Sunday, May 09, 2010

MBS Spanko Brunch #225

Happy Mother's Day!  I hope our mothers are all enjoying a peaceful, pleasant weekend (rare as that might be!).  Our subject this week is quite topical.

What advice can you offer new mothers about spanking during pregnancy?  Would you suggest they abstain, adapt their techniques, or spank on as before?

To join the conversation, just enter a comment below.  Once everyone has spoken, I will post an edited summary of the proceedings.


sixofthebest said...

Here is an interesting question. Should a teenage son watch his mother being spanked by the father on her bare bottom. Or should the son be allowed to spank his mother on the bare bottom, with the permission of his father.


I cannot see why a woman could not carry on spanking during pregnancy, I would still happily be spanked by a pregnant woman.

Of coarse as the pregnancy progresses putting someone over her lap might prove difficult and swinging toys with a lot of upper body movement may not be possible any more but using more arm based swings and having her bottom/sub bent over a piece of furniture should solve that problem. Practicing swinging toys from a seated position may be helpful for when standing for long periods of time is difficult.

A woman can also get her sub/bottom to practice the breathing techniques, used during childbirth, to see if they genuinely help one cope with pain, before the main event.


Salvia said...

Hiya :)
I think spanking during pregnancy would need to be modified. Clearly, belly size is something to think about and of course any other health concerns, (lower back pain, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.)If spanking is something a woman was doing before pregnancy it shouldn't be too big of a deal, as her body would be conditioned prior. Maybe not such a good idea to take up spanking as a new hobby though :) Lastly, being pregnant causes a lot of stress, so maybe spanking would be a way to help with the mood swings, but too much stress is bad so maybe save those punishment type spankings for after the baby comes?!? Happy Mother's Day to all you spanked/spanking moms out there!

Texringer said...

I'm much on the same page as the previous comments -- early on in the pregnancy, continuing established spanking routines should be no problem. But, as many things chance the farther along the pregnancy advances, spanking likely would need to be modified or curtailed, too.

Naomi said...

This is a great question, and probably a tiny bit controversial! I have commented to many people about this..

When I was pregnant with my son (he is 2 now) a lot of people in this spanking world told me that it was not a good idea, and stuff like that. I took it with a grain of salt because, in my opinion, if your baby can withstand rough sex- it can withstand some bottom smacking. I was spanked with lots of different things, with a variety of intensity. I think a woman should always listen to her body- and if it is telling her he needs to stop- she needs to express that.
Obviously as you get larger positioning can be complicated, but he usually had me on my hands and knees and my belly would rock. He would go to sleep in there.

Some people question the effects it can have on the baby as far as your distress goes- but generally we are ot 'distressed' during it. We may cry and feel pain- but really our endorphins are going and our stress is being relieved.

My son and my daughter were both really calm newborns and didn't act like stressed out babies at all. I personally think it is a great thing (if you are having a normal, healthy pregnancy.) Some women who have to stop or go without a spanking for a while can get even more stressed than usual, I have noticed it in me at least. I think having to stop it completely and then having to remember to stay calm and happy can be hard.

If a spanking helps you emotionally- it can't be too bad for your baby.

Of course you need to be careful with where your swats are landing, what you're using, and how hard you are using them.

Spank-A-Lot said...

Personally I am of the opinion that spankings should be avoided if possible during pregnancies, like Naomi said, there are times that the lack of spankings could cause unnecessary emotional stress.

I guess it largely depends on the individual's physical well-being. If one is relatively weak or has had a history of miscarriages, then probably its best to wait at least until after the first trimester for the womb to stabilise.

Knowing oneself is most important end of the day. I am sure a large majority continues to have sex despite being pregnant and thus it would not make logical sense to abstain from spanking totally. Though a little more attention could be paid to safety. Positions may have to change, especially as one's tummy increases in size. OTK and even bending over or lying face down may be an issue. A good position that a spanking couple i know of have used is the diaper position.

Thomas_III said...

I think that it ultimately it will be up to whatever makes the one pregnant feel the most comfortable. If she's worried that spanking might do something wrong, then it's likely to happen if she gets to thinking about it too hard. However, the female body is build to act as a natural shock absorber to the womb, so I think that spanking generally shouldn't be a problem. The size of the belly will be a factor, as it is with all things. Later in pregnancy, it will become harder to find a position that is comfortable for her to be in long enough for a spanking to take place.

I would also likely steer clear of very intense sessions, as trauma still might affect the unborn fetus as its mother's body chemistry changes in response. I don't think that I'd administer any punishment sessions to a girl that I knew was pregnant. I've only known one pregnant spanko that I'd been playing with around the time that she realized that she was preggers. We chose to err on the side of caution and forgo spanking until the baby had been born and she'd had time to recuperate.

Elysia said...

I would not have labeled myself as a spanko when I was pregnant. But I do recall a very strong "need" during my second pregnancy. At that time, it didn't take much to help me along. Punishment type was not in our repertoire, and we wouldn't have gone there, but like Naomi said, if it's OK to have sex, it's OK to spank, if it's not too intense. I would have gone crazy without it, but we never would have gone too far with it either. Salvia said it right, moderation should be key, relative health, and whether the Dr. said to take it easy should all be taken into consideration, IMO.

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