Sunday, October 02, 2011

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Oct 2

Our question of the week was effect of clothing on spanking sessions. Here are your responses.

Country Spanker: Oh, yes. There are a pair of white trousers that my wife will wear around the house that lets me know that a spanking is needed. That's certainly not the only time she gets one, but if it's been a while...

Welcome, CS!

Hermione: Our spankings are pretty much "come as you are," so we don't go to any trouble with clothing. Ron will change, though, if he's been working in the garden. I dress casually too, but I usually make sure I'm wearing a nice top that's long enough to cover part of my bottom, so he can lift it up and out of the way before he starts.

Daisy: HUH? Clothing? I could wear a suit of armour or a bathing suit. It makes no difference at all. The only suit I get spanked in is my birthday suit!

Mija: Paul has a uniform fetish, so assuming the weather isn't too hot, I tend to wear a formal school uniform for our planned scenes. It's not as part of a roleplay but as a form of submission to show I'm subject to authority.

Lea: I have a school uniform type outfit just for fun, but generally clothing is what it is. Most of it is going to come off anyway, so why go through a big effort picking something out? LOL

Dr. Ken: Not really. The ladies I play with might wear a dress or a skirt just because they know it's easier for me to pull that up than to deal with jeans, but that's about the only clothing issue. Otherwise, it's a case of, "What you're wearing is fine. It won't stay in place for long, anyway."

Raven Red: Uncle Nick does have a thing about nice looking knickers. For whatever reason, I do not know. They do not stay on.

Prefectdt: I use a man thong (or not) to differentiate between types of spankings. With a play partner, I always wear the thong. This allows me to play bare-assed, but without the junk on display. With a relationship or sexual partner, I play without.

There is no big modesty or ethical thing, it just sends a psychological message to the guy downstairs.

          Thong on = It's not that type of spanking and no need to get exited
          Thong off = Full steam ahead boyo

It is not foolproof, but 99 times out of a hundred it works OK.

Poppy: I spend a silly amount of money and time on beautiful knickers and I swear not one pair is noticed. So I like to dress prettily, but I am not sure the man who spanks me would say the same thing. He just would not notice.

I also like to wear dresses and skirts. This makes me feel more of a girl to his man, if you know what I mean. ;)

S: If I get the itch that my bottom needs attention with something severe like a cane or strap, I put on a pair of very tight thin jeans that hug my plump bottom like a second skin. D knows just what this means. Very soon, they are stretched even tighter, as I am well bent over. The thin jean does not soften the smart at all, but does help to prevent severe marking.

For fun spankings, I like to wear big flouncy skirts, petticoats, and frilly undies, for D to dig his way through, so that his palm can have its wicked way with my poor bare bottom.

Maui Girl: Hubby much prefers skirts for easier access and I wear them almost every day. However, I find something deeply exciting and humiliating about pulling down pants (but I haven't told him that).

Ronnie: I always make sure I have on some sexy knickers even though I know they wont be on for long.

Season: Michael always says my panties look best when crumpled on the floor. Sheesh! Clothing does sometimes play a part in our spanking life. One example is when we have a "red bottom day." Recently, Michael started the day by dictating what I was to wear - a white tank top and NOTHING else. Then I was told to go about my regular day. However, it was interspersed with a variety of spankings, some corner time, and other activities.

R Humphries: I am very blessed that MBJ is of a theatrical bent and embraces my preference for role-playing, rituals, and uniforms. Anybody who has ever visited my blog can probably guess the main theme of our games. That is not to say our plays are either planned or scripted. In fact, they are more often than not either spontaneous or the result of us text-teasing each other during the day. I frequently come home to find MBJ dressed in my favorite outfit and the cane lying ready on the bed. As our relationship is not based on a DD lifestyle per se, this suits us both (although I am the boss dammit!).

Lucy W: Before my HOM spanks me, I must bath as to cleanse myself for him, then wear nice panties and a nighty he chooses for me to wear.

Welcome, Lucy!

Bobbie Jo: I wear a pair of clean, faded jeans that are fairly thin and they stay on. If I bruised a bit with them on, I sure won't be taking them down! :-)

As for a top, I will wear a T-shirt that has some design on it or just plain.

I need a new pair of tennie runners, too. I live in red dirt country. LOL

Oh, and my top is OK with it. :-)

One more thing: my jeans don't have pockets.

Make Mine Red: I like lingerie that nicely frames or enhances my bottom line. I also have a tank top that says "Spank Me" on the front with matching panties that have a handprint on the rear. Then, of course, there's my naughty school girl costume. Even so, he doesn't care what I wear or don't wear.

Bonnie: My husband Randy loves for me to dress up for him. He even buys outfits he wants me to model. Some are overtly sexy, some draw upon favorite roleplay scenarios, and others simply highlight physical assets he appreciates.

For my birthday last week, I bought myself a silky pink thong bodysuit. I knew it would push his buttons, and it did. I wore it under my clothes when we went out for dinner and it looked like a cami. At the unveiling afterward, he was so impressed that the bodysuit stayed on throughout the ensuing spanking.

Alex Reynolds: I have a huge preference for just getting spanked in whatever I am wearing without putting too much pomp and circumstance into things. I find that spontaneity in spankings makes me feel much more submissive. I adore the feelings that I'm going to get a spanking right here, right now (add on bonus points if it's simply because he feels like it!). I also prefer the feeling that being spanked is part of my "regular" life and is not compartmentalized. I know that some people feel the opposite way, and I think both are valid. I also have very few articles of clothing that I haven't been spanked in, and I like that. :)

Thank you all for joining us!

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