Saturday, March 29, 2008

This 'n' That

It's Saturday morning and I have a millions things to say and nothing at all.

Thank you to everyone who read and commented on my short play. It was an experiment. I wanted to try my hand at a new medium, and a slightly different take on a familiar topic. When I posted it, I really wondered if anyone would read through it, let alone like it.

It was great fun to create. I basically wrote the whole thing in one sitting. It was kind of a stream-of-consciousness experience where it felt as though the characters were speaking through me. I don't anticipate a sequel, but I now feel encouraged enough to try a longer format next time.

Some people asked why I posted it on December 1st. I did that so the main page wouldn't be so huge and the recent content like the poll, the mailbag, and the brunch wouldn't get pushed way out of sight. I recognize this technique was a slight inconvenience, but I thought it was better than the alternative.

Did you notice that the most MBS readers think about spanking and related topics more than four times per day? I've truly attracted some real enthusiasts and I think that's fantastic. Because I'm one too.

So how many times per day do I think about getting my bottom toasted? Well, that depends. If it feels ouchie (as it does right now), I think about it every three seconds or so. If I'm working on something for the blog, and that's pretty much a perpetual process, I obviously think about spankings. But if I'm at work and busy, I'll only occasionally allow my thoughts to drift in that direction. When I'm at the gym and working out, for whatever reason, I think of little else. Many of my best posts have their origins on a treadmill.

A reader asked me recently how I decide which inquiries belong in Ask Bonnie and which end up in the mailbag. Well, it's definitely not a science. I try to limit Ask Bonnie to actual questions. The mailbag, in contrast, is home to all sorts of nonsense. If I have a really good question, even if it would be perfect for Ask Bonnie, I often throw it in the mailbag if that will get it it posted sooner.

Another reader brought to my attention a blogger who is flat out stealing my content. He alters it to suit his purpose (trying to attract women) and passes it off as his own original work. I'm not sure what I can or should do about this situation, but it sure is aggravating.

I hope everyone stops by for brunch tomorrow. This week's topic should be a lot of fun.


Hermione said...

Someone is stealing your work? That's irritating! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery (and I confess I'm guilty of imitating you in certain blogging ways) but stealing is something else altogether.

I'm looking forward to the next play, and to brunch.


Paul said...

Bonnie, you are the queen of spanko's. I'm sure that I must be at least a peer of the Realm.
Warm hugs,

Lele said...

I've seen a "Creative Commons License" on other people's blogs. The only person I can think of right now is Natty's Spanking Blog. I would recommend doing that for your blog and then emailing the jerk stealing your content telling him that he's breaking the law. Also, if he has any links, I would email them to and ask them to refuse to link to him on principle. Links make the blog world go 'round and if you can sever those, then he'll find that his dirty underhanded tactics aren't working anymore. You could even give your massive audience his blog's address and let us do some peer pressure for you. Of course, there's always the possibility that the attention of your audience (even negative attention) will encourage him.
I hope some of this has helped. Good luck and let us know what happens! This kind of thing really ticks me off.

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