Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Liar Liar: The Truth

As I had feared, you know me far too well! The answer, as the majority of you are already aware, is number five. I do laugh during spankings, all the time in fact. Maybe I'm nervous, but more often something just strikes (!) me as funny. Randy's faux authoritarian voice gets me every time.

I have some unfinished spanking stories, but there are nowhere near one hundred. I have barely more than one hundred stories published here.

The single-tail passion was pure fabrication. There's no way!

I thought I might fool some longtime readers by referencing the notorious hook. Randy assures me that it's securely screwed into a beam and isn't going anywhere. This tale was inspired by a recent discussion of this very possibility. I told him that if the hook should let go in midst of play, I could get smacked in a place where smacking would be very unwelcome. But it never happened.

I will admit to having spent a lot of money on spanking toys over the years, but no single implement cost anywhere that much.

So there you have it. I'm a lousy liar. :D


Anonymous said...

No Bonnie - I'm sure your lying skills are just fine. You just have dedicated fans that pay attention!! Consider it a compliment


Nici said...

Bonnie..single tails can be fun!

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