Sunday, April 03, 2011

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Apr 3

Our topic of the week was spontaneous spanking poetry. I am amazed and delighted by all the different styles and approaches presented!

You can read all of these wonderful poems here.

Thanks to everyone who participated. It was a different sort of a challenge, but you definitely rose to the occasion.


Emily Winters said...

Bonnie it was so fun, as it always is, to attend your brunches. I loved all the limericks! Haven't seen so many collected in one place since I was a child! Looking forward to next weekend's gathering!

Hermione said...

Hi Bonnie,

I was almost ready to give this week's brunch a miss because I couldn't come up with a poem. Fifteen minutes later, I posted one.

Thanks for the mind-stretching challenge!


Velvet said...

I agree, great fun and refreshingly different, thank you Bonnie!

Velvet <3

Michelle Carlyle said...

Everyone cracked me up. Great challenge, Bonnie! Loved it!

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