Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ten Million Pages, One Big Thank You

We recently recorded our ten millionth page request here at MBS. As I've said before, these numbers are mind boggling. Ten million is a quantity that I cannot visualize. I much prefer the human side of the equation:
  • Thousands of people come here every day, presumably because they are interested in adult spanking

  • I have exchanged thoughts with at least a thousand spanking enthusiasts over the past five years

  • I have promoted nearly a thousand spanking-oriented blogs

  • I still care what readers think and enjoy your comments and messages
Blogging is about people, building relationships, and creating community. I dedicate this blog to you, dear reader. When I write, it's you I have in my mind. For without dedicated readers, there would be no reason to blog.

Thank you, my friends, for sharing this journey. I still love spankings and I am still fascinated by your insights and experiences. As long as that is the case, My Bottom Smarts will be here.



Scunge said...

I want to thank YOU Bonnie for being a safe and caring place for newbies. When I was new two years ago finding your blog was so great. You were informative and friendly and still are. I ALWAYS recommend your blog to new TTWDs as a SAFE haven! So once again thank you and here is to you and Randy having a WONDERFUL Holiday Season!

MarQe's Study said...

Bloody Hell!! Well Done you !! Mind Boggling doesn't come close !!

MarQe x

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Bonnie!

Kady said...

That's awesome! You have made me feel so welcome as a newbie and I am learning a lot over here. The numbers are there, Bonnie, because you have never lost the personal touch. You connect w/ each of us on a personal basis. You deserve a standing ovation!

Have a wonderful Christmas, Bonnie and Randy!


Anonymous said...

Your site is where I go to first; it's because you're the BEST! Congratulations on this milestone, Bonnie.

Erica said...

Ten million????? Holy moly! All well deserved, I might add. We love Bonnie!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Job Bonnie!

Raven Red said...


And being one of those blogs that were promoted through you - also a heartfelt thanks!

To you and Ronnie - wishing you a blessed Christmas



Underling said...

Wow. Congratulations, Bonnie - you deserve every one of those hits.

As it happens, I'm also coming up to my... oh, hang on a minute... no, I'm missing a couple of noughts. ;)

ronnie said...

Thank you Bonnie.

10 million, congratulations you certainly do deserve every one.

Love and best wishes for a Merry Christmas to you both.



Anonymous said...

Like others, I found your blog first when I explored the subject. Congratulations on a truly remarkable job.

Hermione said...

Bravo, Bonnie! That's an outstanding achievement, and there's a good reason for it. Your blog is simply the best, in so many ways. You have every reason to celebrate with a well-deserved spanking.

Of course I voted for you.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

We are all fortunate to have MBS. Thank you for all you do.

I would vote for MBS at thespankingspot, but I can not find it in all the jumble there. Besides, your Blog is in a different from commercial ones.

sixofthebest said...

Congratulations Bonnie, 10 million is an awsome number, a mind-bogling number, and certainly a much deserved number. You have put us 'spanking enthusiasts' on the map of this world. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I've only just started and it's so much fun, well the spanking, the sex and the blogging. Here's how I keep my man happy. http://sucksnlicks.blogspot.com/

CurtisG said...

Congratulations. For blogs, you come very close to the top for me. Hope you and Randy have a wonderful set of holidays with the appropriate warmth applied where it will provide the most joy.

Anonymous said...

10 million views! You set the bar high for each one of us, Bonnie. Not only are your posts inspiring and insightful, but you continue to nurture the community with all of the behind-the-scenes record-keeping on the blogging community. And you do it with infinite class.

I owe you my thanks and appreciation.

Anonymous said...

Thank you love your blogg

Jane said...

Standing ovation! Yes!

Hermione said...

Now we have the answer to the burning question: Will the hit counter expand to allow that extra digit? Yes.

Daisychain said...

WOWWWWWWWWW, Bonnie! That has to be the record?

BTW, when I hit the link to go vote for you, I got a huge ass message to say my computer had been infected....scary...and it took ages to close it out....has anyone else had that problem? xxx

Audra said...

WOW!! Congrats! This was one of the first blogs I stumbled upon when researching more about spanking! Thank you!!!

Dana said...

Right on Bonnie! I know how much work this it, is is great to be part of the "family"

Kingspan said...

Congratulations, Bonnie! What I love about your blog is not only how much you've shared, but how unselfish you have been in encouraging other people to share and then to explore what others have to say. That's a wonderful gift. Merry Christmas!

DevlinONeill said...

Very, VERY splendid, Bonnie! I would shout it from the rooftops myself, 10 million! And well deserved, of course.

Bask in that warmth, young lady, and any other sort of warmth anywhere else you might be getting on this night of all warming nights.

And have a happy Christmas. ;-)

Abel1234 said...

An incredible achievement, Bonnie. Congratulations - and merry Christmas!

Bonnie said...

Thank you all for your wonderful support!

It's a privilege to serve this community we love. Blogging really is all about people.

When I began this blog in 1995, I don't think I realized the power this medium holds to build friendships and change lives. I am still amazed to think that my words could inspire someone to live their dreams.

On this Christmas morning, I wish you peace, romance, joy, and all the spankings you desire!

redxxx said...

Wow! Amazing accomplishment. Merry Christmas to you Bonnie and to Randy,and the entire extended family and friends.

dublin.paolo said...

Well done Bonnie....You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want....and you do it very well!!

Best wishes for 2011

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