Saturday, December 18, 2010

MBS Spanko Brunch #257

Happy holidays and welcome back, dear brunchers! Our question today was suggested by a reader named Michael.

Was there a spanking or sexual activity that you did not like when you were younger, but you enjoy today? If so, was there a breakthrough event that changed your mind or did your tastes simply evolve over time? If not, is there an activity not currently in your repertoire that you would like to learn to appreciate?

The brunch works in the usual fashion. If you would like to contribute your thoughts and insights, please do so in the form of a comment below. Once everyone has spoken, I will post an edited summary of the proceedings.


Adam said...

For me it is the cane. I was terrified of the cane when younger, but a recent re-introduction to it, albeit it moderately, has given me a craving for more. I have been caned a few tomes recently, and hope it will be a regular occurrence from now on.

Anonymous said...

Up until recently I would not often say the word "Sir", let anyone cane me or restrain me. All of those things, with my developing submission, have changed and I find myself doing them frequently.

There are other things, too, that are associated with the lighter side of BDSM: nipple clamps, spanking on other parts of the body (ahem), kneeling, and being "owned". I am no longer "just a spanko" with a Top, but a submissive in a romantic relationship with her Dom.

There are things I'm still hesitant to try, but I can feel myself softening to some of the ideas and know that it is only a matter of time before I embrace them. I cannot pinpoint a specific event responsible for my increased exploration, but rather the deep level of trust I share with D has allowed me to explore without fear.

abby said...

If Master had asked me to make a list of of "things i will not do" when we first started it would have been a fairly long list. In the past year or so many of the things i once considered solid no ways...have happened, most surprisingly to me, piercings. I agree that it is all about trust. abby

Hermione said...

Looking way back, I'd have to say that as a child, I was terrified of the idea of having sex. Not that anything bad had happened to me to make me feel that way; it just seemed so awful. It wasn't until I grew up and actually experienced it that I realized there was nothing to be afraid of, and that it was really quite nice.

As for spanking, while the idea has always turned me on, actually getting one wasn't something I ever wanted until I grew up, and the activity became a welcome part of our sexual relationship.

Texringer said...

About three years into spanking and blessed to be in a spanking marriage, I'm beginning to think about two things I've always shied away from. One is having my breasts spanked; the other is corner-time/scolding. It would be out of character for my hubby to do either, but I shouldn't predict. After all, he was a total vanilla when we got together.

Love4her said...

When I was about twenty two I went out with a girl once... She was a little older, 26 or so. Things progressed quickly and that night we ended up in bed together. She wanted me to tie her to the bed with her bra and be a little rough. A simple request, as I look back on it, but at the time I was totally taken aback and wondered what someone had done to her to make her request such a thing. Funny, even then I had my own fetishes that I dare not tell anyone about.

Move ahead thirty years and I long for a lot of honest play like that and a whole lot more, If only I had married someone more sexually open, playful and into kink. My own fault as I could not be honest with myself about what I liked, much less express and share my desires with someone I loved out of fear they would freak out and walk away.

Now she knows all my quirks and desires but has no desire of her own to play in that realm. It is pretty much left to fantasy and she is the one wondering “what did someone do to you to make you so weird, kinky and sexually perverted.”

Anonymous said...

When I was younger I was too embarrassed by the thought of spankings to ever bring it up. I was secretly turned on by the thought but just couldn't say it. What finally made me blurt it out one day was a long lull in our sex life after many years of marriage. We had to put the spice back into things somehow so I just said it. Took some convincing to get the hubby to agree to it, but now we are both so glad we gave it a try!

Make Mine Red

Michael said...

This may come as news to Season but I would like to add restraint to our relationship as I feel that would further intensify her submission. This is just something that has evolved in me and also in our relationship as we have progressed as a couple.

Raven Red said...

As a child, I hated the leather belt, but as my spankings are broadened by more implements being introduced, I am more and more lowering my defenses where the belt is concerned.
Whether I will enjoy? Most likely not, but I am sure, given time, I will develop the same love/hate relationship I have with a cane.

JJ and Kady said...

As a child I had fantasies of being spanked. It wasn't until earlier this year that I asked JJ for it.

As for sex, in our early marriage I just didn't enjoy it at all, now I love everything about it, can't get enough.


Michelle Carlyle said...

Um, I didn't like sex that much until I met my husband. Didn't understand why people screwed. Then I met the Orgasm-inator. Wow. And while I had fantasies about spanking and stuff, I didn't try it until I got with him. Again. WOW. And the more we did it, the more I liked it. Then we tried all kinds of implements and toys and had much fun. But I think I enjoy sex more now because I'm not as hung up nor uptight as I used to be. Just gets better and better.

Anonymous said...

i would like L to introduce lecturing and corner time. but i am not pushing. he is so very vanilla that it is a slow journey. but what we have traveled so far is GREAT!!
i have always been fascinated with spanking, but we have only recently introduced spanking into our relationship. and it has added a great side to it. spiced it very nicely. :-)

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