Sunday, December 07, 2008

MBS Spanko Brunch #151

Shopping days? I need a few sleeping days! It's mighty early to be sick of the holiday season, but I'm getting close. However, it's nothing that a tasty brunch and a chat with good friends won't fix.

Welcome to our weekly spanko brunch. This week's topic was inspired by a reader question. It deals with spanking and blogging and blogging about spanking.

Do you publish a spanking-oriented blog? If so, what is it about blogging that you enjoy? What is the biggest negative? How does blogging impact the rest of your life? If you don't have a spanko blog, what prevents you from doing so? Under what conditions would you consider blogging?

If you would like to join our conversation, you can leave a comment below. Once everyone has had a chance to speak, I will post an edited summary.


Greenwoman said...

I love my blogs. I think the most reward I have from my writing is the joy I experience from inspiration for creative process. It feels good to feel that zing going through me when words suddenly start tumbling about my head forming sentences almost faster than I can write them.

I love the conversation that is often generated from posts I write. Makes my day to hear others speak about their own lives and how my writing might have touched them or stimulated memories. That's really fun.

I think that some people in my life find my writing uncomfortable at times. Mostly though, I think that it has only positive impact. Its an outlet for my creative process, for my feelings and for a little socialization too sometimes. The moments when there's a negative are few and far between and I find there's no lasting negatives because I'm an adult and they are too and there's nothing to be all embarrassed about. Its just spanking and erotic feelings.

Fun question Bonny. Happy Holidays!

Fanny said...

I write a blog about sexual issues, but it's not a spanking blog. I'd like for it to be, but friends read it who would be shocked if I talked about spanking. I've considered starting a new blog that is about spanking and domestic discipline and not give away my authorship. If I do start one, I'll let you know and you can list it with your other new ones. I love your list of new spanking bloggers and I check out all of them!

Lee said...

Before now, it was time, and relationship situations. I found your blog as an undergad who takes around 18 hours and works 3 part-time jobs, and just didn't have the time to publish. I also have not been a relationship until recently and had no experiences to share (although I did think about publishing some of my fictional work).

Now that I'm about to graduate, I have accepted a fairly prestigious job where any kind of wiff of a sexual-themed blog would ruin my career. In fact, my vanilla blog that does not share any type of "questionable" material (sexual or otherwise) is currently in question. I don't want to take the risk because the people I'm about to work for take this stuff pretty seriously.

Andrades said...

Hi Bonnie:
Finally a question from one of your brunches that I can actually answer. Even tho it may not look like it yet, I am actually writing a spanko blog. I am really enjoying the experience. I have already "met" such wonderful and supportive people, which I really need at this juncture in my life. For me one of the plusses of blogging is the creative part, kinda of like easy scrapbooking for spankos! I love all the picture that my fellow bloggers post, and I like searching for all of those beautiful spanking pics. I am married, but my husband doesnt know about my interest in spanking yet. But hopefully one day soon he will, and I can join in some of your other sunday brunches. Btw...I love your blog, it is sooo complex and there is so much to read and learn here. I have even gone wayyyy back and read your first posts. So I sure do have a lot of reading to catch up on. Thanks for all you do to support the spanking community.Oh and to answer another of your questions...I guess the only negative for me is that I still worry about privacy, so I am trying to be very careful on my blog
Take Care,
Andrades Girl

M:e said...

I wouldn't call mine a spanking blog, more one of sharing different aspects of me as I go through the world as a submissive woman.

How much D/s content appears there depends largely on M, but also on what else is going on in my life. Sometimes I use it to 'process', sometimes, as Greenwoman says, just because I enjoy writing and for some socialisation and a bit of R&R.

love and hugs

ronnie said...

Good question Bonnie, I am a very newbie to this. I always read and love your brunches but first time I have left a comment not sure why. Can't believe how much after only a short time I am enjoying the experience of being able to join a community that understand and the support I have had already and of course reading all the other blogs.

I am not sure how much it will have an impact on my life but think It will be good for me.

Negative side - I probably would say not been able to tell friends and family about my blog, they would not understandd and I know some would be very shocked, shame.

Thanks Bonnie.


Eliane said...

I started writing my blog just for myself really, to help me think through things that I couldn't really talk about to other people. A large part of it still is that, but I also now enjoy the comments, and the interaction, and the fact that some of the people who comment are now real life friends :-) I think blogging impacts the rest of my life in that it probably allows me an outlet to deal with my spanko side that I wouldn't have had before. It also (even though I don't claim to be a good writer) is something of a personal victory, as I found "creative" writing very hard when I was at school.
If there is a negative to blogging, I've yet to discover it. That will probably come on the day I forget to be so careful and someone who knows me in "real life" guesses who I am ;-)

Smudge said...

I agree with Eliane: I think the best part of blogging is interacting with other people, and that some of them are now friends in real life :-) And I like the creativeness, because I've never really written anything before now and it's heaps fun, and the openness, and the level of support.

The only negative I've really found with blogging is that I've got quite a few creepy emails. It's great to talk with readers, and most of them are absolutely lovely, but when some random person you've never spoken to before sends an email describing his sexual fantasies and how you feature in them... that's a little bit unsettling. Especially when they keep at it for ages and get stressed if you don't reply.

Girl said...

This is a very big question for me. I started Reformations years ago, but what few people know unless they look through the archives is that Reformations actually started life as "aparallelmind" which tragically had to be deleted, though I saved all the posts.

I started blogging as a neat hobby which turned into one of the few ways I could get through my teen years. Now I do it because it is both cathartic, but also a way of jotting down some of the important thoughts I have that need to be worked through, recognized, or otherwise dealt with. I enjoy blogging too, and love using it as a means for procrastination--arguably my most often partken in hobby.

Blogging about spanking comes naturally to me as it has always been important in my life, even more so as I have a dominant person in my life now.

Blogging is also a lovely way of preserving memory.

roissyfille said...

Hi Bonnie & all,
I got as far as setting up a blog but have not yet written anything in it.
It's partly because I'm not quite au fait with the technology (simple though it might be) and partly because, if I'm honest, I'm not sure if I feel brave enough to take the leap into sharing my innermosts with everyone on a regular basis. That said I do read you & many on your blogroll avidly and if I'm moved to comment I feel ok about doing that too. The interesting thing is that sometimes when I'm adding a comment to these execellent blogs a lot of personal stuff comes out and I start thinking that maybe I should be blogging about it myself - who knows I might just get it together to do so & if I do you can take credit for inspiring me :-)

Spanky said...

My blog is about my life with my spanko wife Kallisto, which obviously does include some spanking, but there's other things too. To paraphrase Monty Python, it's like "spanking egg sausage and spanking, that's not got much spanking in it." So I'm not sure it qualifies as a purely "spanking-oriented blog."

I think what I enjoy most about blogging is meeting people and getting comments from those who say they enjoy reading what I write. Which does happen sometimes.

The biggest negative about blogging by far is the amount of time that I spend on it, which could probably be better spent doing something else.

However, I wouldn't say the blog negatively impacts the rest of my life. Although it would if anyone I knew found out about it.

Hermione said...

My spanking blog is very important to me. I love to read similar blogs and interact with other bloggers, and there came a time when commenting on other blogs just wasn't enough.

I'm so glad I started my own blog. I've never had so much fun! I have made many wonderful cyber-friends with the same interest in spanking. I'm constantly amazed at the number of people who find their way to my blog each day, and am always pleased when a reader lets me know I've touched a chord.

It's a wonderful creative outlet. I'm constantly on the lookout for spanking-related ideas that I can talk about on my blog, and the possibilities seem endless. My posts are cheerful, upbeat and positive. I won't write about anything negative or unpleasant unless there's a happy ending.

My blog is mine alone. I don't have to defer to anyone's wishes or follow someone else's recommendations. It's a place for my inner child to play, have fun, be creative, and even run with scissors.

Negatives? I am usually preoccupied with thinking about topics for posts. When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail, and when you have a blog, everything turns into a mental post. The other downside is that, like my enthusiasm for spanking, the blog is a secret I can't reveal to anyone.

You know, this would make a great topic for a post.


littleone said...

yes i have a blog.. would i call it a spanking blog??? 75% of the time i do discuss some form of spanking.. but also D/s and BDSM..

BUT ya know.. after 940 posts ... ya kinda run out of new ways to write he spanked/flogged/cropped me last night.. and the sex was great...

and because my life is more than spanking.. some days i write about stuff.. my stuff..

like everyone i had a reason to start it.. i had been reading blogs on line for a while.. and so many of them sounded like fairy tales.. where nothing ever went wrong... where they always lived "happily ever after"...

then i came across two or three blogs that were.. to me.. more real... things didn't always go right.. and so i decided that it was ok to write a truthful blog....

once started it became an outlet for my thoughts/feelings/opinions.. (and dear god !!! i do have a lot of those - opinions i mean)

As far as negative side.. i can't say there is a serious negative.. Sir says i stress over writing a blog some days.. and i guess i do.. but most days there is no stress.. the words tumble from my fingers on to the screen.... i have learned an important lesson.. i write for me.. and not worry about stats.. or who reads.. or who doesn't .. who comments or who doesn't..

my lil blog has evolved into a not so private diary ... and i enjoy the writing......

morningstar (owned by Warren)

Jflame said...

Hi Bonnie. Interesting topic, and now I'm actually qualfied to comment.

I started my blog last week and It is most definatly about spanking.

What I most enjoy about blogging is the fact that people from other countrys read it and that is sooo cool. There's also the fact that my Dom is very proud of me for doing so.

The biggest negative for me would be the nasty comments from cowards who will not leave their name.
Even though I've only got nine posts I got a really negative comment the other day and it really upset me.

How blogging impact's my life.
Well it takes up a lot of time. I've made some new friends.
My spelling is improving.
I'm learning new things.
And its great fun.

That was fun Bonnie thanks.

Thoughtful Spanker said...

Great topic Bonnie and great responses everyone! I do have a blog about spanking, themed around my both my thoughts and what makes me think about spanking. I also use it as a outlet for my creative side, posting original stories that I've written or am in the process of writing.

Negatives? One big one really, I tend to feel duty bound to post everyday. Sometimes real life or writers lock interfere and I can't post. I actually feel guilty for not posting.

Thomas_III said...

I have two spanking blogs, though only one is truly "mine." The other is only mine in the strict legal concept of ownership. It's intended to be a shared blog with several spanko blogging friends that promote their own blog musings.

The best part about my own blog, other than feeding my need to be a spanking exhibitionist, is the feedback that I get from my readers, whether it's in the form of comments, or private messages. When someone says that they look forward to certain features, or that an essay I wrote helped them get started in the spanking scene, it gives me a sense of pride.

It comes with some drawbacks, though. Posting regularly means that I have to take time away from other online activities that I could be doing, especially now that my online time is limited. Plus, there are times when the dreaded "Anonymous" poster shows up to belittle or berate me or my lifestyle choices. Even though my blog is moderated, so the worst of these never see print, I still have to read them and their nonsense. I still post some of these, simply for the satisfaction of refuting them.

As for my other blog, the Spanking Bloggers Network, my greatest satisfaction comes from bringing new readers to all of the member blogs. Having been recently posted here on Bonnie's blog, our visits have jumped up in number. Unfortunately, we still have only four members, but hope to add more in the future.

Michelle said...

I have a mundane blog that I use to keep up with friends and family. I never talk about spanking there, at all, and don't even have it listed in my interests nor do I subscribe to any spanking/other lists of a sexual nature. I really don't need my folks, in-laws, and sister knowing that much about my private life.

I'm also a federal employee. The odds of me losing my job over having a blog where I talk about spanking are slender (I work for an arts organization where things are less rigid.) but not non-existent. I would hate to loose my job, which I love, (I'm an archival cataloguer) because someone found my spanking blog.

I feel comfortable posting here, because my name is common enough that it would take someone with some serious research to connect the dots and find out who I really am.

I'd love to talk about spanking more. Discuss how one deals with a partner who isn't as into it as much and thus gives fewer spankings than desired. Consider how one balances being a feminist and enjoying receiving corporal punishment. (which Bonnie did very nicely a few weeks back). But, the risk, is just too much. I value my privacy too much to do more than comment here.

Paul said...

Bonnte, I suppose one day I'll get round to writing amd pulishing my own blog.
BuT I enjoy reading and commenting on other blogs,
The comments here are very interesting.
Warm hugs,

Our Bottoms Burn said...

We enjoy sharing a part of our lives with others and getting support and viewpoints from others.

The downside is never being as creative as you are, Bonnie.

padme amidala said...

I have a blog although it's not just about spanking. my blog is mostly a diary about my life and sometimes there are spanking pictures or talk about it but that's not what my blog is all about. I tried to have a strictly spanking blog but I found it to be too much work. I'd rather use it as a way of expressing myself and being able to connect with other people also.

The biggest negative about blogging is the time that it takes up sometimes. I feel guilty if I got a few days without blogging. I feel like sometimes I should be doing other things rather than blogging.

I enjoy being able to meet new friends or being able to have fun with my blog too. Blogging has impacted my life a lot as well as my Master's. It's become a part of me and I don't see myself giving it up for a long time.

Daisy said...

Hi, Bonnie! No, I don't have a blog; I have a big mouth and would be sure to post so much about my life, albeit under an assumed name, that it would be impossible for people who knew me, to not know it was me! Already I have given so much away at various times...oops! because I would be mortified if anyone knew... my kids would be horrified, and my job would be on the line.
No, this suits me fine...supporting you bloggers whose work lights and enhances my life....Thank you all! xxxxxxxxxx

Raheretic said...

We have a Blog ( about out lives, and since we have spanking as a major aspect of our lives, it includes spanking. I say "we" when in fact, I should say, my swan. She posts at least 95% of what is shared there with t and I as occasional contributors.

I ordered swan to start the Blog about three and a half years ago. She was feeling isolated and depressed in her life as slave in a fMf poly triad intenional family. The greatest boone that our blog has provided us is a community of likelminded folks on the Internet and even some local people with whom we've occasionally been able to connect socially. Additonaly I think the bibliotherapeutic aspects of swan's writing have helped her through some tough times emotionally.

Drawbacks have invovled occasionally locking into an abusive or exploitive relationship on line, one or two of which we've allowed into our lives in real time. But it is long known you cannot have relationships without being hurt sometimes.

All in all we love our Blog, and particularly the people who have been kind enough to read there, take our lives to heart, and share theirs with us.

All the best,


Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a blog.
I have several issues. Though I love to write, especially about the many spankings I get and the fantasies about even more severe ones that I crave, I don't have time to blog. I'm a school teacher who puts in long hours, even on weekends. No one except my lover knows my kinky side. Here in the South I could be fired for behavior so scandalous. My colleagues would be dumdfounded to know that the outspoken feminist in their midst was a submissive spanko with a cherry red butt.
I long for the communication that my blogging would bring. My boyfriend is a phenomenal top, but not the most articulate. He's more the Neanderthal type who drags me by the hair to the bedroom where he has his way with me seven ways from Sunday on a regular basis. (Oooh, I'm gonna get such a blistering for having said that when he reads it...)
Jean Marie

Robin said...

I write because I need to get the words and thoughts out of my head. I blog because it is a way for me to connect with others who are maybe experiencing or have experienced similar things and we can share and learn from one another.

With the main topics being spankings, sex, D/s, my relationship -- well, those aren't things generally brought up in 'polite' conversation and sometimes I just need to get everything out -- the good and the bad -- and blogging allows that, makes what I'm experiencing/thinking more real.

On the negative side, it can be time consuming, I can be in a 'dead zone' where I just can get any words out, and, most of all, my husband just doesn't get it -- the reading, the writing, the sharing. Most times he just lets it go, but occasionally I feel I end up 'defending' myself and my blogging activities.

But because so much I've experienced so much good from blogging, I don't think I'd ever be able to give it up now.



"What is it about blogging that you enjoy?"

I'm pretty isolated (geographically) as far as having a day to day kinky community, to just chat about things. The blog, although not as good as seeing people face to face, goes a long way towards filing that gap. It is also a great way to communicate with people all over the world.

"What is the biggest negative?"

Time! It is always a fight to find the time to blog, comment on other blogs and especially keep up with the emails (some people have been waiting for months for a reply from me).

"How does blogging impact the rest of your life?"

It helps me feel a lot less isolated from the rest of the spanking world.


sara said...

Good question Bonnie! I answered on my blog, Finding Sara. Thanks for the inspiration! Hugs, Sara

Dr. Ken said...

Yes, I have a blog. It's called Spanking Minnesota (I'm a Spanker, I live in Minnesota--put the two together and you get a blog name).
It's MOSTLY about spanking, but I try not to limit myself to that. There have been days that I've written about sports, or just post a picture with a (hopefully) comedic caption that I made up, or write a song parody.
I don't have a regular spanking partner, so the blog can't be about my "daily experiences"--the overall theme of the blog is "fun", and the best part are the times that my creativity kicks into gear and lets me do something a little different.
For me, the only negative is the feeling I sometimes get that I HAVE TO POST something. I don't have a regular posting schedule, so things go up when I feel like it. But if I haven't put anything up for a few days, I start to put pressure on myself to do something--and that's not conducive to a good entry.
As for how blogging makes an impact on my life--it's let me develop some very nice blog friends, people I never would have come across or heard of otherwise. I comment on their blogs, they comment on mine, I comment on their comments....:-)
It's just very enjoyable.

Dr. Ken

Xan Spanking New said...

I am really new to adult spanking and blogging. To me, blogging helps me figure out what I am really feeling and thinking about spanking. Reading other blogs about spanking makes me feel more a part of this new world I've joined.

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