Thursday, October 08, 2009

Potpourri III

I have so much to share that I'll be lucky if I remember it all. A number of readers asked about my birthday celebration. I did get spanked, make that well spanked, but it didn't happen on my actual birthday. This wasn't Randy's most outlandish staging ever, but it was mind-blowing and original. I've started recording the tale, so there's a good chance I'll get around to finishing.

I'm disastrously behind on answering e-mail (again). If I owe you a message, I will get to it. Sorry about that.

We're planning something big for Tuesday. I don't want to say too much just yet, but please be sure to stop by if you can.

If you're a spanking blogger and you haven't received an e-mail from me very recently, please send me a note. I'd like to tell you about a fun opportunity.

I was very pleased by the response to my request for blog ideas. It's amusing that so many people said I should do an Ask Bonnie feature. That was the top suggestion when I asked the same question two years ago, and I did it! OK, so I guess I need to solicit questions and post answers more often. If you have questions for me, send them in. I won't promise to answer every question (like the doofus who wanted to know about my preferred feminine hygiene products) and I don't have all the answers, but I will give it my best.

Fortunately for the brunch crowd and unfortunately for Ask Bonnie, the best questions often get turned into brunch topics. If they are that good, we might as well discuss the answer together.

I love the idea of highlighting a post, or even an excerpt from a post on an emerging blog. There are so many good ones now. I can't begin to read them all, but I regularly stumble across some great writing. These bloggers deserve a lot more recognition and feedback than they get. If I can help with that, it's a win for everybody.

Jane asked for a drop-down box for Ask Bonnie articles. It was easy to do. There aren't many posts there, but it should grow with time. Then I thought about whether I should add more of these drop down boxes. I could have one for humor, one for poetry, one for the mailbag, one for Keyword Chaos, and so forth. Then I remembered what a huge unmanageable mess my template has become. This could get way out of hand really quickly.

I want to thank Hermione, Muffin, and Dr. Ken for offering to help with the blog. Hermione already provides invaluable assistance. She's my sensible sounding board, helps police my unruly blogroll, and shares her considerable technical expertise. As I've said often, this blog may have my name on it, but it's a collaborative work with dozens of creative contributors.

I remarked to Randy tonight at dinner that it's ironic how after starting a blog to share my writing, I spend so much time blogging that I don't get to write. Needless to say, I didn't anticipate this outcome.

I've been nominated several times to be an honest blogger. I will follow up on those invitations, but I'm not sure how many weird facts I can reveal that haven't already been mentioned over the past four years. Yes, my weirdness has limits!

I am still working on transcribing the audio tapes we recorded. There's so much great material, I just have to share. Look for that coming soon.

We've had several quality spanko blogs silently disappear in recent days. It feels like abruptly losing touch with friends. But plenty of new blogs are sprouting up to replace them. I'll spare you the singing of "The Circle of Life," but you get the idea. Watch for another installment of In with the New in the next week or two. If you have a new spanking-oriented blog, or want to start one, or know someone who knows someone who does, I encourage you to send me the link.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


S.N.M. said...

Audio tapes? Interesting, you use those as mnemonic devices for recounting your spanking in writing? That's...just plain genius.

I know this article isn't an overt request for advice or comments, but something that occurs to me is that perhaps you should sort your blogroll into subcategories. You had a poll about this some time ago, and I still think that would be a great idea, especially since connecting with other blogs seems to have recently been on your mind a lot (you've mentioned it in most of your recent posts).

I hope to read about your latest birthday celebration soon. Also, I, for one, would be delighted to hear you sing the Circle of Life song.

Hermione said...

Bonnie - it's my pleasure to help out around MBS in any way that I can. My hope is that by relieving you of some of the mundane details, you'll have more time to devote to writing your excellent posts.


Handsdown said...

I have to send a Thank You to Hermoine, Muffin, Dr. Ken and all those who help Bonnie out with her wonderful blog. I'll be glad to help, too, Bonnie, in any way I can. I love this blog.

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