Sunday, December 13, 2009

MBS Spanko Brunch #204

Hi everybody and happy holidays! Our topic this week was plucked straight from the headlines.

You may have read recently that Jennifer Lopez's slimy ex-husband was thwarted in his attempt to peddle an intimate video made by the couple during happier days. It allegedly features JLo receiving a sexy spanking.

My first reaction was disgust. This guy is violating trust, common sense, and apparently, a lucrative non-disclosure agreement in hopes of grabbing a few more dollars. I believe that even superstars are entitled to a measure of privacy, especially when it concerns bedroom activities.

My second response was "Really? JLo is one of us? That's so cool!"

My third thought was to feel guilty for my second thought.

What do you think?

If you would like to share your insights, and I hope you will, please leave a comment below. Once everyone has spoken, I will post an edited summary of our conversation.


S.N.M. said...

There's not that much to say, really. The guy seems like a celebrity hanger-on trying to capitalize on his "conquest." I pity Jennifer, but also wonder how she ended up marrying the jerk in the first place. Anyway, it doesn't seem like she's at the risk of losing this legal battle, so not a big deal either way.

Now, on to the fun part.

J-Lo likes being spanked? Holy crap that's awesome! I guess we can stop worrying about that monolithically gorgeous ass going to waste.

Sara said...

Personally I have little respect for a man who needs to kiss and tell OR spank and tell! As for the interest in spanking, well I am beginning to believe there are lots more of "us" than I once did.

Anonymous said...

Monolithically gorgeous! OMG, that's funny. I have to totally agree with you Bonnie. My thought patterns followed about the same route. Like so many other things that happen in our society today it (meaning JLo's video) would be something that is absolutely none of our business. The fact that it exists should be knowledge between the two of them only. If that slimeball decides to make it public knowledge he should suffer the legal consequences. Things like this wouldn't be news if the general public didn't pay attention. I personally don't care about Tiger's antics, Jon & Kate or Octomom. Herds of children aren't a skill, it's selfish stupidity. A media attempt to distract us from the systematic rape of our rights by Washington's elected elite.

Hermione said...

I hadn't heard about this until today, but it was a stroke of luck to find a link to the item with an actual reference to spanking in it. So often in this type of story, the details of the actual content of the video would have been omitted. So that was my first thought. But besides that, yeah, what a sleazoid he was, to do something like that. And I agree with Sara, spanking is probably more common than we think.

R Humphries said...

Hi guys, Shame on you Bonnie, you are clearly not keeping up with the program and have missed the latest breaking story on TMZ, ‘Tiger Spanks JLo in Secret Vegas Tryst’, … no, just joking! Personally I feel sorry for Ms Lopez … most of us humans engage in all sorts of experimentation during the discovery of our erotic id … the gutter-press tries to make this sound like ‘her sordid past’ when it is nothing of the sort, she was just doing what many married couples do, making a home video … clearly the sleazebag of the piece is the former-husband. I’m sure that the courts will find in her favor but as usual she has been subjected to unfair public scrutiny with the only people benefiting being incorrigible media barons … hopefully her current husband will see the funny side and simply do the right thing and put her over his knee … Cheers … RH

A.S.S. said...

Not surprised that J-Lo is a spanko... not at all. Have been working on a post about her getting her butt insured for a while... and why would you do that unless it's getting spanked? ... lol.

As for the video thing... not much can be said there beyond what you've already said. The ex-husband is slimy and what he tried to do is disgusting. Beyond that though, a good question is... if/when the video gets out there... will you watch it? It gets out there in a slimy way, but J-Lo getting a spanking... ?

Probably means I'm going to hell... lol... but I think I'd watch it.


Annabelle said...

Personally, I care nothing about celebrities, positive or negative.

About a year and a half ago I overheard my uncle threatening my aunt with a spanking and I was instantly amused. Then they moved to a new house and remodeled the kitchen. When I went to see the new kitchen I wanted to bring a gift to celebrate their work, so I asked my cousin for suggestions. She told me her mom "LOVED" spatulas.

It was a bit weird going shopping for her wondering if the spatulas were going to be used for cooking or as pervertables! (Yes, I bought a nice wooden set).

Anonymous said...

My thoughts traversed the same trajectory as previously discussed, but I know for a fact that JLo got a judge to immediately put a restraining order out, so we won't see the taped spanking. I have to guiltily admit that I was disappointed more in not getting a glimpse than in the sleaze-ball's attempt to cash in on their romp.
Jean Marie

Dr. Ken said...

it seems like almost every week now we hear about some "celebrity" involved in a sex tape scandal.

The only thing that comes to my mind is: Please--everybody, celebrity or average citizen--STOP TAPING YOURSELVES!!!!

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Sure he is a sleazeball. What we don't understand is Bonnie's third thought about feeling guilty. When you summarize commnents please explain that for us dense ones that have not yet had coffee.

Spank-A-Lot said...

Personally, i guess a majority of us would agree that J. Lo's ex is pretty much an a-hole for trying to peddle the video.

However unlike Bonnie, I do not feel guilty for almost jumping in the air and cheering that J. Lo is a spanko!! With an ass like hers, it probably be a sin to not be a spanko.

At the same time as I tried to put this week's question into perspective, I guess while there is all that talk about superstars being entitled to privacy and all, the reality of life is that rumours and scandals really fuel their careers. Its really being in the news (than not being in it at all) when one is a celeb. Its like being a garbage cleaner and moaning about the stench of rubbish everyday, or maybe being a teacher and saying that he/she hates kids. I mean, it doesn't take rocket science to know that being a celeb means a loss of privacy. So personally, the choice each celeb has is to either quit being a celeb and enjoy their privacy, or continue being one and not moan or groan abt the loss of privacy.

So yeah....while Ojani's actions are downright despicable......I don't feel no guilt for being happy to know that J. Lo is a spanko! :)

Jack said...

The is nothing better than seeing a big butted woman spanked!

bumtickler said...

Her ex-husband is a non-person and should realize that and crawl into a hole along with all the others that do stuff to appear in the tabloids.

A one-time alleged spanking video does not make her a spanko. (Why didn't she destroy it or lock it up?) She has the equipment for it and leaves a lot of us drooling and hoping. Maybe what we need is for some one well known to "come out" and that will bring us into the mainstream.

There probably are a lot of us around. I wish I had some way of identifying them. I ordered some buttons from Birchwood to let others know about me. Haven't gotten them yet. (hint, hint)

Anonymous said...

Wow, we're nearly unanimous on this one. Usually I'm not interested in celebrity sex tapes, but I must admit that the sheer poetic serendipity of Jenny's bounteous bahookie getting a spanking is pretty irresistable.

PK said...

I am very proud that J-Lo is a spanko. I don't even need to mention the creep she was married to but J-Lo has done nothing to be ashamed of. Being a spanko is a healthy, happy way to live if you find the right person. I think we all know that. But EVERYONE deserve their privacy.

I have thought at times how hard it must be if you were famous and also a spanko who, like most of us, want to keep this desire somewhat private.
Imagine if Michelle Obama, Oprah or Julia Roberts wanted to read or write a blog of this nature. What if they wanted to order some toys? In a way with all their fame and pull they would have less freedom than any of us.

I think it will be great when our kink will become more mainstream and we won't have to feel we have to hide.

Em said...

I'm probably one of the least well informed people in this country when it comes to items of this nature because I try to avoid them as best as possible.

I don't believe that celebrities owe us anything other than their best work in whichever field they have made their fame in. Their private life is theirs and I wish it would remain so.

I wouldn't watch the video if it were released (although I can't say I wouldn't be tempted in this case) and I try not to click on "news stories" like these. I think for the same reason I refuse to watch reality TV. Now, if the article were written in a POSITIVE manner, that would be something I'd sit down with over a nice cup of tea :)

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