Sunday, May 31, 2009

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for May 31

Our topic for the week was favorite fantsy spanker apparel. Here are your reactions.

Hermione: Since I have often thought what a good spanking chef Gordon Ramsey might be capable of giving, I'll have to say that my fantasy spanker would be wearing chef's whites. He'd also have on one of those ridiculous tall hats, and I would tease him about it and hence bring on the spanking. As for the implement, I think a rubber spatula or wooden spoon would do the job well.

Anon VII: In fantasy, while I'm away, and in reality, when I get back home, she usually wears either her leopard-spotted or her tiger-striped lingerie under a sassy, short, black pleated skirt with a fuzzy red top and a pair of old-fashioned ('70s vintage) platform shoes to make up for the considerable difference in our heights when she snuggles up to me in a standing position and/or bends over. Occasionally, there's a change to a thong, and fairly often, she changes to hot pants with a cute little cotton top that she ties across her tummy. Also she usually tries out a new swimsuit not first with a dip in the ocean but with a spanking. Those garments, also, are frequently part of my daytime fantasies.

Meow: I love the stern Victorian husband with his jacket off, his sleeve rolled up and a hairbrush in his hand. Oooooo, can I put in a vote for Zorro, too? A mask, a cape and a whip! Meow

Jean Marie: I love role-play, but when all's said and done, I want my spanker buck naked so we can make passionate love right after I'm warmed.

Our Bottoms Burn: Becall has always wanted Sean Connery in a kilt.

Prefectdt: One thing I do not like is high heels, they just restrict a female spanker’s range of delivery possibilities too much.

Amongst the role play outfits that I like are any type of authoritarian uniform (military, train guard, police, etc), Gym mistress (with shorts or short sports skirt), female Garage Mechanic, and almost any form of historical outfit.

My absolute favorite is what I call "Old-Fashioned Librarian." A long sleeved, white or light coloured, tailored blouse done up right to the neck, finished of with a nice broach at the neck. A long dark skirt, at least long enough to reach below the knee. Dark stockings and sensible dark coloured shoes or those lace up Edwardian boots. Hair tied up or back in a neat and tidy fashion is a nice finishing touch.

Irelynn: For me, what someone's wearing doesn't contribute to a scene at all! In fact, it often really turns me off to see someone dressed elaborately. My favourite fantasy spanker (I love that) would probably just wear jeans and a t-shirt. Well, as long as the t-shirt hasn't got Mickey Mouse on it, that is!

Ken: My favourite fantasy spanker would be wearing a smart business suit to begin with but would take the jacket off before the start of the spanking to reveal a crisp white blouse with short sleeves.

However, there is also strong appeal to the informality of jeans and a t-shirt.

Penfold: For me, I think the spanker would be in either painting whites or a headmasters uniform. I love it when Bear dresses for the occasion. And I think it does add something special to our spanking experience when we both dress for the occasion.

Anon #1: Dress depends on the circumstance. If it is domestic discipline, then something stern and a bit aloof. If it is roleplay, then it depends upon which roles are involved. Our favorites include teacher, law enforcement, parent, or boss for the top and the opposite for the bottom. The same holds true for fantasy. We like pirates and wenches, knights and damsels, and so forth. For birthday spankings or spanking parties, it’s nothing complicated. If we are at a private party with trusted friends, we prefer quick access to the bare behind of the sub and something suggesting authority for the top. When the spanking is punitive, I select the pair of panties for the naughty woman in my life. They are color coded. White is for mild. Pink for a more serious infraction. Red for a major rule breach and crimson is for a very serious or too often repeated offense.

Greenwoman: For much of my life, I have thought that Sam Elliot was a very sexy man. I just adore his voice. He's got a twinkle of mischief in his eyes that I just really get off on, and a laconic expressiveness that's very appealing too.

So... I guess my fella would be wearing a shirt with the sleeves rolled up, some carharts, boots, and a hat. I think his hands would likely smell of tobacco and his clothes and skin like the heat of summer.

I have always thought he had a dirty daddy kind of energy that got to me. But it’s really his voice that melts my butter and I think if he'd just talk to me a bit... and then a little spanking. Wow. I'm really sure he'd have me cross-eyed with desire in a very short time. *smiles*

As for clothes making the man? No... Clothed or nekkid, he's just yummy.

D & S: Our fantasy is naval. We've never actually done it. It’s too difficult and expensive to get the kit. We envision D wearing a naval officer’s smart uniform with brass buttons etc., and I would wear the women's equivalent, with same jacket, but tight skirt and black stockings. Over his knee I go for a sound spanking with a long handled clothes brush (important for keeping uniforms up to scratch) on the taut seat of my skirt. That blazing bottom should be enough for anyone, but I have to stand to attention, whilst I am lectured on my so-called misdeeds. Then it is “off skirt and panties” and over the sofa back for me. My jacket tail and shirt tail are turned up, and my tender bare bottom gets a good seeing-to with a paddle (not from a boat!). Finally, I would get a dozen smart flicks with a thin cane. During this, my uniform hat has somehow remained on my head; D takes it of and plants it firmly on top of my scalding bottom. He then sits back and admires the view, but not for long, as my hat is taken off again for him to finish the evening as we had hoped. It’s all a fantasy, but perhaps, one day… Who knows?!

Red: For me it has always been the tailored business suit, heels, somewhat sexy blouse, and the directive glance to where I'm supposed to be.

Luna: I'd love to have my partner wear a tight pair of jeans, no shirt, and maybe some leather or rope gauntlets. Mmmmm.

Bonnie: This question is hard to answer because I have so many favorite fantasy spankers. I could cop out and say that Randy is my favorite fantasy and real life spanker and I like him nude, but that doesn’t seem fair.

If I must choose just one, let’s go with a tall, lean, dark-haired gentleman wearing a black tux and a white shirt, as a man might for a wedding or a formal party. I would wear an elegant full length, summer gown. I picture us in a dimly lit alcove of a mansion or palace where we discretely take care of business.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to visit during the very busy season. I hope your week will be pleasant and rewarding.


A'marie said...

Hermione's idea is sheer brilliance. I'd never thought of him in that respect, but would he ever be perfect for the job...

Tiggs said...

We've tried the spanking apparel game and found it really doesn't matter what either of us is wearing... cause in the end, hopefully, we won't be wearing anything but our birthday suits!

It's all just going to be pulled down or taken off anyway!

Dr. Ken said...

Bonnie--since I'm a spanker, I'd be looking at the apparel for my favorite fantasy spankee. And it actually happened at a Halloween party many years ago, where I got to give a good bare-bottom spanking to "Xena: Warrior Princess". :-)

Dr. Ken

Anonymous said...

Bravo and amen to this:

"Prefectdt: One thing I do not like is high heels."

The only special scene clothes I own are a pair of bloomers with a drawstring. As a kid I loved 19th century kiddie lit -not only for the spankings- and these are very evocative of the era. I love fumbling with that blue ribbon as the unfazed disciplinarian waits with a silver brush.

Anonymous said...

Business suit wearing ‘Boss’ Paolo liked this Bonnie!!

Anonymous said...


Long time lurker, first time commenter. Just wanted to appreciate what you do...and do well. Thanks!

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