Sunday, April 25, 2010

MBS Spanko Brunch #223

I hope everyone is enjoying a weekend of peace and beauty, or if you're more like me, I hope you're getting a lot done!  Either way, we have a fine question submitted by a friendly lurker.

Do you participate in spanking-related forums or discussion groups?  If so, which ones do you recommend and why?  What features or attributes make a spanking forum or discussion group worth your time?

I hope you will join our conversation, especially if you know of quality forums with which readers might not be familiar.  To add your voice, just enter a comment below.  Once everyone has had their turn, I will post an edited summary.


Anonymous said...

I suppose I kind of do on Dev's site, that is not so much a discussion group as a group of like minded people chatting but more banter than discussion although a discussion does break out every now and again.
I find it hard to find a discussion group that would fit me and what I am like. I tend to take it to heart if someone tells me I am doing it wrong in this area of my life and people do have such strong opinions on the internet.
I have looked at a couple of sites but on one of them (can't remember which but it is a huge one) people kept trying to chat me up and it felt so crude and so base that I ended up feeling bad about myself so I stopped.
Well, Himself told me that I had to stop because it made me sad.
I have also looked at World Spanking Fprum (think that is right) but that feels very much like lots of girls on there are professional and are on about their sites with all their pictures on. I am not really like that at all. I am a bit too quaint (really too hard to work out the proper word) for all that.
I also looked at Fetlife but what I saw made my eyeballs pop out and as a consequence I really, really am not allowed to go back there.
I would like a discussion forum for people like me but I have not found it yet and I don't know how many people like me there are out there.

Good question.
I look forward to the answers.

Hot_Bottom said...

I would have to say FETLife. There is something on every tipoc.

Hermione said...

I'm glad you introduced this topic, because I hope to gain some insight into how to use the forums.

I belong to Spankolife and World Fetish Forum, but once I log in, I don't know what to do after I have changed my status. Except for the odd person who wants to chat (and that usually makes me feel uncomfortable) I feel at a loss. I have joined several groups on each one, and I suppose that's where you go to leave your opinions on various subjects, but I have only done it a few times.

I am so busy with creating daily posts for my own blog, reading and commenting on as many other blogs as I can, and performing various other blogly duties, that I don't have any extra time to devote to the forums. I don't often think of visiting them. Perhaps it's because I have to seek them out; they don't pop up on someone's blogroll with an enticement to go and see what's new.


Sara said...

I just don't know. I belonged to several Dd forums and while in some ways I got a lot out of them, in others they ended up being quite hurtful. The small ones are cliquish and people were judgemental. It felt like being on a playground in 4th grade and worrying who the cool kids were and if you would be liked. On the other hand some larger forums were quite untamed and some horrid and harmful things were talked about and condoned (like true abuse) . The thing I have liked about blogging is 1st I can be myself, and don't have to think too much about following the crowd, and 2nd, across the board, the blogging community is intelligent, open, sane, supportive and ongoing. People can be more independent and find their niche, get support without having to wade through yucky stuff, or play up to moderators, or worry about the kool kids. There are SO many more spanking and Dd blogs now than there were 5 years ago that I no longer go on or refer people to forums.

Naomi said...

I have participated in a few forums and discussions before. I do enjoy it, but now I am not 100% sure where to find some good ones where my input will actually make some sort of difference or at least intelligent conversation. For a while, though, (in the beginning) I honestly felt like I had no place in those discussions or forums. Everyone had much more experience than I, and my inexperience made me feel intimidated. So I have not really participated in any of those things since early on in our DD relationship.

R Humphries said...

Hi Guys … Not really much help in these modern times … back in the day I used to wander around the Mirc chat-rooms and met some fabulous and very charming people (the technology reference dates me I guess) … I was never much of a one for forums as they seemed to attract the more strident and opinionated element of our community and didn’t feature much in the way of discussion, as Ayn Rand style dissertations seemed to be more the order of the day … as Hermione said earlier, the rare spare time I have between family and business obligations is generally consumed in trying to keep my blog maintained and updated … nonetheless I do enjoy participating in the MBS brunches hosted here (sorry Bonnie I can’t think of the female version of hosted) … and do enjoy some occasional cheerful spanking banter with guests to our site … sorry not to be of more assistance … Cheers RH.

tkc said...

Hi Bonnie,
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, I appreciate it. I am very new to this lifestyle and find the info on your blog very helpful.

Cammie said...

I like reading but not so much participating. I get too nervous because everyone knows so much more than I do.

Elysia said...

I asked a fellow blogger, who like me is new, and does participate in a few forums. I cannot remember the names of the forums, but I recall that one is private and you need to ask to be invited. Although that may sound elitest,I think that the point is that the group has more control over the types of discussions. I joined 2 forums in the beginning and have never commented. It is very intimidating to read how nasty people can be, and I would not take that very well.
I enjoy banter in my comment's section, and banter in other's comment's section as well. I feel safe there.

LDD-4-Me said...

I’ve joined quite a few forums over the years and a few have just gone away and I’ve probably forgotten about quite a few. I’ve thought about starting a forum, but unless there is an active base of contributors with good moderation that bans the trolls forums can do downhill in a hurry.

The only forum I’ve been active in for quite some time is the discussion forum on Spanking Classics. It seems to be very helpful for new people, I appreciated it when I was new and still enjoy seeing new people getting the support they are looking for.

Fetlife seems to be both good and bad. Always a bit funny when you see how people who want to see their beliefs respected but aren’t tolerant of others. Also, I don’t get into the whole dark thing with black leather and chrome, just not my style.

Spankolife seems to be a fine place to put a profile, but doesn’t really seem to have active useable forums.

S.N.M. said...

Spanking Community is my site of choice. The forum is pretty lifeless, but don't let that fool you; the chat is always lively with a large crew of regulars, and is a pretty friendly community.

I've also been to spankingclassics, animeotk, and spankingscouts, but spankingcommunity is my favorite so far.

ronnie said...

Sorry can't add anything constructive Bonnie.

I don't belong to any forums or discussions. I did join one group ages ago (can't remember which one) but I didn't find it very good.

With all the comments, emails 2 way traffic generated within the blogging community I don't have any extra time but I will be interested in reading the recommendations.

Thanks Bonnie,


I used to do a lot of history forums in my vanilla life, even moderating but as the forums grew there where more and more idiots using these forums to bloat their own egos, this kind of put me of forums of all sorts.

I have lurked on some spanking and kinky forums, sometimes following an interesting topic. But sooner or later I come across the egotists, on these forums and that puts me off joining and interacting.

I do not have an awful lot of time to spend in front of a computer everyday anyway, it is a struggle just to keep up with emails sometimes. I think that I will stick to blogs for my online spanko/BDSM interactions.


Miss Jules said...

I'm registered at FetLife and SpankoLife, but I both rarely use them.. though FetLife more than the latter because it has some interesting discussions and profiles. However, I still mostly just read and rarely get active. The only forum I really use is the forum of the SMJG - a young German kinky community for kinksters below 28. I love it because while I enjoy interacting with older kinky people as well, it gives me a more "sheltered" place to talk and I enjoy discussing with people who are roughly my age and have similar interests/experiences. Plus, the board is strictly moderated - randomly hitting on people is prohibited, and they ensure an amicable, relaxed atmosphere. Another plus is that you can communicate with a wider range of people than with blog posts because your query will be read by most members, not just the loyal readers.. that helps if you need advice. Oh, and the final reason I like the SMJG is that I met my boyfriend in the chatroom. :-)

Daisychain said...

I joined spankolife but haven't been back since! Its just not my scene... This is the only discussion group I belong to. Not that its probably a discussion group, per se, but its perfect for what I want! There are so many different takes on ttwd, this is where I feel comfortable!
Thanks, Bonnie xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I go to This thng We Do forum.

Anonymous said...

As far as I can remember, I have only made one or two brief posts, at SpankingClassics and Spanking Den, and both of those were a long time ago. Your question has made me go look at my list of websites to see if I remember posting anything. That has been fun. If I think of any more I'll post a correction. Will that earn me a spanking? (Hope so!)

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