Monday, March 16, 2009

In with the New: Think Spring Edition

Just as nature renews itself each spring, our community grows and improves as new bloggers begin their adventures. Here, for your reading pleasure, are seventeen young spanking-oriented blogs. This is our biggest In with the New class ever! I hope you will visit and enjoy these blogs. If you like what you find, a comment to that effect will be beneficial for the blog, the blogger, and our whole community. Let's welcome these newcomers and show them our warm hospitality.

Good Girl Writes
Marie's Pleasure
MarQe's Study
Max Spanking
On the Way of Exploration
Proud Submissive
Red Hot Chili Bottom
Searching for the Truth
Shakespearean Kink
Spank Notes
Spanking Simply Sweet
Spankings That Teach
Tarnished Brat's Spanking Blog
The S Word
The Timid Spankee
Time and Punishment: The Insolent Wife
Trial and Error: Manage Your Marriage

Welcome to all of you! I hope your blogging experience will be beneficial and fun.


Spanking Latino said...

Hi, nice blog.

Do yo like exchange links?

Tell me.

Hermione said...

Hi Bonnie,

A bumper crop of budding blogs - what fun! I've taken a peek at each one of them, and am amazed at the diversity.

Thanks for introducing these bloggers to us.


Graham said...

Thanks for including me in the list, Bonnie! It's awesome that you do this.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Tiggs said...

Congrats and welcome to all you newer bloggers!!!! I see a long list of blogs that I'll admit to not having had time to visit yet! I'll make this my mission of the week to explore each and every one!

This is indeed the very greatest corner of cyber-space that there is!

Big welcoming cyber-hugs to each and every one of you (that includes you, Bonnie)!

ronnie said...

Lovely Bonnie, thank you.
Will pop over and say hello.

Kami Robertson said...

Aw, thank you! :)

Miss Jules said...

Thanks so much, Bonnie. <3 And I just started wondering why my hits magically exploded today..

MarQe's Study said...

Thanks for the mention !! I got so many hits from here today !!!

Anonymous said...

Nice selection, but Spankings that Teach, was too much; blood etc. Delete it, not our sort of stuff

Anonymous said...

I was pretty unimpressed with spankings that teach too. Not into spankings that cause bleeding, let alone that much!!!

Aylin said...

You're blog is great! and kudos to all the news bloggers too. I just started a blog, "for the sake of arguing", and thought you might take a look!


Bonnie said...

Spanking Latino - Thank you for your kind invitation. I'll check it out.

Hermione - Diverse is a good word to describe this group, and there is strength in diversity.

Graham - You're most welcome!

Tiggs - Thank you and many happy bounces of the day!

Ronnie - You're welcome!

Kami - I'm pleased to be able to spread the word about great new blogs.

Miss Jules - MBS readers can be an enthusiastic lot. I like that!

MarQe - You're very welcome.

Anon #1 - I'll grant you that at least one of his pictures is rather disturbing. But let's give this blogger an opportunity to grow and develop (or not).

Anon #2 - Ditto.

Aylin - Thank you. I'll check it out!

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