Thursday, September 03, 2009

Robert Heinlein: Spanko to the Stars (and Planets)

Last week, Indy and I were recalling reading science fiction novels by Robert Heinlein. His stories were, I believe, my first introduction to erotic spanking. As a wide-eyed teenager who was already fascinated with both sex and spankings, this material served as a kind of Rosetta Stone.

Our friend Missy subsequently described an interesting resource for anyone who shared this experience. An author named Kessily has compiled an exhaustive collection of Heinlein spanking excerpts. Playing off the name of his most popular work, it's called Spanker in a Strange Land. Thanks go to CF Productions for making this information available.

The sheer number of references is staggering. Heinlein was a dedicated spanko to be sure and he obviously liked promoting this favorite pastime. The passages, for the most part, seem a little clumsy by today's standards. In particular, Heinlein's depictions of female characters often lacked depth. Even so, many older spankos cite his novels as an early influence.


Hermione said...


This is so exciting - thank you for posting the link. I have downloaded the document and will enjoy it this weekend.

I devoured science fiction stories when I was in high school, and can't imagine why I never heard of Heinlein before.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

Here is to remembering Kessily one of the fine people of the ASS/SSS newsgroups.

And to my memories of reading Heinlein. I am too lazy to look it up, but his novel of a man with a brain transplanted from a woman, I thought did her character justice.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pointer, Bonnie. I read just about everything Heinlein wrote when I was young, and re-read 'Glory Road,' or at least the spanking bits, more than once. No doubt you'll see at least an echo of his style in my few sci-fi bits if not all my fiction.


Anonymous said...

What a pleasant suprise! LOL

My Bottom Burns, does this mean Kessily is no longer with us? Pity. I can't claim to have read any author's entire output, let alone one as prolific as Heinlein, so that article was quite a feat.

PS; the brain transplant novel was called 'I Will fear no evil.'

Handsdown said...

Oh Good, I'm not too late. Thanks for using my suggestion, Bonnie. Spanking has changed us both in so many ways. I know besides changing the way we both look at things, it's really calmed me down. Nothing unwinds me like a good spanking. I must confess that I sum up arm muscles and hands on guys when I'm out and about, and when I see couples I play the spanko or vanilla game--guessing about them. Husband plays, too, he confessed. LOL It's all good fun. Overall, I'm a much happier person since I've stepped out of the closet and over his knee.

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