Saturday, March 01, 2008

In with the New: In like a Lion Edition

Earlier this week, I asked readers to share their opinions about how best to promote excellent, but under-appreciated spanking blogs. You responded with lots of great suggestions. At least one of these ideas will spring to life very soon.

In the meantime, it is my pleasure to introduce eight more young blogs that I think you will enjoy.

Eric's Spanking Blahg
Four Red Cheeks
Jayed Meade: The Deviant Impulse
Love and Surrendering
Not Quite What I Had in Mind
Sins of Wonder
Taking a Different Road
The Spanking Report

When you visit these blogs, I encourage you to leave comments. New bloggers are typically starved for feedback. They don't know whether they are doing things right or if anyone is even out there. Your timely words of support can make the difference between a successful blog and an abandoned effort.

To these new bloggers, allow me to bid you welcome to our community. I look forward to watching your blogs grow and thrive. I hope you find the spanko blogging experience as rewarding as I have!

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RPT said...

The first thing I notice is that 'The Spanking report 'does not have an RSS feed! Or a contact email so I can tell them they don't have a feed.

A feed is the best way to read, 'cos it's automated.

I really appreciate you highlighting these new blogs, which would probably be missed by many without your help.



Greenwoman said...

Yay! More new blogs!

Hermione said...

They're popping up all over, like mushrooms. Yummy reading!

I agree, a couple seemed comment-proof, like Spanking Report and one other; I couldn't figure out how to leave a comment. But they all got hits from me.


dg_uk said...

Thank you for adding FourRedCheeks - we will need to devote more time to it, and we shall! We love your blog. Thanks once again.


Anonymous said...

What a very useful community service!

And what a interesting blog .

Seeing as you are in the market so to speak to meet new entrants - can I introduce my blog - "Not quite what I had in mind" the story of my DD relationship with K, which began with me under the misguided impression that I was going to be doing the spanking. Oh well. - Its

Nice to be writing in such good company.


Anonymous said...

..........and of course if I'd read you post properly I'd have seen that you had already mentioned my blog!!!


Well many thanks for doing that, very kind.

I'll be off now to write out 100 times "I will read posts carefully before commenting on them."


Anonymous said...

While I love the well established blogs, I think readers would appreciate finding new places. We can all easily find the well established blogs. But new ones, especially good ones are hard to come by.

Bonnie said...

RPT - I might have an e-mail address for them. I will check.

Greenwoman - Enjoy!

Hermione - Thanks for your words of encouragement. It really makes a difference.

DG - Thank you, and best wishes with your new blog!

Recidavist - Yes, you may introduce your blog! :D

Hearts and Paddles - Good new spanking blogs are indeed hard to come by. But it's so much easier when fine folks like you point the way. Thank you!

Dragon & Tiger said...

Thanks so much for mentioning us! We've already had more comments in the past week then we had the first couple months our blog was open. Not only that but we've found some interesting blogs to read as well. Thank you!


Oh Gee said...

Hey, thanks for the shoutie!

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