Tuesday, August 19, 2008

All About Linky Love

Every so often, I get e-mails from bloggers who want to know whether I will link their blog, why I haven't linked them, or why I removed their link. I have answered these questions before, but it's been at least a year, so it's probably worth reiterating.

I can only link blogs if I know about them. I can and do watch for new spanking-oriented blogs. Helpful readers also share their new finds. However, it's impossible for me to discover every one. If you believe your blog might be of interest to MBS readers, please e-mail me the URL and I will take a look. Subject to the factors listed below, I will consider your blog for inclusion in my blogroll.

As you can see, my blogroll is fairly exhaustive. There are currently over 200 links. I think of the blogroll as one of the highlights of MBS and many readers seem to agree.

The list represents a wide ranging mix of topics including spanking, domestic discipline, dominance and submission, erotic adventures, bondage, and BDSM. Naturally, I cannot maintain a list that includes every blog that touches on any of these subjects. There are quite literally thousands of them. I look first and foremost for content related to consensual adult spanking. That is the main topic for this blog and the reason most readers come here. I also include selected blogs that discuss related subjects if I believe the author offers a unique and valuable perspective that spanking enthusiasts will appreciate.

There are eight elements that cause me to not want to link a blog:
  1. Depicting or advocating the spanking of children

  2. Absence of clear consent

  3. Serious injuries inflicted

  4. Misogyny

  5. Gratuitous graphic sexual photographs

  6. Wholly commercial content

  7. Extremely crude or ill-mannered text

  8. Minimal spanking-related content

Beyond these specific concerns, I tend to be open minded, especially if I like the spanking content. I don't assume that everyone's relationship will operate as ours does. In fact, I believe that presenting a rainbow of possibilities best serves a diverse MBS readership.

I routinely delete links for blogs that have become stale. I define stale as no meaningful posts for at least two months. By this stage, I have to assume the blogger has abandoned the blog or has taken an extended break. I also remove broken links and links to private blogs immediately. A blogroll full of stale and broken links would quickly frustrate readers, so I strive to avoid this problem.

If I removed your link, it doesn't mean I don't like you any more. In fact, making these decisions is very difficult for me. It feels like letting go of a friend.

If you've decided that you want to return to active blogging or if you think I've removed your link in error, please e-mail me and we'll get everything straightened out.

In summary, I maintain an extensive blogroll primarily as a service to readers. It simply cannot be all things to all people. Hopefully, however, it can be a useful resource for adult spanking enthusiasts.


Mr. Shiny said...

And thank you for taking the trouble maintain such a list - it was a big help in finding the "others" online.

Anonymous said...

Your's is by far the best blogrole available, and a contunual source of interest. Long may it go on. I fully agree with your reasons not to include some blogs.

Hermione said...


This post will be very helpful for all spanking bloggers. I'm glad you explained the reason why some links are removed. It's good to know it's nothing personal.


Anonymous said...

Bonnie -- you brought me a lot of traffic by putting me on your blogroll. I'll always be grateful, and will continue doing my best to deserve my place there. Thank you! And thanks for taking the time to feature so many new bloggers. There are so many gems out there. -- Erica

Thomas_III said...

I consistently receive 30-50 visits per day to my blog from your blog, so it obviously attracts a significant number of traffic, both to your blog, and to the blogs of those linked to.

K said...

Great explanations. I notice you've added my new blog to your list. I only started it a week ago and I already have visitors and comments. Thanks for including me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all your efforts on your blog. Also, thanks for including my new blog. I, too, have received visitors.

As soon as I learn how to create a blog roll, yours will be linked on mine as well.

A.S.S. said...

We do our links in very much the same way. Just don't put the effort into that you do. Your list link is the best one out there... no doubt about that.

Todd & Suzy

Bonnie said...

Mr. Shiny - You're very welcome. I'm pleased that my blogroll is beneficial.

Anon - Thanks!

Hermione - I really do agonize over dropping some bloggers. It has to happen eventually, but it's not easy.

Erica - You're welcome, of course, but you were a shining star in our community long before I started blogging.

I do enjoy finding and introducing new spanko bloggers. It just gets better every day.

Thomas - I am very grateful for the readership I've managed to attract. If I can send supportive readers to excellent blogs, the blogroll becomes a win-win proposition.

K - I look forward to watching your blog grow and blossom.

Maryann - You're most welcome. I'm pleased you are a part of our community.

Todd and Suzy - Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the links, I have added you to my blog cause you offer so much wonderful information.. My Husband and I are new to Domestic Discipline and I loves your site.. Gave him a idea, not sure I like it much lol.. Just kidding.. I do like it, we have srarted our own site which deals with the relationship and the correction in our marriage * Domestic Discipline Marriage*. I am hoping to help others in the DD lifestyle and are new, with the things we do and talk about on our site.. Only time will tell.. Thanks again.

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