Sunday, March 27, 2011

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Mar 27

Our topic of the week was spanking machines. Here are your thoughts.

Xantu: Being spanked by a machine? I have absolutely no interest in that. For me, the key part of any "scene" or "play" is the dynamic between the two people (or more if you play that way). It's the flow of energy between Master and me. I just can't imagine having any kind of submissive feeling for a machine, or any kind of feeling for that matter.

Perhaps it would be different if my Master were there, talking to me, touching me, or even just watching where I could see him and sense his energy. But then it would not be the machine, it would be him.

In one of my novels, I had my characters buy and experiment with a fucking machine. Then the submissives decided the machine had the soul of a rapist. It took and never gave. One of them said to their Master that if he had not been there, she would have fought with it and tried to kill it.

Hermione: Sure, I'd love to try one (or two, or several). I think it would be a hoot and I'm pretty sure Ron would enjoy watching, especially if he was the one at the controls.

From a practical point of view, it would be very useful for someone who didn't have a spanking partner.

PK: I used to think about a spanking machine long before I had a spanking partner. I'd like to be able to adjust the intensity to match my mood. As for a real spanking machine, I think the biggest problem would be that it's going to hit the exact same spot every time. THAT is something that would not be fun!

Daisy: Oh, gosh, yes. That's a good point, PK! I was about to comment that it would be handy for our situation. Davey could order me to set it at a particular intensity/quantity, and watch on cam as it spanked me. It's not ideal, but a solution until we were together. But I say no way. At least with self spanking, loathsome as it is, I can direct each swat to the least painful spot! And, where on EARTH would I store it so the kids would never see it?

Raven Red: I have seen a couple of clips where some sort of spanking machine or another is being used. But I can honestly say that it is not for me.

Uncle Nick: Back in August of last year, I posted a clip from a video called the Spanking Machine along with the story of how the police ended up raiding the set where the video was being shot!

Lea: Sure, I'd try just about anything once. However, I can't imagine that anything would be better than the skin to skin contact of a spanking between two people.

Annapurna: My preference is spanking between two people, preferably over the lap. I don't have any interest in machines. I love to feel a hand spanking my bottom, and I love to spank using my bare hand. It's so intimate. A machine is the complete opposite of intimacy.

Six of the Best: Absolutely NO. 100% NO. Can a machine give me the pleasure of spanking a naughty woman's bare bottom like using my hand, paddle, hairbrush, birch rod, or cane? Absolutely Not.

Emily Winters: A spanking machine would give me about as much pleasure as my favorite vibrator. It would be all fast action and no heat. I need a hand, paddle, or other implement rapidly used, and a mind behind those things to decide just where and when they should be applied. Even with Nigel's frequent trips away, my vibrator is no match for the man himself, and neither would any machine be able to spank in tune with my emotions, my body language, and my squeals. Now if you will excuse me, this topic has got me rather worked up. I need to go find some batteries...

Rusty: The whole machine thingee makes me cringe - not for pain, but from nausea. LOL. When I was in grade school (back when we used slate and/or stone), there were rampant rumors about a spanking machine hidden in the Janitor's Closet (of all places!). Of course, I believed it. If you could have seen him, you would understand my terror. Nobody knew what it looked like, we just "knew" that it existed, to be brought out at a mandatory assembly one Thursday afternoon. We ALL were sick with fever that morning and didn't go to school! I like/prefer the more personal one-of-a-kind treatment. ;)

Michelle Carlyle: I'm with Emily, almost verbatim. I like the struggle, the feel of a man's thick thighs under my hips, his warm and strong hand, the human contact. However, I would not object in any way to witnessing the usage of um... any of the machines! I'm very curious. Although I have had some fantasies of being spanked on a whipping horse, I don't think I'd like the execution as much as the fantasy. I need the personal contact.

Prefectdt: I tried and failed to build one. My attempt is well documented on my blog. I will try again, but getting the materials that are needed is sometimes difficult.

Michael: A spanking machine may be more a flight of fancy, though as Hermione said, it would be very useful for a spankee who doesn't have a partner. For a one-time experience, it would be interesting to strap my Season into one and see the results. But I much prefer the hands-on experience and tactile feel of our skin touching each other. Her bare thighs over my bare thighs... and other parts. Nothing compares to my hand connecting and caressing Season's bare bottom flesh.

Anon: It could be fun one time or used at a party.

Scunge: I've seen one at a large party and it was a hoot, but it's not for a serious session. The ability to control where the swats land and the element of surprise are totally gone. The spankees did jump and said it stung, but they were also laughing. ;)

Luna: A good pro-Domme friend of mine owns one. It was a gift from one of her clients when she found out she had several damaged disks in her back. She uses it on high pain days when she has a client. It has a remote control that she can use and a camera pointing on it so that she can control it from her bed upstairs. It's quite interesting the way it has worked out for her use. Her slave stays with the client to monitor them and change out spanking implements at her request, but she still controls the frequency and intensity.

I'm not interested in one personally. I love to feel the closeness of the person administering the spanking/paddling.

Ronnie: It could be fun to try it once, I need the personal touch of my husband. I agree with others who said it would be useful for anyone who doesn't have a partner.

Houston Switch: I have seen videos and read about these spanking machines. As has been discussed, the only issue is the lack of movement of the implement and contact area, so the bruising and marking come quickly.

Even so, I would love to be a bottom and to administer a spanking with one at least once...

Dr. Ken: I have no interest in such a machine. I enjoy applying the palm of my hand to a female bottom far too much to turn it over to some nuts-and-bolts surrogate.

Bonnie: I was interested to read Rusty's response, because I remember schoolyard rumors about a secret paddling machine. One kid had a cousin who lived in a neighboring town where they actually used it (or so she said). It was supposedly similar to the chair type described in the article. They also reportedly had something called an electric paddle where one touch would render the spankee's bottom sore for hours.

I never wanted to be in trouble at school, but I was very curious about all of this high tech punishment equipment. In bed at night, I wondered if it would be possible to somehow sneak into the school in question and see (or even maybe try) the spanking machine. Every time we drove through that town, I could think of little else.

Moving back to the present, yes, I'd try it. But I would probably want to see it demonstrated on someone else first and proven to be non-lethal. It could never replace my husband, but as Emily suggests, it might serve the same role as a good vibrator.

Thank you, everyone, for joining our brunch discussion!

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Anonymous said...

I have seen a few spanking machines from the Robo Spanker to the one they carry on Orgasmalley. I'd be interested in them because 1. It's a way to get punished if my husband is too tired from work. 2. It can add to a role play. 3. It could be a part of a more serious punishment wherein I would be refused the comfort of being over his knee for a sterile type environment. and 4. It really looks like fun. It would add some spice and difference. From what I've seen, you can add any number of implements to it like paddles and canes. I also believe there is one that adjusts the strike area so it goes up and down the bottom. All in all I think the spanking machine is a great addition to a spanking repetoire. It obviously isn't used soley but at certain times it's perfect. It's also great for those long distance relationships and if you are unpartnered, too.

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