Sunday, May 02, 2010

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for May 2

Our topic this week was clothing worn during a spanking. Here are your thoughts.

Pattaya Girls: I think the top should always be in some sort of costume.

Alice: He is usually clothed and I am usually naked.

Ken: A simple jeans and t-shirt on the woman doing the spanking has always been one of my favourite outfits. My other favourite is a smart and formal outfit such as a business suit worn with either skirt or trousers.

Hermione: It depends. If our spanking is a prelude to other amorous activities, I will often wear a lacy teddy, and sometimes a garter belt and stockings, to spice things up. Ron is always au naturel.

If it's to be a standalone spanking, then I simply remove whatever I happen to be wearing below the waist, and keep my shirt on. Ron wears his usual casual attire.

I can't say that a spanking is any different in terms of what we are or aren't wearing, but the aftermath sometimes is.

Little Butterfly: Sometimes when I am craving a spanking, I'll wear something more cute, because it seems to get Daddy in that mindset more. And always a dress or skirt. He likes those, and it makes for easier access!

Our Bottoms Burn: We often dress for our paddlings. Since we both have a fetish for panty girdles, we do that once or twice a month. Sometimes we will dress to the nines have dinner out and come home for percussive activities. Other times, we will cook at home wearing nothing.

Sunflower: As someone new to the world of adult spanking, I've only yet observed one thing about clothes and their affect on spanking, and that is: the less I'm wearing, the more it hurts!

Red: It's not always possible, but I do like the times when I'm naked, or next to it, and my sweetie is wearing one of her business suits.

Prefectdt: I used to dress up a lot for spankings, but I do not really have any costumes at the moment. Perhaps it is time to change that.

If the Am' dram' side of spanking is encouraging some players to act out a little scene, for a spanking, a little dress up does add to the atmosphere of the whole thing.

I agree with Sunflower, the less that I am wearing the more it hurts :-)

Dr. Ken: Shouldn't that be UNDRESS for a spanking? :-)

I have no real dress code for such a thing, and I don't really find it that important a part of the whole process. I'm usually in pants and shirt (sometimes just a T-shirt, other times a better shirt like a polo). Whoever I'm spanking wears whatever she happens to be wearing. I don't require any special sort of outfit. Dresses and skirts are probably preferable, as they can be pulled up as the spanking progresses. Pants with an elastic sort of waistband are good too, as they are easily pulled down.

The spanking usually has to stop for a moment if the spankee is wearing jeans or pants with a belt or snaps or clasps, but that's actually not such a bad thing. Making the naughty young lady stand up, undo her pants, and pull them down while standing in front of you can definitely add to a spanking scene. It helps establish the roles – who's in charge and who must obey. It's one of the little things that can get into your head.

LJ Spank: We do a lot of role playing in spanking, and costuming sets the stage and the characters (and the voice). It is so much fun and adds spice and variety. I can be an 18th century maid who has upset the head staff master one day, and a naughty 50's housewife another, and of course the school-girl. I will write a scenario and e-mail it to my DH. The rest of the time, it's whatever I'm wearing at the time.

R Humphries: For as long as I can remember, I have been attracted to females dressed in uniforms. Fortunately, MBJ is of a theatrical bent and kindly indulges this fantasy. For my part, I always wear a suit and tie for our plays. Removing my jacket, rolling up my sleeves, and loosening my tie iare standard components of our little dramas.

Poppy: I like that he always looks a little smart. Even if he is wearing around the house clothes, he looks together and that matters to me.

I like to wear skirts and dresses when I am with him and to indulge my predilection for pretty knickers that often show my mood. During the moment, he is always dressed and I am always in a state of undress, with skirt up, knickers down, and sometimes off. It makes me shy to say that and that may be a bit silly, but it does.

Thomas: Usually, when Cookie and I get impromptu playtime, there's little chance for us to coordinate our wardrobes, though I'm almost always at least partially dressed, if not completely. Usually, if any of my clothes come off, it's after the spanking is finished and I move on to other activities (assuming, of course, that was the intent of the spanking given). She normally wears her usual casual clothes, as well, but with her bottoms/panties down at her knees before long.

If we have the chance to actually plan before the spanking takes place, we pick and choose our outfits. If it's some kind of roleplay (which usually means that the spanking is for one of our videos), then I'll wear whatever outfit is appropriate. Since the object in many of these scenes is to appear authoritative, I might wear a suit, or a collared shirt at the minimum. As for Cookie (or any spankee that I'm roleplaying with), I like them to wear short skirts, preferably loose-fitting and airy (like a sundress or pleated skirt). A schoolgirl outfit is usually a win-win, as it has my favorite skirt design coupled with a popular spanko fantasy. As for panties, I like something that covers the full bottom that I have to pull down before the bottom is visible. While I can still pull down a thong (and will do so, if for nothing more than effect), it just takes away that air of mystery of a full-pantied bottom.

I could probably go on for hours about different wardrobe options, particularly for my spankees, but I'd start to ramble after a while. Suffice it to say that I like to spank a girl in just about anything that is flattering to her bottom, both when she's wearing it and when she has it taken off.

Bonnie: For Randy and me, clothing is closely tied to ritual, and we love our ritual spankings. I've spent quality time being spanked as a housewife, superheroine, cheerleader, or secretary. The script varies somewhat from one roleplay session to the next, but the results are generally about the same.

There are several wardrobe choices that virtually guarantee me a good bottom warming. Here are some examples:
  1. Tight-fitting blue jeans
  2. White shorts
  3. Lycra capri pants
  4. Any pleated skirt
  5. Thong underwear
  6. Light colored slacks
  7. Red panties
  8. Any bathing suit
  9. Drop-seat pajamas
As you might imagine, I get spanked a lot! LOL

As for adapting the spanking, Randy does this sometimes. Pants seem to encourage bend over type spankings, while skirts more often get lifted while OTK. I haven't asked him whether that is a conscious strategy, but certainly it seems so from the wide end of the paddle.

Thanks to everyone who joined in our conversation!


sixofthebest said...

I have always enjoyed a naughty woman wearing garter-belt and stockings, when I spank them. It makes for a more erotic scene for me.

Anonymous said...

For a 'spanking', that is hand, slipper brush etc, Susan's bottom must be bare, with raised skirt' or lowered jeans , and panties at knee level. But sometimes for a caning, switching or strapping, she has to wear a skin tight, bum-hugging dress of a thin stretch material, which outlines every detail of her glorious bottom, suspenders and tiny panties. Susan has to bend over ultra tight so that the cane makes a musical 'thwack' on her jiggling bottom, whilst her skirt gives her just a little protection from the biting can.. D,

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