Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Poll: Stress Relief

Do spankings provide stress relief for the spankee?

Yes, absolutely
Yes, in many cases
Only occasionally
For us, it's not about stress
Spankings? What spankings?


Sara said...

Bonnie, I thought it was pretty darn interesting that 100% said "Yes, absolutely". It took me a minute to realize that one person had voted...Moi!Maybe I will wait a bit before drawing too many conclusions! :)


Stress relief, a mental clearing of the decks, balance of mind, the list could go on and on. Once you can get over of the sexual turn on side of things, you can discover a whole world of benefits that a simple ass whupping provides.


Love4her said...

I will be honest... I have not had a real spanking but playfull swats. I would love a real spanking and would hope there would always be a sensual, loving and sexy bent to it.

Would it be a stress relief? YOU BET! I would want it to be a special time with the one I love and a real escape from day to day life.

Hermione said...

Yes, they sure do relieve stress in the best possible way. That's the best way my husband can help me through a stressful time.

I always feel nice and relaxed after a spanking anyway, even if I'm not stressed to begin with.


Terpsichore said...

I did not know how to vote as we are still in the beginnings of our spanking explorations together; however, I would have to say absolutely spankings would be an amazing stress relief for me. Admist the sensual feelings, I am always left feeling calm after a playful spanking and I imagine it will only keep getting better... :-)

Fer said...

Hi Bonnie, is a very interesting poll!
Here my personal opinion.
I need to be out of stress for give a long and a full loving spanking to a lady. And, after that, the stress is lower than again.
If I am stressed is better don't try to do a spanking... Isn't a good idea.

Lace Amour said...

A good spanking seems to shock my nervous system into a numb state of near bliss. Even though the beginning of the spanking is very painful, by the end I am somewhere near nirvana.

But often you just can't get a good spanking when you need it!


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