Saturday, July 02, 2011

MBS Spanko Brunch #285

Welcome back, dear readers. It's a long holiday weekend in the US and Canada. This break provides an excellent opportunity to relax, spend time with family and friends, and maybe even sneak in a little romance.

Thanks go to Make Mine Red for suggesting our topic.

Many of us have found effective bottom warming toys in places like kitchen stores, tack shops, and beautician supply outlets. But here at MBS, we're always on the lookout for something new and different. Have you discovered any unusual or unexpected sources for spanking implements? If so, please tell us about the implement you acquired and where you found it.

If you would like to contribute your thoughts to our conversation, simply enter them as a comment below. Once everyone has spoken, I will post an edited summary of the proceedings.


Hermione said...

Second-hand stores and thrift shops are always good sources for spanking implements. I have found hairbrushes, well-worn belts, and a variety of wooden implements, all at rock-bottom prices. Ron's favourite paddle came from a thrift shop. It looks like it was handmade, and is inscribed with a date. It's very effective, and only cost a dollar.

ronnie said...

I agree with Hermione, second-hand shops are an excellent source. I found a delightful wooden implement in one for 50p

Also ebay's worth a look. I bough a lovely leather tawse for P's birthday for a silly price. I liked it that much I bought a smaller one again from ebay.


Emily Winters said...

Our favorite source is the dairy near our farm...have you any idea what a butter paddle can do to blister a bottom? We have two perfectly worn ones...and they are so strong and have never broken, chipped or cracked..unlike paddles actually made for the purpose.

Rubber oxygen tubing has its purposes as well...especially when there is a need for least from the actual can produce some rather loud sounds from the mouth though!

Happy holiday weekend to everyone!

Bobbie Jo said...

This may not be terribly unique, but when I was in Hawaii, actually on Maui, I was in a shop and I got a Maori war club. Not because it looked lik a good spanking toy, but because it was a war club. I wan't into spanking at the time and it was my mom who said it looked like a paddle. I hadn't even thought of it that way, though, because of the intricate carving on it. I can say it would make a great paddle, though.

How about a shortened canoe paddle?

Anonymous said...

I found a long wooden shoe horn in a hotel room, which was smooth, shiny and lovely looking, as well as providing a nice sting.


Lea said...

I've heard of people using a length of rubber from Auto Zone, though that sure wouldn't be coming near my rear.

Anonymous said...

Some interesting ideas! Thanks, Bonnie, for using my suggestion. I have to say I'm always looking with an open mind. Biggest surprise I found was our very first paddle. I bought a plastic paddleball set for 50 cents at a local craft store & cut the ball & elastic off. That was 2 yrs ago, it hasn't broken and boy, oh boy does it sting! I also ordered the bath brush you posted on here from's a real bottom burner too :) Our most recent purchase didn't come from any surprising place, it was actually from cane-iac. We got the "Wicked Sister" and it will make you dance a bit! I've seen small, decorative canoe paddles in hunting/sporting type stores & have thought about trying one of those. I have to say I never thought about e-bay and definitely never thought of Auto Zone. I'll be interested in reading all the comments once everyone has posted, I love new ideas!

Make Mine Red

Anonymous said...

The Loveless Cafe in Nashville TN sells a guitar shaped cutting board that is perfect! Their website link to this item is:

Daisychain said...

The plastic coated wire used for hanging net curtains is positively vicious!!! It stings dreadfully, even when used very lightly, and is silent in use(recipient won't be!!) available from curtain shops and hardware stores. Davey bought a solid wooden salad server set (thick wooden spoon and fork) which can be used to frighten the hell out of most sane people!!! It certainly scares me! It doesn't need to be used hard to cause deep muscle bruising (that doesn't even SHOW, grrr!) and an ache that lasts for days. He got it from a supermarket, I think it was Walmart or Target or somesuch.
And, a few years ago, I bought Davey a tool as a stocking filler gift, from Marks and Spencers (maybe they should be called S&M, instead of M&S?). It was in a section marked any 3 gifts for £10.... and was called a gripper... It was all done up, so I couldn't really see what it was; however, when he opened it, there was a removeable rubber strip about 18 inches long and about 1/2 inch wide, with a notch on each end that fitted into a plastic handle...I assume it was so the strip could be placed around whatever needed gripping... OWW! Thanks so much, M&S!!!
Great question!!! xxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Sally's Beauty Supply. That's where I found a great flat-backed hairbrush for only $3.99. I shopped there for something else last week, and I couldn't help but notice a pretty oval brush with a bit of a curved back. I wondered if the brush would be terrible like a wooden spoon because of the curvature.

Michelle Carlyle said...

I have a special attachment to toys: sexual and otherwise, mainly otherwise and have been playing with paddle-ball sets for years. The ones with the rubber ball attached the the paddle by a rubber band. I've collected all sorts and they make WICKED paddles. I picked up a paddle-ball set with a thick, neon painted wood with a wide surface. We only played with that once. Wow! Unforgiving to say the least. But we have a large foam-covered wooden paddle in the shape of a shark that came from a larger paddle ball set, one in which the ball is not attached. And I like that paddle. Gives enough of a sting and he can really wallop me with it. Very fun. So for me, my toy bargain hunting nets me some extra fun!


I mike to go to my local Omni/DIY shop and buy all the bits to make my own toys. I think that my wet Chamois leather flogger is my favourite of these, as you cannot buy them complete anywhere.



Sorry I meant to write "like" not "mike" oops.


Ms. Betty said...

Add my vote for thrift stores. I work in would not believe the things we get in there! (an actually sportsheet flogger for one!)

Also antique marks. I have a lovely rice paddle with a distinctively female figure carved into the handle.

Dollar stores... many sell this plastic tubing about the diameter of spaghetti that can be woven into all sorts of interesting flogger tails.

And I did just this afternoon find a wonderful tiger striped hairbrush at a Ross store downtown.

For those with other kinks, a veterinary supply/feed store can turn up some interesting things...

Pervertibles are everywhere. The key is approach it the way Alistair Moody would: "CONSTANT VIGILANCE!"

Just keep your kinky-tinted glasses on and you'd be surprised at how the world becomes full of interesting ideas.

(PS when my bunny moved into a new house he found two wire hangers bent into hand shapes that the previous tenant had left behind...We've had quite a bit of fun with those. ;) )

Rich Person said...

In passing through the Pacific Northwest we went into a few of the wood shops there where they sold all different kinds of items made from myrtle wood. I found very nice cheese boards the exact size of a paddle and bought two. The comment from the proprietor was something like,
"When we get parents in here that pick those up their children get very quiet." I bet! I didn't mention to him what I had in mind for them, but it had nothing to do with children!

There's also the trusty woods. Or, in the case of the city, the occasional tree. There is a very good stand of birch trees just down the street from me, untouched. They hang over the sidewalk and are in great need of pruning.

Second-hand stores are, as mentioned, a good source. But really, how many belts can you buy at Goodwill before they begin to suspect?

oatmeal girl said...

The sadist seems constitutionally opposed to designated BDSM implements, although he did design and have his slave make a beautiful and relatively gentle flogger specifically to use on me.

Everything else was originally intended for other, more innocent purposes. The nastiest is what the sadist uses as a cane: a strip of cherry wood normally used as baseboard trim. Really nasty, and providing multiple effects. There's one rounded surface and three flat ones of different widths - one being very narrow. There are also 2 edges. As for the ends, one was cut neatly, but the other looks as if it was broken by hand. It is sharp and ragged and has been used to scratch his initial into my butt.

Luckily, he doesn't use this very often and rarely at full force, as he knows my tolerance for pain is in fact very low. But I've just received specific orders to have it available tomorrow...


sixofthebest said...

A dowel stick, can be purchased at any hardware store, if a substitute cane is needed.

Anonymous said...

Once a scrap piece of wood (1-1/4” wide x ¼ “ thick red oak trim) caught my eye – thin enough to resonate a little on impact, it serves as a VERY effective pain stick. – Eric

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