Sunday, May 23, 2010

MBS Spanko Brunch #227

Hello again, and welcome to our weekly community gathering!

Our topic this time was proposed by our friend, The Marine's Wife. She describes fantasies about serious punishment spankings and wonders whether others share this desire.

Do you or your partner crave the experience and sensations of punishment spankings? If so, do you carry these desires into real life and how do those spankings compare with the fantasy?

If you would like to add your voice to our conversation, just enter a comment below. At the end of the weekend, I will post an edited summary.


Love4her said...

I know I am one to crave punishment spankings. I have never experienced one as an adult and rarely got one as a kid. I really feel the need to be punished, scolded and made to submit ... to the point of tears. Humiliation would be added if it was made public in some way or made known to someone that I was in for a spanking. Possibly taken out of a store to the van while being spoken to sternly about what I was about to get and why.

I know I deserve it for any number of things and vices. I just believe a sound punishment would clear the air and set me on a better course as a husband and lover. Like any other spanking... it is not going to happen though but the vivid fantasy lives on daily.

Not My Original Vows said...

I have craved punishment spankings before, I think every wired gal does. We have had very really bothers my hubby.

Although, some of my stress relief spankings have been worse than my punishment spankings. I think because I don't break very easy. For him I think it's more the wording verses the actual act.

We have however played out a few of my stories and that satisfies my desires.


Anonymous said...

The only spankings I like are punishment ones. They can be big serious, scary ones or little "don't stick your tongue out at me" ones but they alter everything about me.

I always wanted them, as long as I can remember. The reality of them is better than I could ever have imagined. I suspect it is about finding a man who is passionate about giving them. It also helps that he is kind with his strictness. When he spanks me I feel such a sense of peace that I become a better person for at least twenty minutes when suddenly I feel all naughty again.

But I am nice naughty when I have been spanked, not the horrid kind.

Hermione said...

I believe that the idea of punishment is inherently linked to spanking. The idea of a punishment spanking is attractive to me; the reality probably would not be nearly as enjoyable.

The concept of punishment has no place in our relationship. But flirting with the associated words that push my buttons is something that we are gradually becoming comfortable with. A playful threat of punishment is in itself a terrific turn-on. But that is where it ends. Spanking will certainly remain something we do for foreplay and fun.

oatmeal girl said...

What does or does not happen to me is not for me to request and is not at all under my control. If I am spanked or beaten in any way, it is purely for my Master's pleasure or as punishment - from which of course he also derives pleasure. He is a sadist. He enjoys hurting me. He struggles against the urge to inflict severe pain on me, as he knows it would be more than I can tolerate. I am not a masochist, but I am devoted to his pleasure. It's a delicate balance.

Still, while my own desires are irrelevant, I can't deny that I have them. I do admit to becoming aroused from a spanking, and the fiend had a flogger made which doesn't hurt too badly no matter how hard the blows. I do love being beaten with the flogger.

But a punishment spanking? I get no pleasure from "the experience and sensations" of punishment spankings. They hurt far more than spankings that are purely for his pleasure, and the anger and disappointment that rain down on me with each blow hurt even more than the physical impact.

What I do like, however, is the catharsis. What I do yearn for is the redemption that follows. And what has been so hard following the severe beating I received on Wednesday is that until this afternoon I could not find my way out of the fear and despair. We chatted this afternoon, and I feel better now. But it reminded me that one way or another, whether for punishment or (his) pleasure, spankings are never something I can take lightly.

Anonymous said...

Punishment spankings are only given for one reason in our relationship. Smoking. Given that she can go months without a cig and then suddenly will start and make sure she is caught...clearly they are being asked for. Also clearly we have not yet found a total cleanliness in our relationship. She wants to be punished and I don't relaize when that is, so she creates the reason. The failure is mine.

These are the only spankings that ever make her cry and she needs that release. These are the only spankings that I do not find cause any sexual stimulation for me (although she will often climax before she cries)yet I find them extremely emotionally satisfying.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Nope, no cravings for punishment. We only spank for fun. Odd huh?

Thomas_III said...

I feel that while punishment and discipline is an aspect of spanking that's inherent to most of our fantasies, our application stops short of that. It's the fodder that gets our minds rolling, but the spanking never goes beyond playfulness. I think that this is just our mind's way of "setting the scene" for the spanking to happen, since spanking is associated with punishment in the collective conscious, and we try to play out those aspects to get the "whole package."

There are, of course, those of us who actually practice true punishment and discipline in our spanking relationships. For those of us that do this, I think that it is more a need than a craving. The spankee never WANTS a punishment spanking, and the spanker never WANTS to give one. Punishment, in that sense, is romanticized by spankos in our fantasies. Outside of that fantasy, though, punishment is something that we want to avoid except when absolutely necessary.

Yes, we do, both spanker and spankee, get something from the act of punishment, but it doesn't feed a craving or desire. It feeds some kind of need. It might feed a need for structure, or love, or relief from stress or guilt.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I are relativly new to spanking. I am still trying to figure out where my needs lye. (who knew it could be so complicated?) The idea of punishment is what excites me as a bottom however I'm not sure if that fanasty will ever become a reality for us. I would like every spanking to have a 'reason' that resembles being punished. My husband says I deserved to be spanked simply for waking in the morning ;) However I like the idea of being spanked for something a bit more specific even in play as opposed to a more DD lifestyle. Just haven't figured it all out yet. Thanks for the brunch Bonnie hits the nail on the head as far as where we are at with our spanking.

Anonymous said...

We feel no need or urge for true punishment spankings at all. We might play at it, like when I wear my school girl outfit, but it's just for fun. All of our spankings are for sexual pleasure~it really turns us both on. Doesn't mean they don't hurt though! :)

"MakeMineRed" (I don't want to give my cell phone number to get a user name, so I'll just sign with the name I wanted to use:))

A-Non said...

This topic leads me to a question I have had for a while. Often a punishment spanking is made to be quite severs "so that you'll remember this and behave next time", or something to that effect. Does this really happen? I mean, if a woman is spanked for smoking, does she hesitate before lighting that next cigarette, thinking, "Oh, that last spanking was so severe. He's going to find out and spank me like that again. Maybe I should put this down." Or is the reason for the spanking dissociated from the pain, so that the misbehavior just occurs without forethought?

A-Non said...

I do sort of crave the experience of a punishment spanking. I'd like to know what it is like to be ordered, "To the bedroom, now!" for a directed discipline session after doing something like slamming a door. My husband knows I like spankings, and I think he does too, but they are mostly just a bit of hair tugging and firm butt-slapping as a prelude to sex. No dialogue to "set the scene". I don't like dress-up and playacting with spankings, so we don't play like that. But I would like to be told, "Come here. Take them down. Bend over.", then be held in place and spanked for some real misbehavior, with a lecture interspersed. To me, that would create a great feeling of tingling excitement, along with wonderful feelings of submission and giving up control.

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