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Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for Oct 25

Our topic for the week was favorite Halloween characters and their spanko inclinations. Here are your thoughts.

Anon #1: I would be Count Dracula. Instead of biting my damsel's neck, I would take her across my knees, lower her lingerie, and bite her bottom softly. Then I would put some color in it with a gradually increasing intensity spanking.

Hermione: I would be Little Lulu, in a short red dress and big white bloomers, with my hair in ringlets. Lulu often got spanked in the comic books of my childhood, so I'm sure there would be an opportunity for history to repeat itself.

If we were dressing up as a couple, Ron would be Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up, and I would be that naughty little Tinkerbell. Peter would have to spank Tink for being so mischievous.

Missy: Right now I'm reading The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane. It's a new novel about the Salem Witch Trials, and written by a descendent of two of the accused. I love history and I've always been fascinated by the story. I even played Mary Warren in The Crucible in high school.

In the play, her boss John Proctor twice threatens to whip her if she doesn't stop making up stories and accusing innocent people, but he never actually does. I used to look with covert longing at the switch hanging conspicuously on the wall while ostensibly running my lines. In one scene, I had to grab it from him and hiss,"Nay! There'll be no more whippings." While my inner spanko self wheedled subversively,"Okay, just one more then." LOL

I would love to dress up and do a revisionist alternative version of the classic play, where Mary does get both of those threatened/promised punishments, and comes to her senses before anyone is executed.

And because spanking is romantic for me, I might even have Mary and the handsome young Reverend Hale fall in love. They would realise their mutual feelings when he was spanking her for bearing false witness. That's a commandment, so it's a biggie to a minister! As young newlyweds, Mary would earn a trip over her otherwise fond and doting (of course! LOL) husband's knee for everything from carelessly letting the cakes burn while gossiping in the street, to joking about her new name being the very un-Puritan sounding, "Hale, Mary."

Janet: I would love to dress as a Victorian lady of substantial means. You know, she's the type we always read about in romance novels with a beautiful satin gown with a low cut front and the thick dress layers, petticoats, corsets, etc.

It would be fun to see how long it took my HOH to get through the layers and down to business!

Prefectdt: I would like to dress as the ghost of T.E. Lawrence (aka Lawrence of Arabia), in all his Bedouin finery. He was just about the most respect-worthy, adventuring spankee who ever lived.

How would I work spanking into this role? Easy. I would just act like Lawrence and get my ass whupped by as many people (preferably female) as I could.

Our Bottoms Burn: I will be dressed, again, as John Wayne. Stop by and let's see if we can work spanking and related fun into the evening. [grinning]

I always wanted to spank Tinker Belle.

Anon #2: I would be dressed as the headmaster with my woman as the naughty student. I would wear a shirt and tie. She would wear a school uniform with high socks. She would, of course, have non-traditional lingerie under the outfit, giving me the extra reason to spank her when I check out her adherence to school policy. Of course, we would have other rules that she violated such as smoking, hanging out in the boys' bathroom, etc. So it would be a very fun evening for us.

Anon #3: My boyfriend is dressing as a super hero from a 1990's TV show. I'm not sure how I will dress up to complement it. I've thought about just dressing in some of our favorite dress-up outfits and doing a fashion show at our personal Halloween party. I doubt I'll be attending a more traditional one this year anyway.

Jean Marie: Missy's posting was so hot!

My boyfriend will compliment me this year. I have a Native American headdress that I show to my school class when we study how tribes used their environments. I'll wear it and a tan (leather-looking) string bikini, moccasins, and war paint on my face and nothing else, going as Tonto. Kyle has a tight gray ensemble with a white cowboy hat, black mask and boots, going as the Lone Ranger. Kemosabe may even hint publicly about the smoke-signals we send with my fiery bottom when behind closed doors. Hi-Yo!

Ms. Betty: We dress up at work, and this year I've chosen the Devil in a Blue Dress as my costume. I think a braided rope whip hanging from my belt will be the perfect accessory.

Six of the Best: I would like to go dressed as President Obama, and meet someone who looks like Sarah Palin. Upon being introduced to her, I would take her over my knee, raise her dress waist high, pull down her panties, and while she is only wearing garter-belt and stockings, spank that bare bottom of hers, good and proper. And I mean blushing red.

Padme: I dressed up as a Goth schoolgirl this year for Halloween when I went to a play party. The character that I'd like to be for Halloween is Padme from the Star Wars movies. I've seen the costume and I'd love to wear it one day! :)

I would wear my costume for Master Anakin and get him to dress up in his Darth Vader costume and we would roleplay and he would spank me with his lightsaber. We'd have a lot of fun with it all for Halloween! :)

Dave: My favorite thing is dressing as a deadly Ninja warrior, complete with totally fake looking cheesy sword. :-) So I can unleash my inner Samurai spanko powers.

Poppy: We don't really do dressing up for Halloween on this side of the pond, but if we did, I would be a little dull and go as a schoolgirl. I would be enrolled in a school and, well, you know the rest.

Jennie: The schoolgirl is the classic. I once wore an authentic *grin* schoolgirl outfit to a Halloween party. I even had the little criss-cross tie. I got spanks from people (guys) who I had no clue were into it.

Other than that, I want to be a Southern belle with a big ol' hoop skirt and billowly (what are they called?) underwear with legs and little frills at the end. Come and get me, Rhett!

Missy: Oh, thank you, JeanMarie. That was really sweet. You've consistently been one of my favorite MBS brunchers and your Indian costume sounds great. I've always loved the 'Colors of the Wind' sequence in Pocahontas. We sang that in my high school chorus in '95.

Jennie, they're called 'bloomers' and I got mine at an online shop called The Misty Thicket. They have a drawstring waist with a little blue ribbon. They're so easy to untie before when you're fearful and hesitant, and re-tie after when you're tearful and penitent.

Jai: This year, Halloween is not gonna be candy filled and party studded, mainly because I have an evil religion professor who enjoys major tests and abhors the idea of Halloween (Please pity me!).

So, instead, I will tell you about my favorite costume. When I was a junior in high school, I went out with my friends dressed as Hester Prynne from Hawthorne's "The Scarlet Letter". Full cap and gown and heavy shawl overthrow with a red felt letter A on my chest.

Thinking back, that is a great costume to be spanked in! A puritan harlot? LOL

Muffin: We don't really do Halloween either, so it's just as well. I guess it would be easy to go as a naughty nurse, since I am one already. And I've lost enough weight now, I might be able to get back into my schoolgirl skirt. As for Mr. D, he always makes a great headmaster. Other than that, we have no imagination here at all. Some of your ideas were really cute, though.

Loki: I like Jiminy Cricket and Tinkerbell because the wife and I had planned to recreate the spanking picture that was done with them.

We can't do it this year, but just wait until next Halloween!

Bonnie: We're going to a (vanilla) Halloween party this weekend. Randy will be a lumberjack (think red plaid shirt and suspenders). I plan to be a sexy witch. I have a fairly short, black dress and I plan to wear it with a black cape, black hose, and the expected black, pointed witch hat. I know Randy will appreciate this look. The only question is whether he will find it necessary to spank before or after the party.

Thanks, everybody!

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Im a lurker... but i had to tell you what we dressed up as> We went to a party last weekend some vanilla some not but our costume of a Scout master nad a Girl scout was a hit and appropriate for both. Even when the evil Scientist warmed me up with his rubber gloves. Ouch.

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