Saturday, October 02, 2010

MBS Spanko Brunch #246

Welcome, dear friends, to our first brunch of October. Our topic this week is one that we've remarkably never discussed before.

Do you schedule spankings? Why or why not?

To participate in our conversation, just enter your response in the form of a comment below. Once everyone has had their say, I will post an edited summary.


abby said...

UMM..sometimes..lolol. We have a maintenance session once a week, but not always ont he same day. Discipline is usually more of a whenever it needs to be. Long, wonderful play sessions are scheduled so that we both have enough time. abby

Raven Red said...

Hello Bonnie

I do schedule my spankings at this stage. It is partially due to the fact that I found my Spanker before I actually met my romantic interest online (who is also a Spanker).

And he is in a different country to me. I am leaving for the UK at the end of the month to visit.

But coming back to the scheduling:
Due to my and the spanker's work schedules, the spanking sessions were scheduled.

When the romantic element entered the fray, I did all of a sudden found myself in a lot more trouble that I am used to.well, frankly, up to that stage, there was no-one to be accountable too.

I still am scheduling the spanking sessions with the spanker I found, but for some odd reason, there seems to a marked increase in the amount of appointments.

I am pretty convinced that for the month that I will be spending with the romantic interest abroad, and taking into consideration my remarkable ability to land myself up in hot water so easily, I am going to be wishing that I could still rather schedule the spankings.

And to be honest, to schedule a spanking...the days preceding the appointment, the dread and anticipation builds up to a point where I can barely concentrate on what I am suppose to be doing. said...

I love scheduled spankings. Because my boyfriend lives some distance away, and we both carry hectic loads, we often must schedule our time together.

Most often, our get-togethers are peppered with impromptu trips over his knee. Knowing this, I'm aware that each time we have a date, I will be spanked.

In particularly trying times (i.e. my grumpiness and/or stress), he will inform me of what's to come.

The anticipation of those events are almost more luscious than the act itself, adding a heat to the proceedings that would normally be less so.

So I guess, in some form or another, our spankings are always scheduled -- just that sometimes the specifics of it are more well known to me beforehand!


Yes spankings are always scheduled.

Either I have an appointment with a professional service provider or I have to travel to meet up with playmate and sometimes hire a special room. So by necessity spankings are always scheduled.


Anonymous said...

Dear Bonnie,

scheduling is often necessary in busy lives. I just want to point out that I find the anticipation irritating. Often, for days, even, sometimes, I can't concentrate and feel restless. So, we schedule a meeting, but we pretend it's going to be all boring, so that I can cope better!


Hermione said...

Hi Bonnie,

Our household thrives on routines; we plan everything, and that includes spankings. They are always scheduled; barring unforseen circumstances, they always happen on a specific day and time. I enjoy the anticipation and the mental and emotional buildup to the appointed hour, and Ron has plenty of time to plan his attack.

The flip side is that we never have spontaneous spankings. Ron doesn't suggest them except when it is necessary to reschedule. If I feel the need for some extra attention in between our weekly sessions, I must say so well in advance to allow Ron to adjust mentally to the unexpected change in routine.


Dioneo said...

Oh my, yes! For couples with hectic lives, scheduling spankings is a must. For us, if it's not on the planner, it does not exist. The trouble is always how to code it, given the presence of prying eyes. Is it a "performance review" or perhaps a "board meeting"? Or, do you go with "percussion lessons" or even "interpretative dance"?

Loki said...

I believe that it would be, and is, a very good idea, considering that my wife and my schedules sometimes, more times then often as of late, interfers with many of our spanking activities.

Scheduling stress relief spankings for our household may be just the thing we need so we don't go off at each other by accident.

Not My Original Vows said...

Yes, I do have scheduled spankings. The anticipation sometimes is worse than the actual spanking.


Anonymous said...

Yes & no
As I am still managing to get myself in lots of trouble--no. But given my work schedule (his pretty well doesn't vary much) sometimes we do. These tend more toward play or stress relief sessions.

I agree the "knowing" ahead adds to it.
We are lucky in that it is just the two of us, our "kids" have 4 feet.

Daisychain said...

Yes, we do..or rather, Davey does! Maintenance is every other day at present, except for recent days when my family have been staying over. Now and again, when we are chatting on the phone, especially about something we disagree on, there will be an unscheduled spanking, because I am pushing too far.... or forgetting my place...or losing my temper...etc... good question, Bonnie! xx

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