Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Poll: Spanking on Television

Which of the following TV spankings would you most like to watch?

A classic movie like McLintock or Blue Hawaii
A newer film like Secretary
A classic sitcom spanking like I Love Lucy
A spanking episode in a contemporary sitcom
A miniseries about a couple who spices up their love life with spankings
An adult spanking documentary on public TV
A gameshow featuring spanking
A star-studded pay-per-view spanko spectacular
A soap opera with spanking
The spanko Olympic games
An amateur public access spanking show
A popular commercial spanking film
A spanking-themed reality show
A beauty pagent with a spanking competition
America's Next Spanking Model
Why would I want to watch spanking on TV?


Anonymous said...

you left out the "all of the above" option, lol :)

Never Been Spanked said...

Yes, I would have clicked the button that said, "Why choose? I LOVE THEM ALL!"

Hermione said...

I had several choices, but went with the documentary on public TV because it would be realistic. The mini-series, the game show and the reality show were all appealing too.

When does the filming start?


sixofthebest said...

I like them all Bonnie, also how about adding a TV news show, broadcasting 24 hours a day called 'Spanking News'. Telling all of us 'spanking enthusiasts' the events of our 'spanking world', each and every day.

Anonymous said...

I too chose the adult documentary. Many of the other choices were appealing, but I was concerned that vanilla people would be writing the spanking scenes in the sitcoms and soap operas and getting it completely wrong. And thanks to DVDs, various web sites and good old Cinema Swats tapes, we can see most of the classic TV and movie spankings whenever we like. -- Erica

Lynn Lane said...

I would say 'All of the above'.

Michelle Carlyle said...

Yeah, where was all of the above? No, I really like those old movies and TV shows where the spanking is real and spontaneous. I had a startle in one of the Thin Man movies. Nothing was hotter than seeing William Powell spank his wife. The determination on his face, like it was his right. Really hot. The Saint had a good spanking scene. Yummy, getting spanked by a hot young Roger Moore!

Something about those old movies and TV shows really turns me on.

Maybe I'm an old-fashioned girl.

dublin.paolo said...

'Secretary' works for me, it had a lot of the ingredients I love and crave for......and now I think I just might watch it again tonight,thanks for the reminder Bonnie.

Anonymous said...

I want multiple choices! I like "A newer film", "A miniseries", and "An adult spanking documentary". I reluctantly chose the documentary when I realized I could only vote for one.

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