Sunday, April 18, 2010

MBS Spanko Brunch #222

The weekend provides us with a welcome opportunity to sit back, spend time with friends and reflect on life. So it is with our brunch. Each week, we examine a different topic related to our favorite pastime. This time, we have a musical theme.

Are there songs that make you think about spanking? If so, is the connection with the lyrics, the beat, associated memories, or something else? Does the music inspire you to spank or be spanked, does it enhance the experience of spanking, or does it simply bring the subject to the forefront of your attention?

If you would like to participate in our conversation, you can enter a comment below. It's OK. Really. Yes, you. Everyone here is kind and loves newcomers. Once all of the responses have arrived, I will post an edited summary.


Anonymous said...

Easy "top five" songs in this category would include John
Mellencamp's "Hurts So Good," and Pat Benetar's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot." Also Kim Carnes' "Bette Davis Eyes" with its steady, percussive beat which resembles an implement repeatedly striking flesh.
And I'd be remiss not including Devo's "Whip It." Throw in an oldie to round out the list: "Hurts So Bad" by Little Anthony and the Imperials.


sixofthebest said...

Dear Bonni, some of my happiest and early years of my life I spent in England. That's where I learnt to appreciate spanking a naughty lady. So any tune that remindes me of England, such as "The White Cliffs of Dover". Brings back my nostalgic feelings, of giving a good spanking to a naughty lady on her bare bottom.

Hermione said...

I have to agree with JJ. "Hurts So Good" is the number one spanking song for me, both because of the beat and the lyrics.


Excellent question.

The early part of play is often hard for me and until about 10 to 15 minutes into play, when I start to get my head in the right place, all is just pain with no joy. During this time there is a song, that I have memorized down to the last cord, that I am often replaying in my head. It helps bring on the "I can take it." adrenaline that helps me handle things until it is "Hello fairies" time.

The song is Be My Enemy by The Waterboys. Although I tend to think of it as Pretend To Be My Enemy :-) I have put an address below where it can be found on YouTube.


Daisychain said...

Any song, really, with the right tempo to coincide with spanks! Which of course depends on what sort of spanking it is! Reggae is good, in general.... xxx

Janet said...

There are two songs that remind me of spanking. The first is called "He hit me and it felt like a kiss" It is from the Motels off of their 1982 album All 4 One. It really doesn't continue on past that line to talk much about TTWD. But there have been times when a spanking has felt more like a kiss then a punishment.

Another song that reminds me of TTWD, not particularly about spanking is "Home" from Chris Daughtry. The line, "careful what you wish for cus you just might get it all, and then some you don't want" sure rings true as my HOH grows more comfortable in his role.

Music is such an important part of our lives. This is a great topic for a brunch.


Poppy said...

(Janet, that is such a pretty picture.)

All the songs that remind me of spanking are just songs that remind me of the man that spanks me.

So "Kathy's Song" and, alas, "Leaving on a Jet Plane." are both songs that remind me of him, being over his knee and being kissed and ... everything. He has spanked me over every type of music and so no one song represents spanking.
Good question.

Ms. Betty said...

For me it's Irish music. The fast, upbeat tempo seems made for swinging a spoon or hairbrush to.

I have a gothic band called Inkubus Sukkubus I enjoy spanking to as well.

When I'm in a darker mood I tend to like to put on Concrete Blonde. Because I Can and Someone's Calling Me are both great scene music. But my favorite is to have a boy bound somewhere in the dark as the first beats of Bloodletting come throbbing through the speakers.

Ms. Betty

Scunge said...

Stevie Nicks Leather and Lace. I love the line give to me your leather take from me my lace. Just makes my butt tingle EVERY time I hear it!

R Humphries said...

Hi Guys … What a lovely question … our personal spanking life generally has a somewhat theatrical bent to it and invariably involves food, wine and of course music … I think that one of the all-time great spanking albums is ‘Greetings from LA’ by the tragically late Tim Buckley (for trivia buffs he was the natural-father of the also sadly late Jeff Buckley) … apart from being an all-time classic recording it has a gloriously decadently debauched feel to it with such tracks as ‘Sweet Surrender’ and ‘Sitting in a Hong Kong Bar’ … along with the more obvious ‘Make it Right’ that features the chorus line “She’s gonna Beat me, Whip me, Spank me, make me feel right again” … not exactly my personal preference … but nonetheless an absolutely fabulous album.

But I think my/our real favorites to spank to are the somewhat less dark ‘Wheels Start Turning’ by the Blues Jumpers who sadly only ever made one album, or the big band swing sounds of albums like ‘Satin Doll’ by Michael Maxwell and his Orchestra … swing, jazz, be-bop, good food, some iced bubbles, and some damn good spanking fun … life doesn’t get much better than that … Cheers … RH

S.N.M. said...

Nope. Even songs ABOUT spanking don't really do it for me. I prefer to let my mind and body come up with their own mood-setters.

A. Luirker said...

For me it's "Under My Thumb" by the Rolling Stones. The lyrics, the beat, it reminds me of spanking every time! I have often wondered about Jagger coz he has a few other songs that refer to "spanking"; Brown Sugar - "hear him whip the women just around midnight" and Jumpin' Jack Flash - "I was schooled with a strap acroos my back"

The song Sexyback by Justin Timberlake with the line "I'll let you whip me if I misbehave" alos makes me chuckle quietly to myself.


Anonymous said...

Like A. Luirker, I often giggle a little whenever I hear "Sexyback."

Though, for me, the song most strongly connected with spanking is "Come On Get Higher" by Matt Nathanson- mainly the line "all the violent sweet perfect words that you said." I can't help but smile to myself every time I hear it.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting question; I read it yesterday and have been pondering it ever since. In that time I've come up with nothing. I've never had music playing when I've been spanked, either in play or for punishment. I quite simply LOVE the sound of his bare hand on my bared bottom! Variations on that theme by his using implements only ups the ante - the echoing crack of a wooden paddle, the reassuring "thwap" of leather, the "swish/snick" of the cane... No music could match such an evocative symphony for me.
Jean Marie

Larken said...

Hi Bonnie!

John Mellencamp has another song that always reminds me of spanking, and that's "The Authority Song": 'I fight authority, authority always wins…' Why does authority always win? Because authority carries a paddle. :-)

And for some reason, Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" makes me think of spanking, too. I wonder why that is? ;-)


Bonnie-jo said...

Thanks for the warm greeting. You really made my day!
I like your question; music can inspire many things, but music that inspires spanking? Got to be the best.
I agree about "Whip It", if you youtube it, there's some exceptionally weird videos that go with that song. "Hit me with your best shot" is definitely on the list too.
I think that the music you've been spanked to (which will differ from top to top) will without fail bring back spanko thoughts/desires. Thus, when I listen to "Drummer Boy" next Christmas, I'm going to be remembering a certain ironic paddling I received.

Anonymous said...

We always use music for spanking. The lyrics and tempos of some songs constitute handy scenarios e.g.

'The night has a thousand eyes.' by Bobby Vee:

We find this one good for long slow canings:

This one needs no explanation:

Explicit OTK ireference in this one:

Sweeter than heaven, hotter than hell:

One big arse in all the world:

We might use this sometime:

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