xxx

Thank you, MarQe. I hope 2012 brings you good fortune, good health, and enthusiastic spankees.

S.N.M.: Is that a rectangular prism made of pizza? My world has been changed.

I'd like to actually live out some of my fantasies in the coming year. I'm much more confident with women than I've ever been before, and I'm going to start out the year with three months in the Carribean, which is home to some of the most calyphigian cabooses on the planet. Wish me luck.

OK, that's funny! You made me call Randy to the computer. I do wish you luck with your next adventure. Please come back and tell us about your rosy successes.

Kitty: I'd love to learn more about the joys of spanking. May 2012 be even better in that regard.

Michael M: Hi and Merry Christmas. My wish list would be:

Success at work
Keeping my wife happy and content
An outdoor spanking in the woods

Thank you, Michael. That seems like a very reasonable list. Here's hoping it all comes true.

Lea: More spankings would be nice. Nothing else is coming to mind at the moment. I hope you and Randy have a great Christmas!

Thanks, Lea! I wish you an amazing 2012.

Bree: It would make it so much better if I could just find an unattached long term partner who fits my needs and lives near me. I think that is asking too much, though.

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Bonnie!

Same to you, Bree. Thanks! As long as you don't live alone on a desert island, I have to think your future partner must be around somewhere. Best wishes in finding them.

Melly: Happy Holidays to you and yours!

For me, it would have to be to continue blogging because I have enjoyed it thus far.
To meet a DD couple in real life.
Also, more sexy spankings and fewer less punishment spankings

Thank you, Melly!

Curtis G: First, thank you for your blog and hope you have a wonderful holiday season and new year. If I had my biggest wish, it would be to have a special and continuing partner who was, like me, a switch and who was into fun and erotic spanking (one who was also compatible intellectually and emotionally). In the absence of that special person and because my life track is comparatively short, I'd like to have many friends and playmates in this community.

You're very welcome, Curtis, and thanks. May your hunt for a partner be successful.

Poppy: Well, 2012 will be all about integrating my spanking life with the rest of my life (not my working life!) and I will keep people posted via my blog. I do not want to curse myself with prophesy so I will say no more.

May I wish you and yours a very happy Christmas?

Yes, you may, and thank you! Here's to an integrated spanking life.

Rod: Happy holidays, Bonnie. I have found blogging about our interest to be very fulfilling, so I hope to continue in 2012. I'd like to meet a few more of my readers and contributors to share some quality time with them.

P.S. Thanks for your support of The Canery and all the new blogs. It's a great help.

It's a genuine pleasure to introduce new blogs to the community and help them get started. Thank you for those lovely holiday wishes.

Blondie: I would like to continue with DD or and our fun spanking too. I would like to lose weight as soon as possible. I would like to meet some of my new blog friends. And I hope to get my oldest son off to college!

Merry Christmas Bonnie and Thanks for a great blog

You're quite welcome, Blondie. I hope all of your aspirations are realized.

Cutiebootie: Merry Christmas, Bonnie! I hope that you and your family are having a wonderful holiday season so far. I'd like to thank you for supporting my blog over the years and for sharing your blog with us.

Next year, I would like to act out more fantasies that my guy and I have. We have started to, as we continue to get to know each other and share our fantasies. He never spanked anyone until he met me. He loves spanking me now and a number of our interests have been carried out. So, I'm sure that this trend will continue into the new year. =)

Thank you, CB! That's a wonderfully fun New Year's wish. Enjoy!

The VBB: Thanks for your great blog I look forward to working through your spanking blogs links next year and to show my appreciation for the great blogs by posting more comments. If all goes as planned, I hope to make a trip to Spanking Court in 2012!

Thank you, VBB, and best of luck at Spanking Court. :D

Bonnie: 2011 has been a remarkable year in many ways. I can barely wish for more next year, unless it's more of the same. I hope to get to better know my blogging friends and meet a bunch of enthusiastic new bloggers. Oh, yes, and a vigorous spanking every Friday evening would be lovely as well.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Peaceful Solstice, and Delightful Non-Holiday to all as applicable. As we close the year, I look forward to a terrific 2012 for our spanking community. Thank YOU for making it great!


Spanky said...

The usual great collection of comments and ideas! Hope you have a Happy New Year, and everyone else too!

Country Spanker said...

Wow thanks Bonnie, that has become the highlight of mine

ronnie said...

More spankings hopefully. Try a few new ideas and implements and I would love a real outdoor spanking.

Hope your and your family had a wonderful Christmas Bonnie.

Thank you for all you do.


JJ said...

Thanks Bonnie!! :) It would be awesome to meet my HOH this year!!! :D

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