Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Create a Story

Here's a new bit of participatory fun. Our friend, Carly, recently published a photograph and invited readers to write a story based upon this image.

I hope you'll check it out and join in if you like.


Hermione said...

It's a great idea, Bonnie, but writing a story to go with the picture just isn't that easy! I see Ceeci came up with a good one.


Brambleberry Blush said...

Bonnie, I cannot say how much I appreciate the link and I have to say you know how to inspire people. There has been quite a bit of good response already. Thank you so much.


HMG said...

Are you going to rise to this challenge too?

Thomas_III said...

It really depends on the picture, Hermione. The more detail that there is in the picture, the easier the thoughts flow about what might be taking place. With a more vague picture, the ideas come slower, but you're more free to set the scene.

I started a feature on my blog last year in which I'd take a picture that was sent to me and write a snippet around it, using exactly a thousand words to do so. The first picture that I used was an anime drawing of a spanking that a friend drew and sent to me. So far, it's the only time that I've had that feature, but I'll be making a picture of my own, shortly, and writing a story to go with it. I may take another look at Carly's blog and see what my creative juices come up with for hers, if I have time over the next few days.

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