Sunday, August 24, 2008

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for August 24

Our topic this week concerned activities that can intensify the ouch from a spanking. As you can see, your answers were quite varied.

K: I don't really have much ouch after a spanking, but there must be activities that will accentuate it. All of my spankings have been followed by other intimate activities which are usually followed by sleep. Some positions accentuate the warm tingle from a spanking more than others. If there's any residual tingling the next day, my favorite way to accentuate it is to wiggle subtly in the pew at church and whisper naughty things to my husband.

Heather: There was one time where the simple act of walking drove me to tears back when I was with one of the abusive partners. But almost anything, including sitting, immediately reminds me of (as if I need reminding) and accentuates the ouch.

Thomas: Are we talking about normal things that accentuate the ouch or artificial means? I'm going to assume that we're talking about the latter. Tracing fingernails over a spanked bottom will get most spankees' hair on end, as will squeezing or massaging the spanked areas. My favorite trick to keep a girl feeling the burn for hours, even days, afterwards, is the simple application of capsaicin cream after the spanking. The capsaicin reacts from the heat of the spanked flesh, causing a burn that won't soon be forgotten. To increase the burn, simply spank the person AFTER you've applied that dose of capsaicin. If the heat of freshly spanked buns will get the capsaicin going, then a quick reheating will set it on fire.

Daisy: Thomas, I have no idea what capsaicin is, but it sounds sadistic! DO NOT tell my BF of this stuff!

He massages in the sting and then makes me sit on a hard chair and lift my feet off the floor... Ooooowwwwwccccchhhhhh!

Eliane: Yup, I agree with Daisy, being made to sit on a hard wooden chair (with slats, OUCH!) will always keep the burn going.

Prefectdt: For me, it’s not so much sitting on a hard chair as getting up after sitting on a hard chair after a spanking. Aaaarg!

There’s also riding a bicycle with a normal (not gel) saddle.

The one that puzzles me, though, is that drinking too much coffee before the event makes the pain last longer after the event.

Paul: All normal activities will accentuate the ouch. Our normal sequel rubbed in the ouch. Mel never complained. She loved the reminders.

Hermione: Apart from a few notable exceptions, the real "ouch" doesn't set in until an hour or two after a spanking. Then a playful swat or squeeze really hurts. Sitting in a soft chair that hugs my whole bottom is just as uncomfortable as sitting on a hard one. Wearing a thong under rough denim jeans also guarantees additional discomfort, and I wouldn't try that until the day after.

Greenwoman: Often times, when I get one spanking in a day, I get more than one. So, for me, the spankings rub in the sting. *grins*

Ofia: My list would include wearing jeans or something similar. There’s also anything that keeps the heat in or brings the heat back, such as a hot shower or sitting in a car seat or restaurant booth. Another spanking definitely heightens the ouch as does a few hours sitting in a hard chair.

D: Physically, pinching or a full hand cheek grab always leaves a lasting "ouch" impression.

Mentally, it has to be corner time (which I don't care for at all). When I get corner time after a spanking, the majority of my concentration is on my freshly spanked bottom. So the sting and "ouch" factor lasts for an even longer period of time.

Cookie: Daisy, you really don't want to have to experience that capsaicin stuff. But it does make the feeling last for a few days. As far as a regular spanking, there are things already mentioned said such as jeans, sitting on hard things, squeezing, etc.

Girl: Oi, being bitten. Spanking, unless it's punishment or very nasty, rarely makes me cry. But the moment he bites on freshly tanned flesh, I'm in tears, and possibly screaming. It's both nice and TERRIBLE.

Marcus: Ginger root can add to the pain of a spanking rather nicely. Spanking in the A position can also contribute by adding a dimension of discomfort. The combination of push-ups with a spanking tends to be rather tedious. It could get pretty difficult to maintain proper form after a while. Of course, the eight count push up could take it up another notch.

Chores may also add to the pain of the spanking. While the chores are being completed, a butt plug, ginger root, or another item of the spanker's choice could be worn in the sore bottom. Dripping candle wax on a well-spanked bottom could do the trick as well. Spanking and brushing an already beautifully reddened sit spot with the bristles of a bath or hairbrush could heat things up some too. In addition to the aforementioned, rough post-spanking romance can be a great way to spice up the "ouch" factor.

Olivia Manners: Stinging nettles in your knickers? * smiles and winces *

I haven't done that, but I imagine it would definitely keep the ouch rather pronounced!

Anon: Quite by accident I discovered that using a salt scrub in the shower the morning after is NOT a good idea. OMG! Sting and ouch guaranteed.

Mary: The post spanking sex can often accentuate the ouch, but, oh, in such a good way. While in graduate school, I found that a spanking was often an effective incentive to stop procrastinating and WRITE that paper. This meant sitting for a few hours to finish the paper. I found it actually seemed to aide my focus, so I really never minded. My dining room chairs are wooden, so spanking followed by dinner can be ouchy. So I guess what I am saying is that Paul is right! "All normal activities will accentuate the ouch." Of course the occasional tap while walking certainly is effective too.

Carye: Rubbing and squeezing, and definitely another lighter spanking, accentuate it! So do chairs or benches in restaurants. :-) Warm baths and electric blankets have a nice affect too!

Bonnie: I can think of a great many ways to accentuate the ouch from a spanking, many of which I’ve experienced. Here are ten.
  1. Attending events at arts or sports venues with hard seats

  2. Wearing nylon and/or lycra panties, pantyhose, or shorts

  3. Sitting on a barstool

  4. Another spanking!

  5. Riding a horse

  6. Sitting with bare skin against a vinyl car seat

  7. Sitting in a vibrating chair

  8. Feeling the bristle side of the brush

  9. Heated car seats

  10. Step aerobics (Yeow!)

Thank you all for joining in our spanko brunch! I hope to see you again next week.


dixiedarling said...

I just wanted to send a thankyou to Bonnie and all the participants in this question because I am always looking to extend the ouch factor.

I have hit somewhat of a plateau and it is odd to feel a thing even half an hour after the event...which needless to say is such a letdown that if it doesn't change i'm on the verge of giving up.

dg_uk said...

A late reply.. I've been promised/threatened with stinging nettles before and after a spanking. (Un)fortunately we've never been near nettles when it has been time to have my bottom smacked. The two things that came to mind straight away, though, are jogging and sitting on a wooden bench for 3 hours listening to music on a very sore bottom.

Thanks as always Bonnie


Anonymous said...

We have several pieces of doormats - coir, prickly plastic - instead of corner time standing up, one of the "thinking mats" gets put on a chair, often the same chair K sat to administer the spanking and my bare, freshly smacked bottom gets sat on it in the corner...that does the trick every time!see......


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