Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Poll: Switching Roles?

Do you and your spanking partner ever switch roles?

Sure, we switch regularly
Sometimes as a change of pace
We tried but it didn't work
No way! Never!
No, but I'd like to try
Partner? What partner?


Hermione said...


No way. Ron and I are happy in the roles we have chosen. He doesn't want to be spanked and I have no desire to do so.


Anonymous said...

Negative, not in this life with this wife! She is a Taurus, nick named herself Bad Ass! Natural born leader, and kinks. Neither had played with spanking or serious before meetings. When she started to spank during love making, it all just seemed to follow a pre determined path to where we are now. Complete Bliss!

Tiggs said...

Sure we switch, but not nearly as often as I'd like. I could DEFINITELY be the dominant in a relationship... but, too bad for me that I am in a HAPPY marriage with an alpha male who loves to wield the spanking toys and the power!

Anonymous said...

Tried it a couple of times at her request. She did not like the experience at all. I'm happily back on the bottom, but could - like Tiggs - see being the top in the right situation.

Anonymous said...

My bf is a switch. I have no problem with his bottoming... as long as I don't have to have anything to do with it. Don't wanna see it, don't wanna hear it. Just can't deal with it; I have my own image of him, and that particular image doesn't compute. -- Erica

Anonymous said...

I don't enjoy seeing women spanking men; I wonder why that is?

OT rant:
Well, when I saw a clip on YouTube of an old Walter Huston movie (1938) titled 'Taken to the woodshed' I was pretty happy. What a rip-off, all build-up and no pay-off. First, the old coot sends the son to Fetch The Strap . . . oooh. It's a big thing, too, one of those old movie razor strops. As they head out the kitchen door he gives it a menacing test snap. Momma watches them cross the yard anxiously, hands clasped to her bosom. Outside the barn (not a woodshed; our first clue that this is a dud) the little reprobate is given one last chance to recant, or else . . .! No? Okay then.

The sternly resigned father enters the barn door behind the kid (no chance to bolt and avoid the fearsome ordeal ahead!) The door is shut. A sturdy barrell dragged front and center. He sits on it, the kid goes over his lap, he draws back the wicked strap and then . . . . .tosses it aside in favour of a hand spanking. Oh, well, it's better than nothing. I guess. He bring his hand down but a nanosecond before it connects with the miscreant's little still-britchered rump, the camera pans right to a horse in a stall. The horse is neighing and stomping in profound agitation. The camera stays on the horse, who I'll admit is acting his hooves off. Sure, we hear six sedate little swats. But that camera stays on the freaking horse throughout. Pans back just after the last swat. Grr. I hated scenes like that as a kid.


But how would other movie buffs feel if, in a WW2 drama about D-Day for example, we saw days of tense preparation and strategic planning, then thousands of allied troops rowed or parachuted onto the beach at Normandy.
And then they all sat down and played cards with the Japanese forces. ("Fire up the hibachi and let's see which beef is really the tastiest, Kobe or Angus."
"Oh, you brought sake, too. Aww, you're the best, Hishoku!")

Or a gangster movie where a sneering Cagney whips out a machine gun, points it at George Raft, and then says,"Oh, is that picture on the wall behind you your new grandson? What a cutie! You know, I bet we have a lot of things in common. What say we grab a bagel and chat?"

Sound ridiculous? It's no different than that Huston scene.


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