Sunday, July 20, 2008

MBS Spanko Brunch #131

Hello again to all our dear brunchers! The time has come to consider another spanking question. This week, our topic was provided by our friend, Sabrina.

Do you or your partner experience changes in sensitivity or tolerance level over time? If so, to what do you attribute these differences?

If you would like to contribute to our discussion, I invite you to leave a comment below. Once everyone has had a turn, I will post an edited recap.

Oh, and do try the chocolate torte. It's exquisite!


Anonymous said...

I can get my spankings at home, but I want to come to your house to eat! Yummy!

In answer to the question...

We are new to spanking, but Max and I have noticed huge variation in sensitivity/tolerance levels. Sometimes I tease him the whole time, "Is that a mosquito back there?" Other times I'm squealing, kicking, and begging him to ease up after just a few swats. Since we are new and there is so much variation in what I can take, we decided to adopt "uncle" as a step below the safe word. I can use it if I want the spanking to continue, but am really not enjoying it because it is just too much. Our spankings are for pleasure, and Max won't meet his goal if I'm miserable. More often than not, I'm begging him for more. Poor guy really can't always guess my tolerance by my mood or my noises. "Uncle" is as much for him as for me.

Honestly, I don't know to what to attribute the variation. So far I've never been given a spanking I didn't want. My mood when he begins is nearly always happy, excited, turned on, and ready to play. Sometimes it just hurts like hell, though. I'm grateful for the brunch question. Maybe we'll gain some insight from the other answers.
Maryann (and Max)

Natty said...

Oh how funny, my last post was about this topic!

The answer is YES. I go through periods where my pain tolerance is very low and other times where I'm a total pain slut. I still haven't figured out why. I was just musing that perhaps it has to do with having to take Coumadin and the ups and downs of my clotting time. Yet I know that doesn't completely explain it.

My other hypothesis is my monthly cycle. But, um, I haven't gathered good data on that one yet. ;-)

Jessica said...

I've heard other people attribute the variation to hormonal cycles. I have to agree. Certain times I am much less tolerant.

Somtimes it is a simple explanation: too much play in too short of a time. If we play often in a given week, I get sore and sensitive.


Mary said...

YES!!! Sometimes I am ready for a hard spanking including caning. Other times I seem to whine from the first moment his hand spanks a bit sharply. I have attributed it to anything from hormones, stress, altitude (I always seem more sensitive in the mountains) and any other excuse i could find. He attributes it to the fact that - perhaps I was a bit naughtier than usual. Generally increased sensitivity is either evidence to him that I really NEED a spanking bad, or that a spanking is LONG overdue. Eitherway -- I don't get much sympathy. On one particular occation of sensitivity - he just stopped and held me though. It was such a releif - and that one particular time he said he just got the feeling that I needed hugs more than spanks - and so that is what I got. I have to say my partner can be every bit as sweet as he can be stearn. Certainly I find him wonderful.

Dr. Ken said...

Going on past experience and speaking just in very general terms, tolerence levels definitely increase over time--her bottom seems able to take more, and my palm can deliver a good hard spanking without getting sore. Like anything else, it seems to be a matter of conditioning....

Dr. Ken

david said...

One day I'm spanking Mthc and I wonder how she can stand it but she loves it. The next time after a few swats she is telling me to be more gentle with her.

*hugs and grins*

Hermione said...

Hi Bonnie,

Sensitivity has definitely increased over time, in that I am now much more attuned to the delightful sensations that spanking produces. It isn't just pain. It's pleasure, caresses, erotic stimulation and closeness to my partner.

My tolerance to the length and severity of individual spankings has greatly increased too, and that's partly because my bottom has become used to it. The more it is spanked the more it can take. What might have been too painful at one time is now acceptable and even welcome. It's also because I crave more of those delightful sensations that I have discovered.


K said...

I don't know about conditioning over long periods of time since we don't get frequent opportunities to play. For individual spankings, there are variables that affect what is too much and what isn't. I haven't met an implement I didn't like, but there are a couple that are a bit too intense if they're used too early in the spanking. Early on, those need to be used gently. As the spanking progresses, I can enjoy more of them. It's good that we only spank for pleasure because those are the toys that would get used for non-pleasure spankings. Before a spanking, I may get teased with stern tones and comments like, "don't make me use the brush" or, "we can skip the warm up". It's all in fun and builds the anticipation and excitement. I have noticed that the more aroused I am, the harder he can spank me and make it feel good. I'm really not into the pain so much as the sensations. Hubby is very good at reading me and giving me what's enjoyable for both of us.

fanny said...

My husband and I are also new to spanking. As with Maryann,I am always excited/happy for it to happen, at least in the beginning...Sometimes it feels so good I could take it forever, but other times I too am begging for mercy after a short time. I have noticed that a warm-up makes a nice difference, but other than that, not sure what it is. Of course, the implement being used is one thing. With two teenagers in the house, noise is a consideration for us, and I have found that all quiet implements are EVIL!! (However,we have recently discovered rattan canes, and I'm thinking that with a little practice...?)

I also find that a "mental warm-up" helps. If I have had a chance to anticipate the spanking, it usually feels better than the "oh wow the kids will both be gone for an hour, hurry up lets go" variety.

Thomas_III said...

In most cases, regular conditioning has led to a greater tolerance in the bottoms that I've spanked. The only real exception to this pattern that I've noticed is with Cookie, and it's due to one of the medications that she sometimes takes. Whenever she takes it, her sensitivity increases dramatically, causing what would otherwise be a lackluster spanking to almost bring her to tears. Not that I've ever used this to my advantage, though.....
<.< >.> <.<

Paul said...

Bonnie, mood, hormonal cycle, stress level all affect pain tolerance.
Of course after a while the bottom toughens up, after a few years Mel rarely bruised or marked.
Liberal use of moisturiser during aftercare keeps the bottom soft and saves the spanker's arm and hand.
Warm hugs,

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

Oh sure, tease us with chocolate cake that we can't actually eat!

What was the question again?

Apple said...

Definitely yes, it has changed.
My butt and I can stand more spanking - first because of the practice and second I simply need / want more.

But I noticed that it can differ from day to day, depending on my mood or lustfulness :)

Kisses Apple

TheAnnieWithin said...

My tolerance level changes with my level of surrendered-ness. When I am fully surrendered to my Leiber Meister, I can take whatever it is He wishes to dish out. On the other hand, if I am rebellious in spirit, my tolerance goes down. Since I am not relaxed and in that surrendered state, I believe the way I hold my body, the rigidity of my spirit, makes me break sooner (and that is just what I need!) and soon I am pliable in body and soul once again. Ahhhh, (insert deeply satisfying sigh here...)

Lula said...

Interesting question, again. I never gave it a lot of thought but there are definitely times I can take more of a spanking than others. The funny thing is, when I'm not tolerating the 'normal' level and I'm begging for mercy, subsequent spankings aren't as hard. LOL So then, I'm like 'harder, harder, bring it on'. Never considered hormones, stress, etc. but I'm sure that has something to do with it!

D said...

Hi Bonnie,

I am amazed on just how much I can take these days. I've always considered myself a bit of a pain "wuss". But since receiving spankings on a regular basis, I now find I can take more.

I think I've surprised G even with how much I can take. Sometimes when I'm in a particularly bratty mood, I'll blurt out "Is that all you've got??" Which of course I immediately regret...

Thank the Universe for aloe!


P.S. Thank you for the torte. Chocolate and spankings... can it get any better?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I get that too - I attribute it to mood, time of day/night, menstrual cycles and how recently my last spanking was. Another thing is that I had a much higher tolerance for it with one partner than I ever had before or since. No idea why, because he wasn't even that special a guy in my life.


PapaWoodie said...

My precious Annie has become ever more tolerant in our impact adventures. She surprises herself regularly with how much she endures and enjoys. For me, each of these occasions are moments of joy and amazement. Its like watching your young child's expressions of overwhelming happiness as they unwrap a much desired yet unexpected gift... I feel even more pride and love and devotion for her each time.

Her sensitivity, for the 'pain' involved has decreased only in proportion to the increases of her understanding that the experience is beneficial and cathartic and, often, pure fun.

Our first two or three sessions were brief and fraught with peril. But she came to grasp that it didn't really hurt 'physically' as much as she was 'thinking' it was. The cognitive experiences, initially, were more painful that the epidermal sensations. In talking while I held her afterwards, we likened it to the reactions one has to the old practical joke involving a pan or cup of supposedly scalding water. The brain perceives that the body is about to be splashed with boiling hot water, while in actuality the water is, at most, just lukewarm. Another analogy, also relating to water, is the beach swimmer who feels the water is just too cold, and yet after swimming and playing for a brief while, it hardly seems noticeable.

Accepting that what we do is based in love and caring and compassion allows an entirely new attitude. And that adjustment, encourages growth and development and liberation. The changes in sensitivity are the shifts in feeling that the sensations are good verses bad. This isn't to suggest that hurting isn't involved. Rather its the process of acknowledging the activity as empowering, helpful, loving, caring, desired, and sometimes even necessary, as opposed to it being demeaning, abusive, childish, harmful, or mean.

Nowadays, she marvels that she hadn't yet felt she's reached her limits, until I've determined that she's had enough....

And then she feels it was just exactly enough (and any more would've been too much).

For now...

Daisy said...

Ohhh, dear.... I had thought, as we haven't had that many spankings together, I wouldn't be able to join in this one....but, on reflection, I found that if we were doing play spankings, I would get more warm up, and the spanking would build up gradually....I could let him carry on all night! If it were for bratting, just "pushing his buttons", as he called it, he would start straight into the nasty hard swats, and I would be squealing in distress almost from the start!!! But, if it were a REAL punishment, for something I had done which mad him cross or upset, and I was genuinely remorseful, I could take a very hard punishment indeed, feeling I truly deserved it, wanting to be punished severely in order to purge the guilt and feel forgiven.... hugs, xxxxx
PS...LOVE the cake....I'm on the way over to yours

Christie said...

Actually, spankings always feel good to me. My man knows just how hard to hit. It feels absolutely perfect. Although, I don't ask for one daily (I'm not bad all the time).


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