Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A Spanko Memory: The Archies

I've been interested in spankings since childhood.  True to the era, many of my formative influences came from television.  I recall a late sixties animated version of the Archie comic strip.  Each week, the teenage stars of the show would perform a new song as the Archies.

There were no overt spanking references in the Archie Show.  Had there been any, I'm certain they would have been etched forever into my memory.  However, every musical number included Betty, the blonde, banging a tambourine against what could have been her hip, but I always believed was more likely her bottom.  I had dabbled in self-spanking by this time and Betty's technique looked pretty similar.

A tambourine, I reckoned, consisted of a skin wrapped around one side of a wooden ring.  If the edge of that rigid ring made solid and repeated contact with someone's derriere, it might feel a lot like a spanking.  I just couldn't understand why Betty never switched sides.

I also remember trying to recreate the leg lift dance that Betty and Veronica did.  But I was never quite as graceful as those animated dancers.

The other part of the show that baffled me was why Reggie and Veronica could be so mean and yet they were happily welcomed in the band every time.

Anyhow, it's a little weird and perhaps not very spanko, but those are my memories of the Archies.

To see the Archies in action, click on the picture.


Spank-A-Lot said...

Now that u said it......I vaguely remember there was one Archie's comic strip that had a spanking in it........it was Betty that got a spanking if I am not wrong.....

Dr. Psycho said...

There have been several spankings in Archie's nigh-seventy years of comic book publication, including Mr. Lodge spanking Archie and saying it was in retaliation for Archie's Pop spanking *him*.

As for Reggie and Veronica staying in the band no matter how badly they behaved, I guess it's sort of like Congress: if you won't play with the ones who were rude to you, you don't get to play at all.

Hermione said...

I was never into the Archie comics - Nancy and Little Lulu and Lottie had plenty of spankings in those days - but would have read them if there was the possibility of spanking.

Tambourines have many uses, but I never thought of that one. I must dig mine out of my closet.


PS - Seems that Chross has disappeared from the blogosphere.

Alan said...

Weeeeeeeeeellll Maaaaaaaybe Randy needs to post a short video of you over his knee getting a " tamborine " spanking . Grins !

Tammy and Jake...Our Journey said...

Great Blog!

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