Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Note

It was about 10:45 on Friday morning when my telephone rang. It had been a productive morning, but my thoughts were beginning to drift toward lunch. I’m not certain how I knew it was Randy calling, but I did. Sure enough, his crisp baritone greeted me as soon as I answered.

We exchanged small talk, household goings on (who’s going to pick up the dishwasher detergent and such), and other news of the day. But I sensed that this was not the true purpose of his call. It’s not like him to call to chat.

“I want you to write me a note.”

“A note?” I inquired. I was intrigued, but not entire clear about his latest plan.

“Yes. This note should explain to me precisely why you deserve to be spanked.” There was a perceptible bounce in his voice as he spoke the last few words. He was clearly pleased with this idea.

“Have it ready when I arrive home tonight.” This instruction was presented as more than a request and yet less than a demand.

“OK, sure. I can do that.” What else could I say?

“Good. I’ll see you at home.”

And that was it. He hung up and he was gone. A note. He wanted a note. This was an assignment, but it was also a challenge. He wanted to see me script my own spanking and put it in writing. I could do this. I knew I could. But what should it be? As beneficial as this assignment was for my libido, it was awful for my productivity. I thought of little else the remainder of the afternoon. Finally, I used an hour of leave and left work early with the intent of focusing on my note.

When I arrived at home, I sat down at the computer and began to write. I had a couple of false starts, but finally settled on this note:

Dear Mr. _____,

I write to enlist your aid in improving Bonnie’s behavior at school. She continues to be disruptive in study hall by passing notes, talking, giggling, and playing with her cellular phone. Her teachers are at loss as to how they might get through to her, and quite frankly, so am I.

She has served numerous detentions, but these seem to have no effect. I have contemplated suspending her from the cheerleading squad, but Ms. Welch, the cheerleading coach, asked me not to do so because of the difficulty of adding another girl in the middle of the season.

I have run out of remedies and must now appeal to you. If you have the means to correct Bonnie’s misbehavior, I ask that you implement appropriate disciplinary sanctions at home. Working together, it is my sincere hope that we can get this young woman back on the right path.

Yours truly,

William A Wills

I printed the note, added a signature, folded it into thirds, placed it into an envelope, and sealed the envelope. I wrote Randy’s name on the front. Then I placed the envelope in the center of our kitchen table.

I had almost two hours left before Randy returned. I walked upstairs and began collecting the parts of my cheerleading uniform. Randy loves cheerleaders. Several years ago, he bought me a red and white uniform, complete with a sweater, a short red and white pleated skirt, and red panties. We’ve played with this uniform a number of times, and it has always been a spanking good time. For a change, this was my chance to surprise him.

I took a quick shower and shaved my legs. I applied some moisturizing lotion so my skin would be nice and soft. As I slipped on each part of the uniform, I became more excited. I knew this was destined to be a great evening. When I peered into the mirror, I saw a naughty cheerleader who deserved a good spanking. A shiver of anticipatory delight ran through me. Yet something was missing. I decided that my hair style looked far too mature. To correct this deficiency, I pulled my hair up into pigtails. I decided that was just the right appearance.

I still had more than a half hour before my dear spouse was due. I decided to apply fresh makeup, but to overdo it just a little as a teenager might. I considered setting out spanking implements, but I decided that Randy would probably prefer to choose himself.

I ended up killing time in our bedroom. I lay on our bed and started to read a book. I was too distracted. I tried to rearrange items in our big closet, but that too failed to hold my interest.

Finally, I sensed the garage door open heralding the arrival of my prince. When I heard him bound up the steps from the garage, I couldn’t help clenching my hands together. Whatever was going to happen, it would be soon.

I waited a minute, and then two, and then five. It seemed to be taking forever.



“I think you had better get down here.” He found the note. His voice was stern and direct. I was about to get precisely what I had requested. I trotted down the steps.

I had hoped that Randy might smile upon seeing my appearance. But if he did, I didn’t catch it.

He was in the living room. He sat in the center of the couch and beckoned me to come closer. I stood right in front of him with my arms at my sides and my athletic shoes together.

“Bon, we have a matter to discuss and I think you might know what it is.”

“Is this about school?”

“Yes. I got a note tonight from your principal and he says you’ve been misbehaving again. I trust you remember how we deal with bad reports in this house. Tell me, Bonnie, what happens to young ladies who act up at school?”


“I’m sorry, but I can barely hear you. Please tell me, using your full voice this time, what I am about to do to you.”

“You’re going to spank my bottom.”

“Yes, that is correct. You are going to receive a spanking. Now, I want you lie across my lap, just as you did the last time.”

“Yes, sir.” I took my place in that time-honored corporal punishment pose.

“I can assure you that you will soon be very sorry for your misdeeds.” With that, Randy’s hard palm clapped against my panty-covered posterior. It hurt, but not in a bad way. After so much waiting, I was pleased to finally get my spanking underway. He continued to briskly swat my bottom, sometimes alternating sides and other times concentrating the blows all in one spot.

It was a deliciously stinging spanking and just what I wanted. Randy continued to chide me as the blows rained down on my upturned seat.

“I don’t want to have to repeat this exercise again, Bon. But if I have to, I can and I will spank you as often as it takes.” He punctuated his words with more hard smacks.

“Now, are you going to talk in class or make paper airplanes or whatever the hell it was that you did?”

At this stage, I was laughing. “Yes, I mean, no. I mean, what was the question?”

“So, my message must not be getting through.” With that observation came another flurry of strong swats.

“No, ow! I get it already! I'll be good.”

“Well, I certainly hope so. Now, I want you to go upstairs this minute. Take off all of your clothes, kneel on the bed, and wait for me.”

“Yes, sir.” I did as he ordered, stopping only briefly to examine my nicely reddened bottom in the mirror.

Just a moment after I had taken my position on the bed, Randy entered the room.

“Turn around and face the headboard.” While I breathlessly awaited his next move, he rummaged in our toy chest.

“Back! No fair looking.” I again faced forward without catching a glimpse of his weapon.

A loud, smart, searing “Snap” introduced his choice. It was our leather slapper, an excellent selection. This was a totally different sensation than his stiff hand had been. It struck quickly, again and again, all over my naked bottom with light, flicking blows. Over time, the accumulation of sharp hits melted into an overall toasty warmth. Yum!

Just as I was beginning to savor my lover’s rough attention, he switched gears again. Randy’s fingers now delicately trailed across my sexual undercarriage. I parted my legs lustily to invite his further exploration. Before I realized what was happening, my man had pulled me to the edge of the bed, dropped his pants, and was about to impale me in a most divine way. I gasped, first with anticipation and then with pleasure, as he completed our bonding.

A few luscious minutes later, we collapsed together onto the bed. I nestled my head into his strong chest while Randy gently rubbed my sore bottom. This place, both spatially and spiritually, was the center of my universe. I was one with my loving partner and we were at peace. These were the moments that we wait and work to find. The chaos raging outside had no effect here. We were together and all was right.

Epilogue: The note is currently posted on our refrigerator door as a reminder.


Daisy said...

Wow, Bonnie, I had forgotten how much I love to read your spanking adventures....
I am SOOOOO jealous...
Hugs, Daisy xxxxxxxxx

OliviaManners said...

Thank you for sharing this Bonnie - it has certainly put a spring into my step this morning.
As much as I love ritual and consistency, this occasion reminds me how important and thrilling spontaneity is too.

I especially liked your description of the anticipation, and the then line " These were the moments that we wait and work to find."

Have a good rest of week Bonnie.


Spanky said...

This post was truly excellent in every way! Thanks so much for sharing with us. The note was extremely clever, and the rest of the story was great too.

I'll make sure Kallisto reads this one, and drop a few hints of my own!

Hermione said...

Bonnie, that was such a hot story!

Now how am I supposed to concentrate at work today?

I might write a not instead :-)


Maryann Sloan said...

Very hot. Good for you!

sara said...

Wonderful Bonnie!

Lynne said...

Bonnie, that was great!! I loved it and darn if my husband isn't out of town :(


Terpsichore said...

How fun! :-)

Anonymous said...

After my comment on 'Harvest Edition' about the long gap, since your last spanking , lo and behold this new post; it was great, and as ever, you make it so genuine.We were beginning to fear that your fine bottom had retired from active service . Long may you continue to tell us of it's well deserved spankings

River said...

Great story Bonnie!

Brambleberry Blush said...

Thanks, Bonnie--that's a story that will spark many copy cat adventures across the spanko world. Sounds like you had a wonderful time all round.

Paul said...

Bonnie, welcome back Bonnie, this is the you that has been missing for a while.
Love the story.
Warm Hugs,

Anonymous said...

Very yummy, bonnie- you are one lucky lady!

Caroline Grey said...

I am all swoony and flushed here at my desk. What a spectacular story, adorably told! Thanks so much!

Bonnie said...

Daisy - Thanks!

Olivia - You're very welcome. It's funny how anticipation (like spanking itself) can be almost excruciating while it's happening, and yet, it's so hot in retrospect.

As for the spontaneity, Randy has an interesting take. He tries to set up a structured framework within which we can be as spontaneous as we like. This adventure is a good example. He gave me parameters, but encouraged me to be creative in designing the scenario. Once the action started, however, he took us in a direction I hadn't quite anticipated. It made for a very fun encounter.

Spanky - Yes, please do show this to Kallisto. It's definitely her kind of adventure.

Hermione - I guess that's just a hazard inherent in reading spanking blogs before work. Were I to do that, I'd probably never get anything done.

Maryann - It was very good. Thank you.

Sara - Thanks!

Lynne - That's unfortunate. Hopefully, you'll have a nice reconnection soon.

Terpsichore - It really was. Thanks.

Anon #1 - No, I haven't retired and neither has my bottom. Stay tuned because there might be another story coming in the next week or two.

River - Thank you!

Carly - Oooo, I hope it does! I love to share the fun.

Paul - I was thinking of you when I posted this story. Friends had reminded me that it was your birthday. I considered putting off the story for a day, but I decided you might like this even better than a graphical cake.

I'm glad you liked The Note. Please consider it a present from me.

Anon #2 - You are so right!

Caroline - You are very welcome. I'm pleased you enjoyed this bit of sexy fun.

Jane said...

Great post Bonnie. It's sounds like such a wonderful time. It's lovely that you and Randy are still, even as adults, able to play pretend. :)


Caracala said...

That was just awesome, Bonnie! Thanks for sharing it with us in such great detail. <3

Anonymous said...

The story was well written. You are creative.

Anonymous said...

Bonnie, excellent as usual, but this part was especially beautiful:
"This place, both spatially and spiritually, was the center of my universe. I was one with my loving partner and we were at peace. These were the moments that we wait and work to find. The chaos raging outside had no effect here. We were together and all was right."

I love those sweetly romantic touches in spanking fiction. Too many websites omit that. ~MissyH
(vanilla spanko and proud of it!)

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