Monday, January 26, 2009

In with the New: Super Bowl Edition

I think that winter is a great time to start a new blog. Apparently plenty of others agree. Here, for your reading pleasure, are a dozen new spanking-oriented blogs. I encourage you to visit. If you like what you find, a comment to that effect will be beneficial for the blog, the blogger, and our community. Let's welcome these newcomers and show them our warm hospitality.

Bear n Penfold
D's Spanking Blog
Dante's Paradiso
Devil's Damned Den o' Discipline
Echoes of My Mind
Loved and Spanked Wife
Miss Audrey Spanks
Musings of Measha
My Thoughts on Spanking and Discipline
Secret Spanker
St. Switherns Academy
Thomas's Picks

To our new compatriots, we welcome you. May your blogging experience be rewarding and fun!


Jflame said...

Thanks for puting St. Switherns up Bonnie.
With your help we will convert all vanillas to
Hugs, Jay

PS. Whats a dingway ?

Bonnie said...

Jay - I dunno... About eight ounces?

SmilingDevil said...

That was damned nice of you, Bonnie :)


ronnie said...

Cheers Bonnie, will pop over and say hello.

Hermione said...

That looks like an interesting assortment of new blogs.

I'll drop in soon.


Dante d'Amore said...

I was wondering why my hits suddenly went nuts after I'd only been back online for 2 days, lol. Thanks for the plug Bonnie. I really appreciate it.

Tiggs said...

A hardy welcome (or welcome back!) to all of the new bloggers mentioned here and those who maybe haven't been mentioned, too. (Don't know if there are any, cause Bonnie always finds them first, but just in case...)!!!!

Welcome to the spanko corner of cyberspace! I, for one, hope all of you feel very welcome here!

Live long and prosper!

Measha said...

Thank you so much for the mention. I checked my stats this morning and was completely shocked and I had to find out what happened, sure it was a mistake. LOL

Thanks again!

Loved and Spanked Wofe said...

Thanks so much for giving a heads up to my log. You are right a comment is greatly appreciated

Loved and Spanked Wife

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