Thursday, December 30, 2010

Keyword Chaos: Late Night Edition

Keyword Chaos is a regular feature where we have a little fun with the search terms that readers use to find MBS.
  • 40 year old mom getting a gould whipping spanked botton pantyhosed - Who knew pantyhose could be a verb?

  • acme photos spanking in vintage black panties - Acme? As in Wile E. Coyote? Really?

  • after susan complains to kay's boss layla about kay spanking her, the clinic is faced with a law - This all seems very complicated

  • allm I got for xmas was a spanking a paddling and a caning on my bare bot by my husband in front of the family - Well, at least it wasn't socks again

  • bean copporal punishment for wearing underwear in nylon pe shorts - Mr. Bean is a cop?

  • best spanking position for the paddle - The paddle never seems to care

  • big butt wife getting a spank video - Oh thank you, honey! Can we watch it now?

  • Bonnie how has spanking benefited your relationship? - Each spanking strengthens the bond between us

  • Bonnies bottom smarts - Yes, sometimes it does

  • boyfreinds spankin girlfreinds - Let's spank the typist for crimes against spelling

  • boys who like being spanked and live in texas - Everything's bigger, you know

  • cheerleaders has anybody had trouble with roming fingers - When in Italy...

  • Christmas booty position - That's the one where the spankee stretches as though she were trying to top the tree

  • counrties where spanking your wife is legal - All of them so long as she consents

  • cowboys spanked vid - Brokebutt Mountain?

  • daily nylon porno dinner evening Italian - Pasta della Seta is the specialty of the house

  • do most husbands spank their wives? - No, but they can dream

  • does erotic spanking have positive health benefits - Mental health I think

  • exekutive spanking galery - I think this exekutive must be typing with one hand

  • free spanking implement - The woods are full of switches

  • good girl knows, spanking blog - Bad girl learns from first hand experience

  • hello Liz, I can fantasize that this is you and I am watching you and when I get hard I get up behind you on the bed - Even Liz understands that search engines don't do IM

  • how can I punish my girlfriend? - Keep screwing around on the web when you should be spending time with her

  • husband spanking wife picture - Is this like a voodoo thing?

  • I am bad spank me stories - If you are bad, then no spank me stories for you

  • I made my wife strop naked and beat her videos - The defenseless DVDs didn't even try to get away

  • ima expert belt spanking escorts - Huh?

  • is self spanking my own ass normal - It's a lot more normal than trying to self-spank someone else's ass

  • is panties protection during spankings - Yes, a little, but only if they cover the part being spanked

  • katie spades severe - Don't even start...

  • little elf spanking stories - I want every one of those little deviants and their damned porcupine out of my basement right now!

  • mary jane man spanked - This guy definitely inhaled

  • men are in love with my big butt - The flowers looked lovely, but my big butt was unable to sign for them

  • mu bottom smarts - That's our new bovine spanking blog

  • my wife lets her inhibitions out of town - I say let's ship her inhibitions to Borneo

  • naughty girl spanked this video was deleted - Searching for a deleted video seems like a waste of time

  • nothing butt the hits - It's another night in paradise

  • penetrating bonnie - Excuse me, I don't believe we've been properly introduced

  • sir glycerine punish - Do not mess with Sir Glycerine

  • sitting after a spanking - Always an iffy proposition

  • spank your wife she'll have hot sex with you - You might want to talk about it first

  • spanking "city view" Texas - Lone star swat bazaar

  • spanking and cheerleaders - Like chocolate and peanut butter

  • the paddle for a cash strapped girl video - Or was the cash strap for a paddled girl?

  • weird spanking implements - Seldom as weird as those who wield them

  • young female student receives hard spanking bare bottomed with behind facing the class and another student holding up skirt and panties down waiting by male teacher - This seems to be a very specific fantasy

  • 放送室のトライアングル - I don't think we have that here


Libby said...

These are hysterical, Bonnie! I'm literally crying I'm laughing so hard. How on earth do you figure out what keywords people used to find you?


sixofthebest said...

Keyword Chaos are funny Bonnie, you and your husband will be laughing all the way to New Year's Day 2011. By the way Happy New Year, and may you have a 'warm one'. I mean your bare bottom as a New Year's Present, from your hubby.

Erica said...


Anonymous said...

I often type strange things while looking for the perfect photo. I'm sure some blog owner has wondered who searched for "spanking on a cake singing hallelujah". It was me.

But some of these...well, they take the cake! Love 'em.

Anonymous said...

Brokebutt Mountain.... I needed a laugh, thank you so much for providing one for me.


ronnie said...

Funny Bonnie, thanks for the laugh. I must take a look at my search terms.


Underling said...

Oh, priceless. Thank you for these. :) :) Where's the 'crying with laughter' symbol when you need it?

I'd suspect you of making some of them up - but, as the saying goes, you couldn't. Anyway, your responses are just as hilarious!

justagirl said...

Thanks for the laughs before work. This made me laugh way too hard:

"how can I punish my girlfriend? - Keep screwing around on the web when you should be spending time with her"

Scunge said...

Happy New Year Bonnie. Laughing BEFORE coffee is rare for me,this did it! :)

Our Bottoms Burn said...

They seem more weird every year.

Hermione said...

Bonnie, how do you do it? Even Google knows that all spanking roads lead to MBS, despite what is actually typed in.

A very Happy New Year to you and Randy.


Anonymous said...

happy new year Bonnie from tim xx

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!


Elaina said...

Hilarious! thank you so much for sharing, rofl... how did you get the keywords though?

Bonnie said...

Thanks, everybody! I'm glad you enjoyed this bit of silliness.

For Libby and Elaina, I obtained these keywords (and lots of interesting statistics) from Google Analytics. It was easy to install and it's free. There are lots of other counter and web stats programs, but this is the one I like.

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