Sunday, February 14, 2010

MBS Spanko Brunch #213

Hello again, dear friends. Not only is it Valentine's weekend, but the Winter Olympics are underway as well. I figure that we've brunched about every aspect of V-Day hi-jinx, so why not a lighthearted glimpse at international sport from the perspective of spanking enthusiasts?

If we were to organize a spanking Olympics, what events would we want to include? What sort of entertainment should we have for the opening and closing ceremonies? Where would you hold the games? Would we need any special facilities in the Olympic Village? Which country do you think would win the most medals?

Please feel free to unleash your spanko creativity! Everyone with an imagination and a sense of fun is welcome. To join our celebration, just enter your suggestions in the form of a comment below. Once everyone has taken a turn, I will post an edited summary of the proceedings.



The track, brat and field events might include.....

The hundred meter brat dash - running away from the spankers with slippers.

The caned high jump - how high can a Top Get their Bottom do jump using only six strokes of the cane.

The brat runaway relay - four brats relaying a cane around the track for as long as they can, before the caner catches up with them and regains the use of his/her implement.


Anonymous said...

Opening ceremonies would be lighting the flaming buttocks with the torch. All the Doms would then genuflect; every top I've ever known has worshipped the derriere.

The events would be divided between sprints and marathons. I'd excel in taking long, steady punishments, whereas I'm no good at withstanding hard, brisk, all-out blisterings.
Events would work up from hand spankings to leather, then wood, and culminate with the cane.

I think the English, who have a long history with this sort of thing, would win the most medals.

I'd love to see this organized!
Jean Marie

Anonymous said...

I'm sure there are those more creative than me to come up with events and ceremony events, but one thing I'm sure of is that there would have to be separate villages for tops and bottoms- otherwise the games would go on all night and that isn't fair to the viewers! The athletes would need to rest up to put on they're best performances!

Elysia said...

So many questions, so much creative juice it inspires! Here are the highlights of my thoughts.
1)My favorite event would be the Spanking Pairs Event. Much like ice skating, each pair would be scored on both technical and artistic merits. Costuming and implement selection would be chosen by the pair. Scoring would include a)#of spanks per minute, b)uniqueness of application c)positioning d)lecturing (my favorite!) and overall performance.
2)Closing ceremony would include a Busby Berkley Style show. Doms in Top Hat and Tails, Subs in short flared skirts and high heels. Lots of syncopated spanking and dancing.

R Humphries said...

Hi Guys … Funnily enough I have actually written several volumes dealing with the fine sport of Competitive Endurance Spanking.

During the Great Spank-off, aka ‘Whop ‘Til Ya Drop’, sixteen brave contestants throw their bumbags into the ring to see which of them can truly take a whopping and keep on bopping.

In the opening round they are faced with an extended round of canings which thoroughly tests their mettle as they are subjected to considerably more strokes than a conventional six of the best. Eight contestants courageously go the distance and move onto the quarter-finals on Leather Saturday where they are confronted with a ping pong-headed leather paddle stiffened with a delrin insert, a two-tailed George W Lochgelly tawse, and the awe-inspiring reform school strap. Four competitors bravely struggle through the nerve-jangling, teeth-chattering experience to participate in the semi-finals on Wooden Saturday. This time their nerve endings are challenged by a Peruvian wooden spoon, a skin-sucking flat-faced spatula, and a real bad-boy flapjack flipper.

During the final the contestants are strapped over a flogging horse, secured with fur-lined manacles. Their fate is decided by the spin of the ‘Wheel of Misfortune’ which dictates the instrument and number of strokes they will receive during each segment of the contest … all-in-all not a bad evenings viewing on PPV but in the meantime I’ll just have to be satisfied with watching the Olympics … Cheers and Happy V-Day to Y’all … RH

Anonymous said...

Of course all of these are partner events

1. Speed Paddling - 5 minutes most strokes applied to the sit spot, penaties for back or thigh strokes
2. Marathon spanking - OTK Hand Spanking until either the safe word is used or the top's hand can't take anymore. -
3. Relay - 4 tops per team one bottom - each top spanks the bottom100 times than pass them to the next top. First team with 400 clean wacks gets the gold.
4. Biathalon - Team runs 100 yards - 100 spanks applied - team runds 100 yards - 100 slippers applied etc. Various distances.

Michael said...

Cool Olympics idea - I am reminded of the activity scenes in the film East of Eden.
In my spanking olympics the Beach Volleyball would be up there at the top. On each days play, as the hampionship unfolded, the losing ladies side would be spanked by the winning mens team with the number of spanks given equal to the sum of the total score of each side in their last game. The winning ladies side would then give similar treatment to the losing mens team. In the two finals each losing team would be lined up and bent over and spanked with the total number of points that the winning side earned over the whole competetion.
Thinking of more games in my head will keep me going today so thanks for the brunch idea.

Anonymous said...

Well, the first one has to eb held in england, in deference to the history of the cane.
I see diferent events in different settings- the schoolroom, the Master's study and the dungeon, with points awarded for decor and costumes. I assume we would have many on thsi blog willing to participate and/or be judges.
Thin k all events would eb couples, but there would have to be different events for female tops and female bottoms.
Like the idea of bonus points for hitting the proper spot and deductions for missing.
As with figure skating, I'd see some cumpolsory parts- six of the best, an OTK spanking- etc- with the final bit being a choreographed spanking. And don't forget that the following night, the champions come back to display their best without restrictions....what would the spanking equivaklent of a double lutz be?
Fun topic!

Michael said...

The Swimming Heats have always appealed. They could be just that. The Female swimmers are lined up behind their starting blocks. They remove their jogging pants on command and bend over, legs straight, costume covered bottoms in the air and hands on the block.Their coaches step up behind them, paddle in hand and the swimmers are "heated up" to just the right temperature that will motivate them.
Then it's on to the blocks and the race begins.
The swimmers who do not come in
1st, 2nd or 3rd place are taken from the pool and bent back over the blocks, to be spanked by their coaches for the same number of minutes and seconds as the winning swimmers time.
I am sure that the competitors would appreciate the warm up and be incentivised to swim ther hearts out.

Hermione said...

Opening ceremony - a display of the spanking traditions of each participating country. Canada's competitors would carry paddles made from native woods: silver birch, sugar maple, red oak and mountain ash.

Accommodations in the athlete's village would have to include plenty of corners. There would be practice and entertainment areas including an authentic schoolroom.

Events would include:

Pairs set program - a spanker/spankee pair perform a set number of spanking routines with implements determined in advance. Accuracy counts.

Synchronized - two, four, six or eight spankers spank in unison. The real challenge in this event is having the spankees react simultaneously.

Individual freestyle - competitors spank themselves. Scoring is based on variety, creativity and bravery.

Relay - competitors run around a track, passing a paddle to each other at specified intervals. When the paddle is dropped, the whole team is spanked.

Rhythmic flogging - creative flogging set to music. The outfit choices in this event are always eye-popping.

Marathon - the last bottom "standing" is the winner.

Stadium spanking - traditionally held before the closing ceremonies. Competitors negotiate a numbered course with a series of spanking stations. The event is timed, with points taken off for missing a station, going off course, or refusals.

Closing ceremony - a triumphant red bottom parade.

Everyone's a winner at these games!

Dr. Ken said...

The two events that immediately come to mind are:

Team Standing Long Jump--a Spankee stands at the starting mark. A spanker, armed with a regulation paddle, stands a pre-determined distance behind the spankee. Spanker gets a running start and and selivers a swat to the spankee. Gold medal goes to the spankee that jumps forward the furthest.

Relay Race--same rules as a regular relay race, except instead of passing the baton the runner pass a hairbrush. To successfully pass the hairbrush, it first must be handed from one runner to another. Once the hairbrush has been passed, the person who handed it off must go over the second person's knee, have their runners shorts pulled down, and be given two dozen whacks with the brush. Once that's done, the second runner can begin running her section of the race. Depending on the number of runners in the relay, this is repeated as often as necessary. When the final runner crosses the finish line, the hairbrush must be passed back to the very first runner, who gets to administer the final 24 smacks. Once the last swat has landed, the event ends.

Dr. Ken

Anonymous said...

I;ve been thinking and giggling about this brunch ever since I read it and responded off-the-cuff Saturday afternoon.
My mind keeps returning to some variation of that bizarre sport of curling. The recipients would round themselves with arms & legs folded beneath and butts out, like a stone. Someone would sweep in front of them as they pushed off, and someone else would swat from behind, propelling the stone/bottom down the ice rink.
This has been the most fun topic!
Jean Marie

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