Sunday, July 24, 2011

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for July 24

Our topic this week was spanking bucket lists. You contributed some truly outstanding (and very hot!) ideas.

  1. Spank my very first girlfriend
  2. Spank my ex-girlfriend's mother
  3. Spank Lindsay Lohan
  4. Marry a spankee (if I marry)
  5. Give a spanking everyday
  6. Have my spankee maintain a red butt for thirty days
  7. Spank that cute but bitchy colleague
  8. Switch just for fun
  9. Spank two butts at the same time
  10. Do a tune much like STOMP, only with the sound of spanking butts
Six of the Best: My spanking bucket list would include:
  1. Spanking Sarah Palin on her bare bottom
  2. See mature actress Helen Mirren caned on her voluptuous rear end
  3. Spank all the female teachers who taught me
  4. Spank all my secretaries
  5. Spank Cleopatra and Marie Antoinette
Jean Marie: My mind reels at the possibilities...

MarQe recently posted a picture of a girl being bared and spanked in a public gymnasium that got me instantaneously excited. The thought of being outed as a spanko, being made to bare my backside and take a spanking in a whole host of public venues scares me to death and thrills me no end.

I talk a mean argument, but I've never been seriously marked. I don't want to be whipped to ribbons, but the thought of cane stripes that would last a week gets me very hot.

I have unacted-upon fantasies of switching, and would love to tell the pretty teacher I work with that she is untrustworthy and in need of a hard, long, naked, over the knee session at my hand. I'd then move on to calling Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez to task.

I want a three-way with Prince Harry and whoever he's seeing at the moment. I want to be spanked by him as she watches, spank her while he watches and wanks, then share a long night of illicit passion with them both.

There are other things on my B list, but I can't think straight right now...

  1. Experience a caning from a schoolmaster while dressed as a naughty schoolgirl
  2. Be birched by a stern butler because I was a negligent parlourmaid
  3. Buy a spanking bench and put it to good use
  4. Be spanked with a flogger while restrained on a St. Andrew's cross
  5. Have an hour-long spanking using every room in our house, with a different implement and in a different position in each room
  6. Get a spanking on a park bench while pigeons strut around and peck at the bread we have given them
  7. Be spanked in front of an open window, with people passing by on the street below
  8. Be given a lecture and a punishment spanking in the woods with a riding crop
  9. Go to a spanking party
  10. Meet every one of my favourite bloggers in person
There. The bucket is full. Now to figure out how to empty it!

Kitty: Be spanked to orgasm... I almost got there today! :)

Jai: I want to eventually live a DD lifestyle. I have other things I would like to try, but for now, that is my goal and top drip in the bucket. :)

Make Mine Red: One thing I would like would be to switch. Let me put him across my lap and spank his bare butt with my hand. I love being spanked by him, but the thought of doing him also really turns me on!

Michelle Carlyle:
  1. Transport into my stories and be spanked by all of my heroes. But maybe not as hard
  2. Be spontaneously spanked by my spouse
  3. Be chased down, thrown over his knee and spanked soundly, then have sex
  4. Experience the tawse
  5. Experience the belt
  6. Be stripped naked, tied to the bed and spanked
  7. Act out scenes from my stories
I have to go find my husband now...

Slavewife: I can only think of one at the moment. I want to be spanked in front of company!

  1. Get my husband to England
  2. My husband to spank me with a leather paddle
  3. Start building a collection of leather implements
  4. A spanking that includes a thorough lecture using his "black voice" *
  5. For my husband to surprise me with a spanking exactly as I imagine it, without me telling him!
  6. Be spanked outdoors but in a very safe location
  7. For him to text my phone while I am with company, to say I am going to get a punishment spanking that evening...
  8. For him to describe the spanking to come, in detail, while doing cornertime, and then for him to carry it out exactly as he said
  9. Experience some unusual spanking positions
  10. In the middle of a furious row, for him to just grab me, throw me over his knee (absolutely against my wishes, hehe) and spank the temper out of me!
  11. To meet the friends I have made on here in real life... Maybe at a holiday location where we all had private cabins in a forest
  12. I LOVE Hermione's #5! Can I borrow that one, please, Hermione?
  13. An all night spanking, where I am alternately teased, spanked and tickled all in the same area!
  14. A naked session in the hot tub, where he keeps raising my bottom out of the water to spank it!
  15. A fun spanking, where we are giggling and laughing all the way through despite it really stinging!
  16. Role play spanking
  17. A seaside spanking
  18. A spanking outside in a huge thunderstorm
  19. To experience one of those lexan paddles with holes (VERY gently!)
  20. To be carefully taken past my comfort zone, being held down with one of his legs across mine to prevent me kicking and his spare hand holding mine behind my back making struggling futile
*The "black voice" is what we call his sternest, “stop right now and don't mess with me” voice, so named because, in the early days before we phoned each other regularly, we only communicated by messenger, my font pink and his blue. So he typed in bold black when I was pushing my luck!

I am going to print out my bucket list and work hard to achieve them!

Anon: To spank Bonnie. (I know, I know... Never gonna happen!)

There are lots of women named Bonnie and I know of at least three who are spankos.

Keiter: I look forward to bringing some of my girlfriend's achievable bucket list ideas to fruition. Amazingly, a few of hers mesh nicely with mine.

Lea: There are some good ones here. I'll have to borrow a few.
  1. Meet my online friends in person
  2. Being spanked in a hot tub sounds very intriguing
  3. Experience a good session with a cane
  4. Get James Spader to return my fan mail and come spank me, haha
Simon(e): On the receiving end:
  1. To be punished by my mistress in front of a small group of interested female friends
  2. To be punished as part of a mixed male and female group
As the punisher:
  1. To spank some of the ladies who appear in some of my favourite spanking pictures and videos. Clare Fonda, Amelia Jane Rutherford and Pandora Blake would be at the top of the list
  2. To convert some of my non-spanking female friends and punish them
Perhaps one day the first two may be realised. My mistress is excellent at introducing new things into our relationship and under her tutelage I have experienced many of my fantasies. I have also discovered things that I never imagined and whilst some I haven't enjoyed, most I've found to be intense and exciting.

Poppy: What a fabulous idea.
  1. I'd like to be spanked by Keith Jones (I suspect that will never happen but I can dream)
  2. I would like to punished for something I did at school that I can't quite move past
  3. I would like to be taken with my Top (can't think of a better way to describe him) when he buys a cane to use on me
  4. I would like to have a punishment (not an awful one) with two Tops. There - I said it, that's shocking isn't it?
Don't tell anyone. This has to be our secret.

I did an interview for American Spanking Society recently and this question was on there and I did not give any of those because I was too shy. But here I feel a bit less stand-outy. I will press post comment before I back out.

Your secret is safe with me, Poppy.

Prefectdt: This could be a very long list, so I am going to keep it to the top five wants.
  1. Find a good spanking life partner
  2. Find a strong spanking (as opposed to BDSM) community here in Belgium
  3. Find a really good shop selling specifically spanking type accoutrements here in Belgium
  4. Receive a double caning, from two administrators, one on the left and one on the right
  5. Get a proper, American-style paddling with a large frat or school type paddle
MarQe: Spanking bucket list, eh? Well...
  1. To administer a 100 stroke caning to a restrained lady in spite of her tears and protestations
  2. To have two pretty schoolgirls in my study for a full punishment session! (This WILL happen next year)
  3. To spank a 'certain' female acquaintance with my butter pat paddle until she cries and cries!
  4. To finally take 100 strokes of the cane from my favourite Headmistress ( No names, sorry!)
  5. To spank Jennifer Aniston! Well every bucket must have a dream!
Our Bottoms Burn: To continue to enjoy spanking each other for all the years we have left.

Ronnie: Here are a few that would be on my bucket list:
  1. To be chased in the woods and when caught taken OTK and spanked
  2. Be in the same room watching someone get spanked knowing and I was next
  3. Go to a spanking party
  4. Meet up with fellow bloggers
Nick: Getting spanked by two women... before sex.

Pink: I have one and one only. (And Poppy, it's not so terrible!)

I want to be spanked by my significant other in front of another man. The other man need not spank me (yes, please), but he must be present.

That is all. My list is short.

Bonnie: My initial reaction to this question was that Randy and I have already tried just about every spanking variation that might conceivably appeal to us. But after thinking a little more and drawing inspiration from other brunchers, it seems I do have a spanko bucket list after all.
  1. I want a real spanking bench with velcro wrist and ankle tie-down straps for our basement. Randy liked this idea. He said, “Yeah, then I could do all my favorite unspeakable things to you.” That remark earned a full body shiver from me!
  2. I would like to attend a big spanking party and meet for the first time people I've known for years. This probably won't happen because Randy has no interest, but a girl can dream
  3. I want this
Thank you, everyone, for sharing your wonderful lists!


kiwigirliegirl said...

Mine are:
To be spanked every day.
To be spanked outside.
Being next in line to be spanked.
Be caned for a long time - not sure how many strokes!
Be spanked and then sent to bed.
Being forced OTK and spanked hard
Be spanked through my clothes, then have them slowly removed.
Be made to stand and listen to a list of infractions, told off severely, described what is going to happen to me and then have it happen.
Being spanked with a bath brush while in the bath - oh ive done that one hehehe
Id love to meet my blog friends over a coffee one day :)
For hubby to text me during the day and say im getting spanked when i get home - and then to do it.
Be caned before I go to work - oh did that one last Friday and wow its hot.
Have an argument, be warned and warned about behaving, and then dragged to a chair, turned over the knee and spanked hard and told off throughout the whole thing.

Cool post Bonnie - im always a bit late though - never mind - is being tardy a spanking offence?? hehehe

Dana Kane said...

I never manage to catch the open discussion, but always love reading the recaps. Another great post, Bonnie, and excellent discussion.

Somewhere on my list would be:

Spanking Christian Bale, for the fun of it
Spanking Hugh Grant, because he deserves it (and, admittedly, for the fun)
Finding an unbreakable hairbrush
Organizing a Spanking for Charity fundraiser

- Dana Kane

Anonymous said...

Being a confirmed submissive who also loves being restrained, there are four at the moment in my bucket:-
1. Paying my joining fee for a spanking group, bent over in the hallway, hands tied low to the end of the stairrail, skirt up, knickers down ,for each arriving member to give my bare bottom half a dozen with a light wooden paddle.
2. Once a member, being detailed as the prize of the evening, which I spend tied over a spanking bench, like Bonny covets; each winner draws a card for number of spanks and with what and on what. A long and smarting evening !
3. Being a pony girl. Bent over between the shafts of a two wheeled buggy, naked except for stockings and high heels, arms strapped to the shafts, a saucy tail sprouting from my bottom, whilst I take my master for a ride around the garden, encouraged by a steady flicking of a light crop to my exposed haunches.
4. As for Dana - getting a spanking for charity. The more I can endure the more the charity gets.

Lea said...

It sounds like many of us would love to meet fellow spankos from the blogging world. Who's going to organize the party?

sixofthebest said...

Bonnie, what a beautiful question you posed this week. And I loved many of the enthusiastic answers you received. That is why you are the 'uno numero', with us 'spanking enthusiasts'. And deservedly so.

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