Saturday, February 12, 2011

MBS Spanko Brunch #265

Welcome back, dear friends! A few weeks ago, you expressed a desire to revisit some of our classic brunch topics. Here is the first installment.

Please name five things that make a spanking better.

If you're curious, the original February, 2006 discussion can be found here.

As always, anyone with an interest in adult consensual spanking is welcome to join our conversation. You don't have to register, create an account, or tell us your real name. Just enter a comment below. Once everyone has had a chance to make their points, I will post an edited summary.


Dioneo said...

1. a partner
2. dialog
3. a reason (even if pretend)
4. enthusiasm!
5. thank-you's

lunaKM said...

Comfortable position
Ramping up
Sex afterwards

abby said...

1. leather toys

2. hand warm up

3. OTK

4. rubbing

5. lenght...longer the better!


justagirl said...

1 Anticipation and/or dread depending on the circumstances
2 Lasting effects and lingering feelings
3 OTK and being held either forcefully or lovingly while it's happening
4 Communication before, during and after
5 That it's with the one that I love

Hermione said...

1. Leisurely, not rushed
2. Leather implements
3. Laughter
4. Lasting soreness
5. Loving partner

sixofthebest said...

Dear Bonnie, first of all Happy Valentine's Day Feb 14th 2011, to you and your hubby. Now for my 5 choices. 1] Partner. 2}Type of scene. 3} Type of clothing lady wears, before she must bare her bottom. 4]spanking implement [cane], 5] sexual activity after.


1/ The building or reinforcing of the Trust Bond between spanker and spankee.

2/ A nice clean bit of floor to look at whilst you are over that knee, desk or whatever.

3/ Endorphins and someone who knows how to get you into subspace.

4/ A good pause between serious implement strokes, so that you can process and savour the changing nature of the pain.

5/ The knowledge that you will be doing this again :)


Raven Red said...

1. The anticipation
2. Complete trust
3. A spanking that breaks down in me, what needs to be broken down.
4. Warm, red and tender bottom.
5. Comfort and softness afterwards

Anonymous said...

1. Anticipation
2. Serious scolding
3. Bare bottom
4. Leather strap
5. Cornertime

Velvet said...

1. The smell of Him so close to me
2. The sound of His breathing as he leans over me
3. The taste of the gag which will muffle my sounds
4. The touch of His hand softly stroking before He begins
5. Anticipation builds...the blinfold hides my sight...

xantu said...

1. Strong hands holding you down.

2. Having no control of intensity or duration.

3. Knowing that he is enjoying this.

4. Feeling loved.

5. The loose, warm, relaxed, tingly, sensations that linger.

RosieBee said...

1. dreamy, content, happy, state of mind afterwards
2. warm up
3. successfully submitting physically and mentally. In other words taking my spanking without fighting, complaining or topping from the bottom.
4. the after soreness
5. happy husband, happy wife, happy household.

A-Non said...

1. Rubbing. Before, during, and after. A little back rubbing with the left hand is nice, too.
2. A nice, long warm up.
3. Gradual removal of skirt and panties, with sets of spanks on each.
4. Sexual play. Sorry, that's just how I like it.
5. Surprise. Every spanking should have some small element of surprise. Perhaps the fact that you're getting one is a surprise, or a brief flurry with a certain implement is, or the position is.

CurtisG said...

1. physical contact via OTK and hand amd bottom on couch or bed.

2. Long langorous spanking

3. Rubbing

4. Arousal

5. Personal and/or physical and/or intelelctual chemistry,

KellyRed said...

1. Length
2. leather impliments
3. being tied or held
4. the element of surprise
5. sex, before, during, or/and after.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Sexy clothes, undies
No need to rush
Playful banter and laughter
Something unexpected

Just five?

Respecting Mistress said...

The anticipation
The lecture to remind me of my failings
The sting of the thin Dragon cane
A good collection of stripes
And long, loving hugs and kisses afterwards

Daisychain said...

1 The anticipation/anxiety; having to wait for it to begin...wanting it to start yet dreading it!
2 Once in position, the lecture in that firm, brooks no nonsense, sexy voice....
3 Long, slow warm up...
4 Once it starts in earnest, break between each stroke to process the pain and wait for the next, hopefully with stern voice scolding me etc
5 Aftercare...being rubbed, lotion applied/icepack, cuddles, reassurance, maybe more ;)

Pink said...

1. A tight connection between partners;
2. A lecture, with lots of eye contact;
3. A warm-up, including an unveiling in parts: over pants, then over panties, then bare;
4. A progression of implements and positions;
5. Snuggling afterward.

ronnie said...

1. Taking time
2. The Anticipation
3. Lectured
4. Aftercare
5. Lasting sting/redness


abby williams said...

1. Open communication, everything from deciding if we're going to share the selection of implements or if I'm at his whim/mercy to being told "This is going to hurt." I like knowing the parameters so I can find the necessary headspace. In addendum, I love being included, knowing that the experience is for both of us.
2. A long, slow warm-up with lots of rubbing and massaging. Cold spankings, whether in a cold room or on a cold bottom, are just awful.
3. Being told I'm taking my spanking well. I love when Mr. W leans down close to my ear and tells me, especially after a few hard strokes, "You're doing so well, young lady." Sometimes he'll do this even when I haven't been doing the best job of taking it, but he knows I'm trying. It reminds me that we are partners, that we love each other, that he knows I want to keep playing but I need encouragement to do so.
4. Laughter, often from something unexpected, makes a spanking memorable.
5. I'll jump on the sex bandwagon and agree that sex afterwards is almost always a must. Sex and spanking go hand in hand in our household. There have been a few times where the experience itself has been enough, but the levels of intensity required for a spanking alone to satiate both of us is a lot to muster on a random Tuesday. At this point in my life, I'd rather have an intensely fun spanking than an intensely painful one.

Michelle Carlyle said...

1) Being chased down
2) Being wrestled to the bed
3) Having my pants torn off me
4) A really good whacking with one hand underneath on my clit
5) Outrageous sex
Thanks, Bonnie! Now I'm really horny! Where is my HUBBY????

Anonymous said...

1. A plump firm bottom that bounces nicely under my spanking palm or paddle.
2. S not in the nude, but wearing 'ordinary' clothes; skirt round her waist, panties round her knees; her lower parts adorned in stockings and suspenders.
3. S gently but securely tied, so that she can not remove her bent over bottom away from my stinging hand.
4. Her blazing red cheeks, hot and quivering after her spanking.
5. The final sex, whilst she is still firmly bound in the bent- over pose, bringing her to a fine climax, as my loins grind against her hot sore cheeks, and I pound away inside her

Emanuele Lombardi said...

I really love spanking, but just 5 things to improve the experience. These busy days can detract from enjoying it for both parties.

How about these

1) Quiet setting without distraction
2) Enough time, no deadline, not being rushed
3) Being in sync, both aroused and ready
4) Without a doubt not sick or tired
5) The ambiance of a fire, or candlelight

These things improve the experience but sometimes you have to accept things as they are.


OnHerKnee said...

The anticipation from the promise that tells you "You're getting a spanking" and knowing nothing that you say or do will change that but could possibly only make it longer or more severe.

The summons... 'my name', "come here now".

The order... "Drop um".

The warm-up rub and even the warm up slaps that become comforting and put you at ease knowing you are under the control of that one that loves you, who will make sure you feel considerable pain but never let you be hurt.

The cornucopia of sensations after everything from aftercare to making love with a sore ass and the heat, sting and soreness especially if it lasts for days that reminds you with every prang of pain that there is someone who loves you enough to spank yoou.

Uncle Nick said...

1. A decent reason - you may not believe me but I don't just spank for fun!

2. A nervous girl who will do anything to avoid what is now about to happen.

3. A comfortable chair for me to sit on. I like to be relaxed when I am correcting a wayward wench.

4. Lot's of kicking, wriggling and squealing, especially as the panties are lowered.

5. A subdued, obedient young madam when it is all over.

MarQe's Study said...

Happy valentine's .... MarQe xx

Thomas_III said...

Hmmm.... What makes a spanking better?

1. A lovely bottom to spank. For my personal tastes, I like something with a little plumpness and pertness, but not so plump that the ripples from a good swat would qualify as a tsunami. It's gotta be more than bone, though. I'd say that a touch more than "pleasingly plump" but a touch less than "reubanesque" would be idea.

2. The right outfit for the scenario. I'm partial to short skirts that have some openness to them. Pleated or loose-fitting skirts are best. I don't care much for tight skirts or long dresses. About midthigh is perfect.

3. Skin that marks easily. Maybe it's just me, but I like to see the results. If it's for discipline or punishment, I want to know that I've done my job. If it's for play, then I'll probably amuse myself by dragging my fingernails across her bottom and watching the little white lines follow my fingers around.

4. A good reason is always a plus. Though, I tend to accept "just because" as a good reason if other reasons aren't forthcoming. Flipping a girl across my knee after she's been a brat is certainly a favorite. I like the suddenness of it.

5. The perfect place to give the spanking. Some of my personal favorites have been the parking lot at Taco Bell, the parking lot at Denny's, the parking lot at Walmart (sensing a pattern here?), and the men's room at Ryan's Steakhouse (you should have seen the look on her face as I yanked her in, and the look on the waitress's face when I walked her back out). Usually, the "best place" is wherever she brats me and ends up earning it (See item #4).

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