Monday, October 06, 2008

In with the New: Harvest Edition

Hey, look everybody! Ten new spanking blogs!

Confessions of a College Spanko
Domestic Discipline Marriage
Freshly Spanked
I Married a Spanko
Kerrisdale Kars
Kelly Spank
Mac Girl's Escapades
Sandi's Spankings
Spanked at Home
The Wallflower: Perceptions from the Edge

I hope you'll visit these new members of our community and offer them your support. A small amount of positive interaction may be all it takes to convince a beginning blogger to stick with it long enough to acquire a regular readership. If you choose to leave a comment, I guarantee they will appreciate hearing from you.

To the publishers of these fine blogs, I bid you welcome. You are among friends here. If I can help, you need only ask.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for the link! How sweet is that?

Spanky said...

Thank you, Bonnie! You are most munificent!

Smudge said...

Aww, thank you!

Anonymous said...

You know what? Looking at still pictures of spankings does absolutely nothing for me, but I love reading about it (fiction or autobiography) and I also enjoy a
spanking scene in a mainstream
(ie, not smutty) film or tv show.

But still are just silly and embarrassing; and I avoid most spanking blogs for that reason.

Caroline Grey said...

Thank for these! I've already pulled my favourites from the list and linked them on my brand new blog. I'm with you, Missy, on wanting to read about spankings, rather than look at an endless stream of bare bums. that said, I have seen some great ones here and there.

shorty8971 said...

OK I'll say it! "Spank you" for all the good information and great links.

Anonymous said...

But when are we going to get an addition to your own spanking stories;we haven't had one for ages, these are better than any other blogs, or has that fine bottom of your's remained unspanked since the last one ?

Anonymous said...

I agree with the lady who made the comment on 10/8. I prefer spanking stories and non smutty mainstream movie spankings. It is hard to find that on spanking sites. I like Bonnie's blog the best.

Bonnie said...

Iggy: You're very welcome. I wish you the very best with your new blog.

Spanky: It's always great to hear from you and Kallisto.

Smudge: You're most welcome!

Missy: My own tastes are somewhat similar. In my professional life, I quite literally live by the written word.

Caroline: Hi, and welcome! I just linked you.

Shorty: I'm pleased that you enjoy MBS.

Anon #1: That's a fair question, and one that deserves a fair answer. I do indeed still receive spankings and some of them recently have been quite memorable. However, the time I can devote to recording the details has been very limited. There will be more accounts. I just can't give you a firm date.

Anon #2: Aw, thanks!

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