Thursday, February 28, 2008

Implement Stories #4: Hermione

Hermione is one of my very favorite readers.

A Paddle Designed for Cooking
By Hermione

Isn't this the perfect description of a spanking implement?

"Composite Plastic Paddles - Superior to a concave spoon shape for many tasks, we find a cooking paddle indispensable. Each paddle is flat and smooth ... and there is a thumb rest on the handle which gives a secure grip and prevents the tool from sliding ... We offer 10, 12, and 14 inch lengths ..."

Yes, I had to order one of those from my favourite web site for cooking tools.

It arrived a couple of days later, and I eagerly tore open the box. I held 14 inches of impressively sturdy plastic in my hand and shivered in pleasant anticipation. I was really looking forward to feeling it on my backside.

Smiling, I showed it to my husband, who was reading the paper, didn't appreciate the interruption.

"Look at our new implement!"

"We don't need any more cooking stuff."

"It's not for cooking. It's, um, for spanking."

"We don't need any more spanking stuff either."

Sigh. That was not the enthusiastic response I had hoped for.

"Look at it. Isn't it lovely?" No answer. Just a rustle of newspaper.

"Oh, just forget about it", I snapped. Annoyed and embarrassed, I marched upstairs and threw the new toy into our implement drawer, then came back and tidied away the wrappings. That was that, I grumbled to myself.

The next day, Ron sent me upstairs to get ready for a spanking. As I quickly obeyed, the butterflies in my tummy woke up and started fluttering. As soon as I entered the bedroom, the white paddle caught my eye. There it lay on the bedside table, ready to be used. I smiled. He had come around to my way of thinking.

When my husband appeared in the doorway, I was in position over some pillows on the bed. My bottom was bare and ready, and the butterflies were performing Riverdance. I watched as he picked up the paddle, felt his hand caress my bottom, and felt the smooth plastic touch me for just a moment. Then the paddle cracked against my left cheek. And another CRACK! as it connected with the right one. Oh, no, what had I done? This thing hurts!

Each whack connected loudly with my bottom, accompanied by a biting sting. I am normally quite stoic during a spanking, but I couldn't stop myself from squealing "Ow" with each stroke. I didn't change my position, but kicked and squirmed as much as I dared, in the vain hope of avoiding the full impact.

My introduction to the paddle was mercifully brief. Ron put down the instrument of torture, turned me over, and slid his hands under me to cup my cheeks. I winced and gasped. Then he started doing delightful things to my body, and the pain melted into pleasure.

Afterward, I admired at my bottom in the mirror.

"You've outdone yourself this time. Look how red my bum is," I marveled.

"It's glowing" Ron agreed, smiling proudly.

Well, it certainly felt like it was on fire. I've heard about the dance people do after a hard spanking. I improvised a few steps myself to try to ease the sting. It was a while before I could bring myself to try sitting down. Even relaxing in Ron's soft leather recliner, I was tempted to pull down my sweatpants and cool my burning cheeks on the smooth leather.

I didn't want to dampen my husband's enthusiasm, and after the fuss I'd made about it, I couldn't admit the paddle had been a mistake. So we discussed trying it after a warm up or after a short spanking with another implement. Both approaches have worked out just fine, and have added some variety to our activities.

After a leather paddle spanking, the switch to the white paddle adds an extra level of sting that I am more than ready for. It's just the right final touch. And when applied after a short hand spanking, the sting is still quite fierce, but as the swats continue, I relax and enjoy their bite. I am always left feeling pleasantly uncomfortable the following day, and that's a nice bonus.

Thank you, Hermione, for sharing your unique cooking paddle. I think every spanko's toy box should include a small, stingy paddle. There are times when it's just the right sensation.

If you're enjoying reading our implement stories, I hope that you will consider telling us about your own favorite spanking tools. Just write me an e-mail and include words and/or pictures that describe what makes your implement memorable.


Oh Gee said...

I absolutely love the "Oh crap, why did I want this??" reaction that seems to be so common among spanking implament enthusiasts. I cite Bethie as an example :)

Paul said...

Bonnie, thank you, your implement stories are an excellent idea and very informative.
Hermione, I can only say, "be careful for what you wish", I'm glad that you found a way to handle the sting, I hate to see a good toy wasted.
A good story Hermione, told in your inimitable style, thank you for sharing.
Warm hugs Bonnie,

Dragon & Tiger said...

I had one of those moments today when T and I tried out our new paddles that a friend had made for us. They came in the mail today and after giving T a few test swats, he returned the favor. All I can say is that I know with these new items in our toy box, I plan on being a perfect angel from now on! LOL!! Once again, it's one of those "be careful what you wish for" moments...


Hermione said...

As bad as that paddle was, the dog-leg brush (another 'must have" that I also regret) was even worse!

But that's another story!


Indiana said...

An excellent story, Hermione-- thanks!

Ollie said...

A delightful tale Hermione. Even the simplest thing can give pleasure eh?

Anonymous said...

I imagine that someone at that company is today scratching their head over the sudden increase in traffic to the spoons section of their online catalog, from a website called My Bottom Smarts. Now that would be a fun upcoming sales meeting to attend!

Hermione - I love the way you write.

Bonnie - I have been enjoying MBS for a long time now. Thanks for such an informative, fun-loving, and well-written blog!


Jessica said...

Hmm, I'm torn. Do I want one or not?

david said...

I need one of these for Mthc's collection. Hermione thank you for the review.

*hugs and grins*

Hermione said...

The funny thing was, they were sold out of the smaller sizes when I visited. Spankos has already been there!

Terpsichore said...

Thanks Hermione...hmmmm...must do inventory of our kitchen implements... :-)

Reesa Roberts said...

Great writing, Hermione! Thanks, Bonnie!

Anonymous said...

I have a similarly shaped wooden thing in my kitchen! Silly me I thought it was for stirring stuff! Must find someone to try it on my bottom... *giggles*


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