Sunday, March 08, 2009

MBS Spanko Brunch #164

Hey everybody! It's time for brunch again.

Our question this week arose from a conversation I had with Randy on Friday evening. He commented that it is rare to see a spanking video or photo set where the participants appear to be enjoying themselves. At very least, those of us who love our spankings seem to be underrepresented.

In a spanking-oriented story, photo narrative, or video, do you prefer serious themes to those that are more playful, sensual, or erotic? Does one genre better fit your fantasies and interests more than others? How closely do your choices in spanking media mirror your own play preferences?

If you would like to add your voice to our brunch conversation, we would love to hear what you have to say. Just post your thoughts as a comment below. Once everyone has spoken, I will post an edited summary of our discussion.


CurtisG said...

My choice precisely mirror my interests in real life. I like to see spankings that are playful, fun and/or arousing. I want in visual media to see at least one and better still both parties having a good time or more. In stories, I like this, too but I also like childhood remembrances that both recall those days and tell how people came to be aroused by spanking in word, picture and deed.

Anonymous said...

While I like both playful and more serious discipline type scenarios, I prefer to see serious ones in media. I don't know why. I should add I say "discipline type scenarios" because they're all roleplay and sexual in nature.

Villain was born like this... said...

This is a interesting question definatly worth asking and decidedly worth anwsering... I have to say that if I am enjoying spanking media, I like to consider the people represented in said narrative. Spanking is valid for a number of different reasons, that being said, I can enjoy almost any form of spanking represented as long as it's the real thing. For me spanking is a deep part of me, and knowing that others feel the same way is great. As long as the spanking represented is genuine and the two people can gain somthing wholesome from it, I'm all for it.

Anon VII said...

I agree that there are a disproportionate number of videos (and stills) showing the recipients grimacing, crying, or otherwise showing signs of NOT enjoying the encounter. I'd like to see more that are like our situation, in which she clearly is enjoying herself and getting very excited. Surely that is more representative of most, if not nearly all, of us on this blog who do the M/F.

Anon VII

Daisychain said...

Just shows how different we are then!
I get no enjoyment from watching a spanking clip where the female makes no noise, and doesn't move - it bores me. The whole "enjoying the spanking" thing seems incongruous.... and if it is erotic I feel like I am invading someones privacy!
The sort I like to watch are the ones where the scene is set first, she is being a brat, and is called to account for her behaviour, she struggles and tries to evade the inevitable but he is stern and strong and spanks her until she bows to his authority... despite struggling en route, which he deals with in an appropriate manner. It is the authority, the discipline meted out(stern but fair)the lecture, the female being made to respond and be respectful, that turns me on big time..... but it must be real... too many acting out these scenes fluff their lines, and the wooden acting leaves me cold! In fact, I find the total amateurs and individual couples who post on spankingtube much more fun to watch! xxxxx

littleone said...

i read the Sunday Brunch question last night.. and i found myself clicking away from your site quickly Bonnie. i spent some time thinking about my reaction.. and i realized it was the question.. or the question underlying the question.. (of course i may have interpreted it wrong) i read it as what kind of porn do you like and how close does it mirror your play?

AND i realized - despite everything - i am still reticent to admit i actually enjoy porn!! Hells bells and at my age !!!

BUT i came back this morning to be honest with myself.. (and i guess others too right??) that i do from time to time go looking for porn... usually written.. pictorial doesn't leave much to my imagination.. and i LOVE where my imagination goes...

First i have to say...... the explicit writings i read - do not come close to any scenes with Sir.. Once a long time ago.. we tried to live out one of my "fantasizes" from porn and it didn't work at all .. not one little bit. So i tend to keep the writings/stories in my head for alone times.... they work great left in my head!!

Mostly i go looking for stories about naughty secretaries.. or employees... occasionally naughty girlfriends.. where the male pulls down their panties .. puts them over their knee and spanks them. Pretty tame eh??

BUT i have in my wanderings around the net - found - from time to time - stories of prisoner capture and torture and those do something to me i can't even explain !!

Total loss of control...... ignoring all rules of "engagement" sort of thing....... those are the ones that get to me more than anything........

BUT i have to say again.. i do not believe that sort of play would translate well into real life..... i know Sir too well.. He knows me too well... it is all best left in my imagination..........

morningstar (owned by Warren)

Abby said...

I'm enjoying reading everyone else's comments on here. What different perspectives we all have on this! Porn versus erotica, play versus punishment... am I being too blunt by pointing out that we're talking about the fetish of spanking? If it feels good and only good, with no element of pain or discipline, you're doing it wrong.

I'm not trying to advertise myself here, especially as I haven't made a film in over a year, but the Naughty Abby movies I made with my husband were filled with crying and yelping and cane marks - and I was having the best time of my life. It's why we ended up actually calling one of them "Fierce Foreplay." For us, it was romantic and playful and erotic and sensual, and for me, quite painful, which I expressed quite vocally and with tears. I am as proud of that one movie as I am of my entire blog, because it sums up exactly what this fetish means to me - it's fierce, it's painful, and it makes me wet and happy. (Hope that's not too graphic, Bonnie!)

To answer the question simply, I do like my porn to be on the harsher side, though I still shy away from hardcore harsh, like the films from Lupus, despite my love and admiration for the models in them. The fact that the cane is my favorite implement has to do with my tastes. Do I want to see it hurt? Yes. Do I want to see it bleed? No. No, thank you.

I don't want romance in my porn. I have a specific use for it. I don't want to cuddle with it afterwards, or make it breakfast. This question does make me wonder now, though, is there really such a thing as soft core spanking porn? What does that even mean?

(Sorry if I went on for too long! Turns out I had more to say than I thought.)

Hermione said...

Hi Bonnie,

Randy's observation is very interesting and timely, because just last night I saw a spanking in an otherwise staid British drama, and both parties quite obviously enjoyed it.

I prefer to watch video or movie spankings that are erotic rather than disciplinary, and not too extreme or severe. It's more enjoyable if I can identify with the spankee in some way, since all our spankings are erotic in nature.

When reading stories, however, punishment scenes appeal to me greatly and provide material for my fantasies. I can replay them in my mind and alter or embellish as much as I like.


Anonymous said...

In my life I have a butt-full of the romantic, playful spankings. In my reading and video selections I like to traffic on my fantasies. I like the couple to be attractive and relatable, the woman to be the bottom and to do something wrong. I like to experience her guilt & shame, the humiliation of being bared (the more public the better). I want to see punishment, to have her limits tested, for her to sweat, and moan, and beg, and most of all cry. If it's done well, it's cathatic, and I need the make-up sex afterwards to make both parties feel whole and reconciled. Damn, you just made me want to direct a porno!
Jean Marie

Miss Jules said...

Being mostly a story reader, I prefer scenarios that go from non-consensual serious spanking to "Shit, I am enjoying this", with erotic elements following. Call me greedy for wanting to have both, but I guess it's because this type of stories reflects how I felt when I recognized something was different with me. Oh, and because I like to play the unwilling brat that first refuses to admit that she is aroused. ;-)
However, I occasionally read purely disciplinary-themed stories as well, if they were written well enough, although they do not reflect my general preferences.


I like both types of spanking scene. I think Randy is right about producers concentrating on punishment scenarios. mostly I like to see producers experiment and try to come up with fresh ideas, if it be for a punishment scene or a friendly spanking makes little difference to me.


Meow said...

I've always loved DD/punishment scenarios and finally have this in real life (for about 2 months so far). We like playful spankings, too, but there's something about a stern man with a paddle that makes me melt. Stories/videos/photos with a strict husband and a well spanked wife are my favorites. This is my very first post ever, so hope I'm doing it right.

Zille Defeu said...

Bonnie, this is your best question EVAR! ;) I've had to break it up into three parts to give it a proper response....

Q: In a spanking-oriented story, photo narrative, or video, do you prefer serious themes to those that are more playful, sensual, or erotic?

A: I prefer serious themes. My main fantasies are informed by Janus magazine and other British CP mags, so it's all very much about schoolgirls getting punished by headmasters and uncles -- lots of tears and remorse. My Master has a huge collection of those magazines, so that's mainly what I read. I also enjoy some darker erotica as well (non-consensual stuff) ... simply put, there's NO laughter in my fantasies!

Q: Does one genre better fit your fantasies and interests more than others?

Yes -- when my Master introduced me to the Brit spanko mags, I felt like I was coming home for the first time! Before that I found stories online (White Shadow's Nasty Stories, anyone?) which had individual ingredients of what I consider arousing.

Q: How closely do your choices in spanking media mirror your own play preferences?

As closely as possible! I love role-playing erotic stories or videos! We of course do a lot of stuff which wouldn't be found in a CP mag story, or spanking website video ... and there is laughter and fun in our playtime. Just not in my fantasies!

Bonnie said...

When posing our topic, I purposely omitted the second half of our conversation. On this subject, I am irreconcilably inconsistent. As I have chronicled at length, the spankings that Randy and I share are absolutely consensual. Discipline is not in our vocabulary. I grant him the power (and the responsibility) to spank me as he sees fit. Though I may think at some points that the pain is more than I want, he never violates my trust. I cannot imagine any other arrangement for us. As Abby said, even when I am screaming, I adore every swat.

And yet… My fantasies since childhood have run toward disciplinary and borderline non-consensual scenarios. I have no desire to actually experience anything of the sort, but the concept is incredibly arousing. We roleplay disciplinary scenes and Randy regularly incorporates various corporal punishment trappings into our sessions. This turns me on and he knows it.

So, to answer the question, I like many varieties of spanking media (I prefer not to use the term “porn” in this context). The stories that most often touch my deepest desires are those where there is an element of discipline. You can see this reflected in some of my fiction. I like a fairly severe spanking, but I don’t generally need/want/like to see very graphic visuals.

I’ve managed this odd divided desire for decades. It just makes sense to me.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

This is a two part answer. If it's a spanking-oriented story, then we prefer the sensual or erotic theme. We have seen one video that we really enjoyed, and to us it was very funny. Saying that, I think I would prefer the videos to be playful.

Thomas_III said...

Personally, I prefer spanking videos to be a bit more in the severe side, including canings and paddlings that leave obvious bruising and marks. If I'm going to watch someone else dishing out a corporal punishment, I want to know that it's a good spanking, and not a game of pattycake. In that sense, I want spanking videos to have an element of discipline or punishment, as it lends more to the severity that I enjoy in such visual media.

I prefer that the spankings given aren't completely forced on the spankee character, though, like some kind of spank-rape. This could simply mean that the character knows long ahead of time that misbehavior will earn her punishment, and accepts that risk. However, I have a particular fondness for characters that have to choose spanking against their will, if only to get out of a worse punishment. I like stories in which a schoolgirl has to choose between spanking or expulsion, or a secretary will either get the can, or the cane. I guess the allure is the forbidden fruit aspect, of spanking the unspankable.

As a spanking author, though, my writings on my blog go through the entire list of potential plots. My favorite, though, are still the forbidden fruit spankings, though I'm not as inclined to want the spankings to have any form of consent. My favorite writing of mine, actually, "Fair and Just Punishment," details an entirely nonconsensual spanking, albeit with a twist.

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