Friday, September 19, 2008

Keyword Chaos Reactivated

We haven't played around with search words for a couple of months, but that's easy enough to remedy.

However, before we examine the screwball keywords, I thought you might like to see the ten most popular.
  1. my bottom smarts
  2. bottom smarts
  3. spanking
  4. mybottomsmarts
  5. wife spanking
  6. bottomsmarts
  7. spanking bench
  8. spanking positions
  9. spanking implements
  10. spank my bottom

These are all pretty much as expected with one exception. I don't often talk about a spanking bench. That's primarily because we don't have one. But a gal can wish...

Now, let's get on with the silliness.
  • forced spankings - Either you swat my bottom harder or I'm going to get really mad

  • girls who choose spankings - Sisterhood of the Plummeting Pants

  • medieval spanking - Oucheth!

  • he mounted me - I didn't mind until he started calling me "Trigger"

  • bad end nooner spanking caning - There are some things for which you simply can't prepare

  • best female spankee - I'd like to thank the academy...

  • big butt bonnie - I'd really like to be known for something besides that

  • britsh spanking - It works best when you take the britches down first

  • most painful spanking implement - It's always the one in his hand right now!

  • everyday items dildo - Don't leave home without it

  • fictional panty drawer - Mine is absolutely real

  • footies erotic fantasies - OK, whatever

  • getting spank and do oral - Could be hazardous to your, um, health

  • girlfriend spanking mister poll - Don't you mean Mister Pole?

  • girls see my panty waistband when I bend over - This sounds an initiation down at the plumbers' union

  • girls spanking naughty - Naughty was mighty sore when it was all over

  • grandma give granddaughter erotic sexy massages - You people are seriously weird

  • have you been spanked with a hairbrush? - Yes, and it makes it painful to sit

  • here is the sotry about spanking - Don't you just love a good sotry?

  • how do I ask my husband to spank me? - "Honey, would you smack my bottom while we're making love?"

  • how to give a propper spanking - Step one: turn on spell check

  • I love my round rump plump bubble butt junk in trunk - You go girl! Be proud of who you are!

  • I wish to wear a buttplug for extended amounts of time - So why haven't you done it?

  • men spank while masturbating - They must be ambidextrous contortionists

  • my sorority requires thong underwear - Everyone, line up so the sergeant-at-arms can conduct our daily panty inspections

  • nanughty girls being punished - Look, it's Max Headroom!

  • naughty cheerleader having sex with principle - Would that be the Peter Principle?

  • professional canes and tawses - Don't mess with any amateur implement

  • reasons for spanking adult - #1 She likes it

  • secretarty spanking games - I believe I've met a few secretarties

  • spank my bottom no kissing - Not even a little peck on the cheek?

  • spanked handjob - Was there by chance a monkey involved?

  • spanking addicts - My name is Bonnie and I'm a spanko

  • spanking belt penetrated - I'm not picturing this, and that's probably for the best

  • spanking genie - For my second wish, I'd like a pool guy who looks like Dallas

  • spanking granny's backside - It's been known to happen

  • spanking in Indiana - Perhaps the sequel to Sleepless in Seattle?

  • spanking my bird - That's better, I suppose, than choking your chicken

  • spanking on her girdle with bare bottom exposed - Which is it?

  • spanking stories Randy - Those are my favorite kind!

  • spanking your wives - Now, one at a time, ladies

  • spanko mattress - I don't even know what this is, but I want one

  • tape butt plug in place - Tape? Ew!

  • what does female bottom do - Let's just say it's not purely decorative

  • why is spanking such fun - Because it brings people closer together

  • women getting good spankings - Those are the best kind

  • women giving enemas wearing girdles - If Fellini didn't film that scene, he should have


Paul said...

Bonnie, I always love these, thanks for the chuckles.
Warm hugs,

Marcus said...

After all this time, keyword chaos is still very fun to read!


Hermione said...

ambidextrous contortionists - now there's an image!

Thanks for starting my weekend off with a laugh, Bonnie!


Hermione said...

P.S. - Spanking bench is in my top 10 keywords too, and I don't talk about them much either.


Indy said...

Thanks, Bonnie, entertaining as always! Trigger and Fellini were my favorites this time around.

Michael said...

Very funny, Bonnie, thanks. Can't beat a post with Max Headroom, Fellini and the Peter Principle!


Anonymous said...

As always, utterly brilliant and made my stomach hurt from laughing! :-D -- Erica

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