Sunday, December 11, 2011

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Dec 11

Our topic this week was kinky holiday gifts. Here are your thoughts.

babygirlsneedlove2: I love to give Daddy silly little gifts. Over the years he has gotten a few that made his eyebrows go up. LOL
  • Voodoo Doll with pins and instruction book (having his ex in mind)
  • Book on how to tie knots
  • Twister board (because I tell him that naked twister is a hard limit) – It's still unopened. LOL
I'm not sure what to get him this year, but you have me thinking now. Maybe a new belt? Oh, maybe that's more for me than for him.

Susie: My husband has been looking at an i-paddle website. I'm not sure which one it is, but perhaps I should be a little nervous about what may show up under the Christmas tree. Sigh!

Six of the Best: On the economic side, if all the countries in the world would participate in spending this holiday season, be it for Christmas or Chanukah, it would certainly help this globe.

As for spanking implements, I have purchased a brand new pliable cane, to be tested on one of my favorite lady's voluptuous bare bottom.

joeyred51: I am attending the Delco holiday spanking party next week and I hope to buy a leather strap from my favorite vendor.

Hermione: I have purchased a couple of gifts that keep on giving. One is a lovely leather belt for Ron. He said he needed a new one, and I assume he intends to wear it, but he might decide to put it to another use.

I've also taken the plunge and bought a cane. I have to figure out how to wrap it so Ron won't guess what's in the package.

Sublime Wifey: I like our homemade spanking implements, but I wouldn't mind something "official" and preferably leather. Or perhaps a set of restraints, such as cuffs or tie downs, to keep me from squirming about too much during our next rigorous spanking adventure.

Daisy: Nope. Nothing. I wouldn't buy a hairbrush or spoon because I don't like the feel of wood. What I would like is a leather paddle. But I am too chicken to travel through customs with anything remotely spanky. I would just die if they searched my case. As a result, I have bought nothing!

Lea: Is there anything I NEED? Nah. Is there anything I WANT? Well, of course! I was actually browsing Cane-iac a few hours ago to see whether anything struck my fancy. I'm undecided, but I will probably return. I hate wood. Maybe something leather...

Sara: I don't know. Maybe my spanko mojo is waning? I don't think we need ONE new implement! I have been disappointed with the last few purchases I made. They were way more intense than I had expected. Sadly, Grant loves them. I'm sticking with books and sweaters, or maybe some nice massage oil?

Kitty: I'm thinking of giving Daddy some rope. ;)

Ronnie: I always buy a few silly gift that I give to P before Christmas – the type for our eyes only.

This year I've bought a carpet beater for him. Well, it's for me really and it's not for hanging on the wall.

Prefectdt: I just put together a scheduled post for tomorrow that features unusual gift ideas. I know there won't be anything kinky from Santa for me, but I am hoping to find a pervertable in the post Xmas sales. ;)

Bonnie: I know I asked the question, but I honestly don't know yet what I'm going to buy for Randy. I have some ideas, but he hasn't indicated what he prefers.

However, I can tell you what I want. My poor old cuffs have seen better days. They're not exactly worn out and they still work, but the outside is covered with remnants of adhesive gunk that won't come off. Randy got carried away with tape one time and the scene was hot, but it ruined my cuffs. All I want is a new set.

Thank you all for participating in our brunch conversation. I hope you'll join us again next weekend.

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