Sunday, April 27, 2008

MBS Spanko Brunch #119

Welcome back, my friends, to another spanko brunch. Our topic this week deals with preparation, or the relative lack thereof.

To what extent do you or your partner plan spankings? With regard to implements, positions, duration, and similar issues, are these decisions made in advance or during the course of the spanking? Are some spankings entirely spontaneous? Are others choreographed beforehand? If given the choice, which approach would you prefer?

If you would like to participate in our discussion, I invite you to leave a comment below.


Dr. Ken said...

Well, when I had a partner, there was no preparation--unless she did all the planning on her own, which is entirely possible! But they would seem to spring up spontaneously, and all decisions regarding it--duration, implements, etc.--were also made up on the spur of the moment. And I have to say, I prefer the seemingly spontaneous approach....

Dr. Ken

Amy said...

I would love for spankings to be spontaneous. I think it would be great for my husband to just surprise me sometime-not nessessarily when i am being bratty, because that is kind of a hint really, but sometime when i am giddy and not really expecting it.

We have hit a bit a lull lately and a bit of "initiative" would go a long way for me.

River said...

We do not plan, per se, but I can usually tell by how I've behaved that day, and his reactions to my behavior, whether or not I'll get a punishment spanking that evening. Sometimes he will spank me just for my pleasure, but I don't know if he plans those sessions. I have never had a "choreographed" spanking. I think for me, it would be akward. We have a 24/7 dd relationship, abeit a new one(the dd part, not our marriage). It might be fun to do some role-playing though!
And Bonnie, I do apologize for posting this here, but I can't get my email to work and I wanted to let you know that I have started my very own little DD/spanking blog this week, thanks to you! I love your blog, Thank You!

littleone said...

i always thought it would be fun if Sir was LESS spontaneous and a little more 'prepared' for spanking... in my wild imagination it would always work so much better..

Sir however says He does not like to plan ahead in great detail - because if something should happen that interrupts the flow of His plans - it ruins it for Him....... so He much much prefers spontaneous - over the ottoman now! and grabbing the first implement that comes to hand........

There are days that Sir will plan something different - for example some cupping or needle play...... and then expound on that activity if all is going well.......

And there are the times we go to a private club or play party and then there is some planning ahead.. example - the toys are packed so i always know what is going to be used ...... and then of course when we get there and are ready - there is the choice of equipment and the binding to the equipment.. and the butterflies that start in my lower belly in anticipation of what is to come...and the toys are laid out neatly and Sir selects one then the other moving through the collection......

i am not sure anymore if i have a favourite way..... spontaneous or planned .. i am just a greedy lil thing and want it....... anyway i can get it :)

morningstar (owned by Warren)

i used to say i much prefered the planned 'events' .......... now to be honest

Paul said...

Bonnie, apart from punishments which were not meant to be fun and took place in the office, a very serious place!!!
Mel could generally expect a good girl before sleep most nights, it was very rare for us both to be so tired that she didn't get her seat warmed at least a little.
Apart from that spanking were pretty spontaneous.
If there was time Mel would plan a scene, a naughty school girl, a bad secretary a disobedient wife.
I might go along with what she planned, or I might change mid-flight, so even that could be quite spontaneous.
Whatever it was, it was always fun, and left Mel feeling good for the rest of the day.
Warm hugs

cookie said...

Usually for me the spanking itself is known. But the duration or the extent of it isnt. Usually I think he doesn't even know hiself I am sure he has in his mind how he wants things to go but it all depends on the actual event and my reactions and whether he is getting the desired effect or not. I would say they are somewhat spontanous but planned at the same time if that makes any sense. He likes to let me know I will be getting one but rarely goes into details until the actual time.

Hermione said...

Hi Bonnie,

Great minds think alike. I have a post on just this subject planned for my blog. But I'll share here too.

I have to say we have both. There is the weekly spanking that is planned and follows exactly the same format each time. It's such a well-established routine that at five minutes before the appointed time, the dogs will sit and stare at us. When the clock strikes the hour and Ron says "It's time" they run ahead of us and hop into their crates, where they stay for the duration.

Ron is in charge of the spanking, which follows the same pattern each time, although he will vary the implement he chooses. The delightful activities that that follow, however, are always varied.

We do have spontaneous spankings that happen within the context of making love. They aren't planned and are always a nice surprise.

I also get swats occasionally, while in the kitchen. I would love to be given a completely unexpected spanking that's 'just because'.


- 30 -

sherryl said...

Being a self-spanker I have to plan ahead when my roommate isn't around.

Anonymous said...

Spontaneous all the way.

I love anticipation, but the closest I get to that is a "You know what you're getting when I get you home?" type of planning.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

Most of our spankings are thought-out, but many are spur of the moment. Sometimes, there is discussion about an upcoming spanking for days before hand - refining the intended action while “torturing” the spankee with vivid details. Ah, anticipation is wonderful.

As to which we prefer, I always say when offered a choice - take both. Seriously, since all of our spankings are for fun, we take pleasure in the sexy dialog of planning a spanking as much as one given in surprise.

Brennus said...

We have both kinds really, I usually tell her when she'll be spanked but not how. Often I leave hints lying about (OMG! he has the that icky tawse on the floor near the bed!). I usually have sort of a game plan set up for a "scheduled" spanking, but things change for various reasons; sometimes "old iron butt" has trouble living up to her nick name or sometimes we get ummm playful and the spanking gets abandoned in favor of other activities. We do have spontaneous spankings, along the lines of, "it's cool outside darlin'" he says, "you need a coat. "No I don't ", she says. A few swats with a wooden coat hanger later and we're ready to go - with our coats.


k said...

Our spankings are all for fun and mostly spontaneous. Once in a while, Hubby will come home from work in a playful mood and I might get a good indication that fun will come when all the kids are asleep. I've only just asked him for 'just because' spankings and he has taken to them with great enthusiasm.

With a bit of anticipation before hand, I do start a spanking more excited. But planning ahead can backfire with a toddler that doesn't always fall asleep on schedule and sometimes wears us out before she's asleep. Then there's a sense of let down. So, for now anyway, I'll stick to spontaneous whenever opportunity and desire collide.

Alice said...

Other than knowing I will get a spanking whenever we are together, I am not privy to any planning that may occur. I do not think that he plans the scenario out either, though he may have certain implements in mind. For me our playtime is entirely spontaneous, which is how I love it.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading for a while, but never commented. I thought I'd jump in on this one.
Punishment spankings are planned out and I tell luvbunny what she will get, and why.
Spankings for fun (far more common) are a mix. Some are planned to a degree (mostly just a basic idea of what I want to do), but most are spontaneous.

Bonnie said...

We practice both varieties and plenty of shades in between. I find it difficult to choose between slow, intense turn-on of a ritualistic spanking and the heart pumping thrill of a surprise bottom warming. I certainly wouldn’t want to give up either type.

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