Sunday, June 19, 2011

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Jun 19

Happy Father's Day to all of our spanko dads! Our topic this week dealt with alternating sides with each swat versus concentrating on one cheek at a time. Here's what you had to say.

Six of the Best: If it is with a hand, paddle, or hairbrush, the spanks land alternatively on each behind cheek. If it is with a birch rod or cane, the spanks land on both sides of my lady's cheeks at the same time.

Hermione: My husband applies smaller implements in an alternating left, right pattern. Sometimes, he adds variety by landing two, three or four swats on one cheek, but it's usually one swat each.

I think that if I received a large number of swats on one cheek, I might become a little uncooperative. It hurts!

Ronnie: With smaller implements, P usually starts by giving three or four swats to one cheek at a time and then changes to alternate left, right, left, right.

Fred Bloggs: The favoured technique is to mix it up to keep the spankee guessing! It becomes as much a mind game as a spanking.

Velvet: When I receive a spanking by hand, it is mostly the alternating style. With the cane, it is generally in sets of three or six before switching to the other cheek.

Prefectdt: Either alternating or in numbered sets is good for me as long as each side gets equal attention in the end. I hate feeling lopsided.

Lea: When I'm spanked, it is most often in the alternating left to right style. I HATE getting swats over and over in the same spot before he switches to the other side.

Kitty: Daddy and I are new to spanking, but sometimes he spanks several swats on one side and then switches to the other side for several swats and sometimes he alternates butt cheeks!

He's also used a yardstick and that hits both cheeks at once. The worst was a bungee cord. I jumped a mile and he only did it a little bit. The funny thing is that it didn't leave any marks, but it HURT!

Daisy: Davey usually places swats alternately, unless he is making a point. However, when he makes me self-spank, I have to do 20 or 30 hard swats to one side before swapping. This bloody HURTS, frankly! I hate self-spanking, and to have to do it that way adds insult to injury! But, he says, it would be too fragmented to keep swapping the paddle back and forth from right hand to left and back... to which I ask politely if it wouldn't be better to wait till he can administer the swats himself. Which usually earns me more...

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park: I'll often alternate back and forth, but I don't usually do that for the whole spanking and I don't like following a predictable pattern. I'll also strike in different spots on the cheeks, plus the dreaded "sweet spot."

Mockingbird: Spanking in the same spot hurts worse for me than alternating. But when you alternate you never quite know where it's going to land and sometimes that's worse...

Make Mine Red: Sometimes, he alternates each swat. Sometimes, it's a few at a time on one side, then the same for the other. Mixing it up is nice. I like not knowing where it's going to land. Also, I have a rather tough backside so just alternating one at a time doesn't always get a reaction out of me. But several in the same spot will!

Kaki: He usually alternates sides, but sometimes he likes to keep me guessing and doesn't follow a pattern. He will start to go from side to side, but stop when I am expecting the next swat,. He then waits until I am not ready before swatting again. Or he mixes light and hard smacks. I think it keeps him amused. It does make it a bit difficult because you can't get into a rhythm.

JW: I would say that 95% of the time Steve alternates from side to side, but moves around my butt cheeks as he is going back and forth. Occasionally, he throws in two or three on the same side, but not usually in the same location. For example, he likes to strike once on the crown of my cheek, then move to the sit spot and then to the upper thigh on one side and then switch.

Michael: When I spank my Season, there is usually no set pattern. I start out alternating cheeks as I want to warm her up equally all over. Then I usually change rhythm with the goal of rosening her entire rear so I will spank the same side and sometimes same spot repeatedly before switching back to alternating. I don't want to become a metronome with monotonous cheek-to-cheek spanks at the same pace and same force. I travel up and down her bottom, to the tops of her thighs, the inside of her crease and inside of her thighs - especially ouchy - sometimes using only fingertips and finger slaps other times using the full force of my entire palm so as to always keep Season guessing and to heighten the experience.

S: Usually, it is both cheeks - left, right,left. But sometimes as my bare bottom lies smiling up at D from over his knees, he will say, "I think one side only this time; which cheek would you like?" I don't like being spanked on one cheek only. It means double the number of whacks, and the total sting gets far worse, so I say sulkily "Neither." He replies, "And for that you get a dozen extra, and all on your right side, because I can get a better swing at your right cheek." . A moment later, the wooden brush thwacks down just there. I was to get three dozen, but with the extras, it's four. By the time they have landed on nearly the same spot, my right bun is burning and smarting, and feels ten times the size of its unspanked neighbour.

When I get up, D laughs as I try to soothe the poor bun, and inspect the one tomato-like cheek. But the worst bit is sitting. After a spanking like that, I have one very tender cheek, which I try to keep the weight off by sitting lopsided, again much to D's amusement, and also anyone else who may know that I have just been spanked.

Bonnie: Randy mixes up the location, pace, and intensity so I have no idea what is coming next. I really dislike large numbers of consecutive swats directed at the same spot. He knows this and loves to strike my lower cheeks in this fashion as he tells me how difficult it will be for me to sit the following morning. I sometimes tire of these painful prophesies, but my Nostradamus of the night is usually right.

Thanks, everyone, for joining our brunch conversation. We'll be back here for more next weekend.

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