Monday, December 06, 2010

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Dec 5

Our topic this week was choosing a spanking. Here are your thoughts.

Hermione: If I was given the choice of a spanking or something else, I'm pretty sure I would always choose the spanking. I'd never turn down an offer like that. Unless, of course, it was dinnertime and I was really hungry and the choice was pizza or a spanking. Then I would have to choose the pizza first, and have the spanking for dessert.

Houston Switch: Many times, my S/O and I play "flip the quarter." It is a great game to help strip each other. The female flips a quarter. If it comes up heads, the male gets to take off a piece of her clothing. Then she gets to flip the quarter again. If it comes up tails, she gets to take off the next piece of guy's clothes. This continues until someone has a bare bottom. Once your bottom is bare you can choose what you would like to have done for the next five minutes (spanking, back rub, other fun stuff). The person with the freshly bared bottom gets to flip again. If it comes up with their side of the coin, they get to choose what they want for the following ten minutes. If it came up the other person’s side, more clothing comes off and this continues until the second person has their bottom bared and then they get what they want.

Sometimes, the flips don’t go my way and I have to wait for my spankings while giving back rubs, feet massages and the like. My S/O is not into spankings, but she will spank me. Sometimes, my bottom gets several spankings in a row, starting at five minutes and moving to ten and so on. The implements usually change, so by the fourth or fifth session, my bottom can be very properly spanked.

After we are both tired of flipping quarters, we usually move onto other pleasurable activities.

Michelle Carlyle: I would love it if Hubby would spontaneously spank me. But he's reticent to engage in that kind of play. So I have to ask. But it still makes me nervous right before. And hot! And wet! My heart starts beating hard, knees get weak, then Whoo-hoo!

Aeon's Angel: There are very few things I would choose over a spanking. If Aeon gave me the choice, my only questions would be bare or not and OTK or over the bed. I love a spanking! I would even choose a spanking over chocolate!

On Her Knee: We may be a a bit odd since we practice mutual DD. There was a time when I declared that she was going to have multiple spankings probably over multiple days for something that had happened, and they were to be severe.

It was very severe actually, and when the first spanking was finished I gave her the option of having the second spanking tomorrow or right away. I was totally surprised when she chose right away. She wanted it to be all over. By the time it was done, my arm was probably as sore as her ass (well, not really), but the result for both of us was significant and VERY memorable. We'll never forget. :)

Daisy: I have never been given a choice! I don't have that opportunity, but I would be curious to know what other choices might be available!

I would choose most things rather than a spanking, hoping that he would insist on the spanking anyway. But I find it ruins things for me to have to ask. The whole turn-on for me is that I have control TAKEN from me. This is why, when I want/need one, I just misbehave...

Em: Yes, and I always, always, always choose the spanking. :) Big surprise, right? Those ones are easy for me, I really don't find that it affects my head space.

Occasionally, however, we try something that just doesn't work. My head isn't in the right place or I am not otherwise able to go as far as we wanted. After those times, I often ask for a spanking as a way to make it up to him (not that he'd ever indicate a need for such things). THOSE spankings always put me in a very unique emotional place, expressed in a more stoic silence and a need for a harder level of play. Those tend to be the only times when I ask for certain implements, such as a bathbrush, that I normally do anything to avoid.

Michael: I am pretty sure I have never given Season a choice. But I have given her the choice to stop misbehaving or be spanked. She inevitably ends up with a red, ouchy bottom.

Dr. Ken: The only choice I've ever given is a spanking. When I've had a spanking partner, there's never been anything else to choose.

There's a reason it's called a "spanking" partner... :-)

Pink: I've never actually been given a choice, either, except before we get to the need for a spanking. "Do this, or...," and a spanking is implied. Sometimes, I don't do whatever it is I'm supposed to do so I end up upended.

However, I should say here that I typically do whatever it is I should be doing. I'm in the fortunate situation that I can get good girl spankings as often I like. I much prefer those to the discipline spankings that result from poor choices.

But, alas, I am imperfect.

Anne: I haven't been faced with such a choice, yet. But I am sure I would choose the spanking. I find that my mindset affects how the spanking affects me. There have been times when I wasn't in the right "place" and the outcomes left both of us feeling unsatisfied.

Bonnie: My husband, Randy, likes to serve mind games along with my spankings. Choices are sometimes part of the games. He has a knack for convincing me to accept additional swats that I might not otherwise have chosen. Getting me to acquiesce is a part of realigning my headspace.

Other times, it's all in fun. For example, he asks me, “Are you going to fix my dinner or do I have to roast your bottom?” I almost always ask for the spanking. Then we go out for dinner!

Thanks, everyone, for sharing your experiences!


Hawk said...

From Daisy: "But I find it ruins things for me to have to ask. The whole turn-on for me is that I have control TAKEN from me."

That's how it is for me as well. Subspace for me is built on the lack of control over the outcome or the direction the activity goes.

Swinger Girl said...

I also don't like to ask.
My husband isn't a spanking type guy so if I wan't it from him I have to ask though.

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