Sunday, April 26, 2009

MBS Spanko Brunch #171

Hi everyone! We're back after a week away and pleased to get back to brunch. Big thanks go to Hermione for hosting last week's excellent discussion. Our question this week was inspired by a reader e-mail and a recent post by our friend Pixie.

Do you and your partner spank on the bare bottom? If so, does it happen every time? Do you undress progressively or all at once? What significance, if any, does the act of baring the bottom hold? Does a spanking while wearing a thong still count as bare bottom?

If you would like to join the conversation, I invite you to leave a comment below. Once everyone has had a chance to participate, I will post an edited summary of the proceedings.


A.S.S. said...

Virtually all of our spankings end up as bare bottom spankings, and for the most part... they start that way. It can be fun to progress down layers though. Typically when that happens it will be a 'playful' spanking.

As for why that is, hmmm... a big part of it is probably convenience. If you pull clothing down, it either needs to remain bunched on the thighs/knees/ankles... or the spanking needs to be paused and the clothing has to be pulled completely off. Don't want to pause, and we don't want to leave them bunched up (our spankings tend to be long, so that would get uncomfortable.

Clothing also has a way of getting in the way. It constantly needs to be pushed out of the way. Discipline spankings always start on the bare too (clothing provides somewhat of a 'warm-up') and erotic play tends to start with no clothing at all (for obvious reasons!).

Doesn't mean the act of baring the bottom doesn't have meaning though. For an erotic spanking, it's a kind of seduction that even a vanilla can understand. For discipline, it's a submissive and 'time to get down to brass tacks' moment. The bare bottom is sort of the center of the spanko universe, so that moment does not go unnoticed.

And the thong thing... a spanking over a thong is ~A SPANKING OVER A THONG~ ... lol, sorry for yelling there... certainly nothing wrong with thongs (though not our thing)... but if there is "no difference" than thongs never would have been invented. They do cover and thus they're different from actually being bare.

Todd and Suzy

Anonymous said...

Always bare. I'm just not a very patient person. :D

Anonymous said...

My husband has been spanking me for 2 1/2 years out of the 3 yrs. we have been together. If I am just being annoying he spanks me with a panty covered bottom but if we had an arguement and I am 100% out of line he spanks me bare. ex. We have been married for 8 months now, but right after we got back from our honeymoon we had a big arguement. and I asked if he regreted marrying me and a whole lot of other $$$$ and I got my butt busted. He only uses his hand because this has happend only 2x and I will never ever do it again.

My mom has apologized to him about me being a brat without him even telling her anything.I am seriously working on trying not to be bratty or pouty.
He loves me :) but would like me to be a little calmer.

The only time I get spanked while wearing a thongs is if we are fooling around.

trying to grow up

Measha said...

Almost all of our spankings are on the bare. During a punishment I'm lucky if he lets me start out with my pants up (or Pj's covering me). Otherwise, its right to business. Actually, its basically the same for fun spanking, too.

Although, he never pulls my pants down, he almost always makes me do it. More of a mind thing at that point, I think. Having to bare my bottom is really a way of showing him that I accept what's happening and that I accept his authority. And, it's humbling in a way that gets my mind where it needs to be.

abby williams said...

I guess if one has been to my blog, it goes without saying that we go bare almost every time. Partly that is because the punishment is more severe that way, partly because it's sexier. Anyone who's ever had a tawse or similar lick certain exposed orifices can testament that yes, a thong would have made a great difference, so no, thongs do NOT count as on the bare.

Hopefully this is not too graphic for your page, Bonnie, but there have also been quite a few times when I'm already bare because we're already in the process of lovemaking when suddenly a spanking (though usually more severe than a hand spanking) becomes the order of the day. In this case, I'm already bare. It's not even an issue. My last caning was an extraordinarly painful break between two lovemaking sessions. Mr. W just reads me that well, and knew I needed more than sex to achieve the emotional balance I needed.

Then again, for a comic "panties on" story, see my recent blog post. An excellent reason to take down the panties quickly oneself. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, Sir and I do bare bottom spanking and really like a bare bottom spanking, than a not being bare. I get turned on faster with my bottom bare.

I believe that wearing a thong is not a bare bottom spanking.


I like to experience the different sensations that the same toy can produce through various layers of clothing but all the best spankings end up on the bare.

"Does a spanking while wearing a thong still count as bare bottom?" - I do count a spanking wearing a thong a bare bottom spanking. I usually wear a thong during a non sexual spanking experience, it's not an anti embarrassment thing or anything like that, it is just a psychological trigger, it reminds the little guy down stairs that it is not "that kind of spanking" and he should not get excited about it. Wearing a thong does not detract from the bare bottom experience for me.


Hermione said...

Hi Bonnie,

Our spankings are always on the bare. I might get a pat or a swat over clothing as a hint of what is to come, but nothing more than that. Since spanking is erotic and a part of foreplay for us, my bottom (and usually the rest of me) is bare before it begins, although there might have been some progressive undressing to get to that point.

I would say that being spanked while wearing a thong counts as a bare-bottom spanking, and is much more exciting for me. Ron prefers to be able to access all areas, so he makes sure any obstructions - including thongs - are removed before he begins.


Jflame said...

Uncle Phil always gets me to drop my trousers and then I go otk.
I get a few warm up swats over my knickers but then they get pulled down.

I did get spanked and caned over my trousers at the last party but it wasn't the same as bare butt.

Worzel changes each time. sometimes i will ber told to 'bare my butt' other times he will start with knicker swats.

I guess it all depends on what the spanking is for.
Hugs, Jay

Meow said...

Lash always spanks my bottom bare, in fact I'm always completely bare because he likes it that way. For us it's a submission thing. At our house it's pretty much bare hand on bare bottom almost 100% of the time. No comment on the thong question since I never wear them. Meow

Daisychain said...

Welcome back, Bonnie! Glad you had a great break.
Spanking over clothes? Whats that? Hahaha! Only if we are in public, might he give me a quick but decisive swat to check me, and warn of my impending doom on our return to the privacy of our room!!
I am almost always spanked on the bare bottom, even for a warmup. Davey prefers it that way, so he can see how fast my ass is reddening up! This is how he gauges the strength of the swats...we are still learning! He also likes the skin to skin contact. Sometimes he likes to have me wear pyjamas (I never wear them for bed; usually I sleep in the "figleaf in autumn" outfit)and have me pull them down as part of the ritual, leaving them around my knees. Strangely, pulling clothing down, and leaving it just below my bottom, or around my knees/ankles, makes me feel more like a punished, naughty girl, than when I am naked, when I am definitely feeling like a WOMAN, and expectant of what is to follow!!!

As far as I am concerned, thong spankings count as bare bottom (even though I am never allowed that luxury!) Because, the bottom IS bare!!!
Thongs are designed specifically to expose the bottom while covering the private parts. When watching a videospanking clip or seeing a photo, I find it an absolute turnoff when "naughty bits" can be seen during a spanking; this is where thongs can come into their own, in my opinion!
Of course, I realise some find that exposure a turn on, but to me, it detracts from the spanking, which after all, is what this kink is all about!
I guess its my upbringing, making me a prude; to me, only the husband should be able to view his wife in such intimate detail. Some areas of the body are for his eyes only.... sorry, but thats how I am! Each to their own, I am not saying those who do it are wrong, just that its not for me!xxxxxxx

Our Bottoms Burn said...

All of our spankings are recreational, erotic and always sexual. We are both fans of attractive underwear, so spanking and panties go together for us. Becall always gets a long warm-up on her panties. She may get well over a hundred pops over her panties with various toys, before one or two-dozen forceful licks on her bare bottom.

Sometimes when thinks my underwear is “cute” she will give me a few pops before pulling them down.

For us, both thongs and boy shorts count as bare bottom.

soma said...

Like most of the other comments our spankings always end up on the bare. They usually start over clothing first whether its jeans or just starting over panties but I always end up bare in the end, everytime. There's always a progression for us; it never has started immediately on the bare. I think the progression helps to make the spanking more serious and stern as it goes by. It also helps to put me in the punishment mindset and make me more embarrassed and submissive as it goes along. I actually have never worn a thong during a spanking so I'm not sure if that would still count. I'm thinking it probably would still be pulled down. I've noticed that when he pulls my panties up to bare my bottom it does not have as much of an effect as it does when he pulls them down, which always happens.

Meg said...

Since all of our sessions are playful progressing into erotic, we typically start with me over his lap, wearing either a special short skirt that gets him very excited or pair of hot pants that have the same effect. From there we move to the long paddle, either with the skirt up or with me still in the hot pants. Then the hot pants, if I'm wearing them, come down. Since I wear special panties (either tiger-striped or leopard-spotted) that are close to being thongs, they usually stay on until we move on to things after the spanking. Occasionally they come off first, but he most often finds the panties a huge turn-on, and I guarantee that they offer no protection at all from that wicked board. It's sort of a best-of-both-worlds situation in our view.


Anonymous said...

The ritual is important. I can still hear the tone in my wife's voice as she says, "Somebody's due for a spanking! Pull your pants down!" I've replayed that particualar session in my mind for years, now. Or, when I'm over her knee and she's about to yank my pants and shorts down, there's my feeble (and totally unmeant) protest, "Not on my bare bottom!" So, of course, it's on the bare. There's no other way.
As far as thongs go, I'm not sure she'd even be caught dead in one. When she graces my lap it's always the full moon shining as soon as her pants come down.

Lee said...

Well, since I don't have any formal spankings at this point, just some play before and during sex, I am always bare. Sometimes I'll get a swat when he's teasing me about something, but nothing "serious."

I also think a thong "counts," but isn't nearly as much fun!

Dr. Ken said...

I almost always spank in a progression--begin over skirt or pants, then remove that layer and spank the seat of the panties, and then pull those down and the spanking always finishes on the bare bottom. Since the majority of the time I'm only using my hand, I like the feel of the different materials as the spanking progresses, and greatly enjoy the final sensation of palm-on-bare-skin.
There is a psychological effect on the spanking when doing it that way, plus a visual treat for the spanker.
And a thong--minimal coverage though it may provide--still means that something is being worn on the bottom, so it does not qualify in my book as being a "bare-bottom spanking" until the thong is pulled down.

Dr. Ken

Loki said...

When me and my fiance play it usually starts over her panties and then on the bare. It's mainly because of time. Most of our play is at night and we have to work the next day.

But when we do have time that is a whole different story. I enjoy the way she looks wearing different types of clothing while being spanked. The progression does follow a common course, ie skirt/pant-to-tights/leggings-to-panties of various types-to bare. But, for me at least, each seperate spanking is a work of art that makes you want more until that final peice of clothing is removed and the finale begins.

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