Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Implement Stories #1: YKF

It’s my pleasure to begin our third season of Implement Stories with a wonderful tale from a new friend.

Living Dangerously

I was working at home and Honey called to say he would be home early because he had to attend to some business. I hoped that included a spanking, but he didn't come right out and say it. I had butterflies in my stomach as I waited the hour that it takes him to get home from work.

When Honey arrived, he asked me to strip to my bra and panties and gather the braided belt, SpongeBob paddle, whippy thing, and the big paddle and meet him in the bedroom. I obeyed, gathering the implements and waiting patiently on the bed. My stomach was doing flips as I sat there with the implements around me... waiting and waiting... and waiting.

After what seemed like forever, Honey came into the bedroom. He sat in his chair and asked me to tend to his very hard cock. I began caressing and kissing his member and brought him to the brink of orgasm and he stopped me.

"Have you been a naughty wife?" he asked.

I was a little puzzled by the question. I had been a horny wife, but I didn't think I had been any naughtier than usual lately. When I didn't answer, he asked again, trying to clarify things for me a little.

"Have you been on the internet looking at spankings?"

I knew I was caught. I had been working at home a lot recently and I had taken a few unscheduled breaks to check out some spanking blogs. He must have looked at the history on my computer.

"Yes, sir," I replied in my sweetest voice. "I have been looking, but I still got all my work done." (This last statement was a lie, as I have been falling behind in my work and letting the house go.)

"Did you really get all your work done? He asked. "What about the laundry that has been sitting folded in the chair for two days, did you put that away?"

"No, sir."

"Did you make the bank deposit today like I asked?"

"No, sir, but you called and said you were coming home early and I was trying to get my work done before you got here"

Honey cut me off. "Why don't we see how much work you got done this morning. Go get your laptop for me."

I knew I was really in for it now. I had been on "My Bottom Smarts" earlier and had followed a few links to check out some of the other blogs. I handed over my laptop and watched as he visited every page. On one blog, he found a picture of a very red bottom.

"Do you see what you are about to get?"

"Yes, sir."

He moved to the edge of the bed. "Come over here and bend over my lap."

I walked over to the bed and positioned myself across his lap. He began rubbing my ample behind over my panties.

"You know you have been very naughty," he said. "You have been a dangerously horny wife and you have not taken care of your work. You are going to get a very hard spanking today. Do you understand?"

Before I could answer, his strong hand came down on my behind. Over and over he spanked, alternating cheeks in a rapid fire fashion that really stung in spite of the covering of my panties. He spanked on and on, sternly reprimanding me for ignoring my work in favor of internet spanking. When he pulled my panties to my knees, he simply commented that my bottom was not nearly red enough!

He began spanking me harder with his hand on my bare behind. I was writhing on his lap as the smacks landed in quick succession. Occasionally, he would stop to rub my burning buns and scold me. "Have you been dangerously horny?" He would ask. "I think you have been so horny that you would let anyone spank you. You would like that, wouldn't you?"

I really had not thought about it that way, but I had to admit that I was certainly "dangerously horny" at the moment. This afternoon surprise had taken me to new levels of desire and I would probably have done just about anything. I admitted that I was indeed "dangerously horny" and I prepared myself for the next level of spanking that was to come.

He stopped his hand assault on my bare ass and rubbed me a little. Then I felt him reach for one of the other implements lying nearby. I was afraid to know which one, but I assumed it was not the big paddle or he would have asked me to bend over the edge of the bed. I soon felt the stinging lash of the whippy thing on my red hot rear.

He flicked his wrist sharply as he whipped me over and over with the little monster. It is made from an old belt that came with a pair of my pants. It has four leather lashes and is held together at the top with a handle made of duct tape. The little monster stings like the dickens, especially when he snaps his wrist. My bottom was on fire and I was getting wetter and wetter with every lash.

More admonishing followed as he stopped to rub my bottom, check between my legs, and change implements. This was one of the most intense spankings I had had in a long time, and it was really heating me up!

Before I knew it, I felt the sting of the SpongeBob paddle on my bottom. This implement first arrived at our house as a birthday party favor for one of our children. Soon the rubber ball was gone, and Honey had re-purposed the paddle for my pain and pleasure. It is made of lightweight plastic and it really stings. When he uses it on my already tender bottom, I cannot be still!

I squirmed and wiggled, and even tried to roll off of his lap, but Honey held me firm and paddled away. Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack... He hit the same spot on my left cheek over and over. I was actually trying to turn my body to present my right cheek for some attention! He found it and smack, smack, smack, he hit the right side.

Finally, the spanking stopped. He moved his hands between my legs and found me dripping wet. Honey moved me onto the bed and entered me from behind. His hard cock filled me up and I immediately had an orgasm. I could feel him pounding against my hot, punished cheeks. It was sublime! We slowly came down from the euphoria and I climbed off the bed, a little shaken, but feeling very fulfilled.

"Wait a minute young lady," he said. "Where do you think you are going? I haven't finished with you yet."

"Ooh no, I think I have been taught my lesson today. I won't be lurking on the internet when I have work to do any time soon."

"We are going to make sure of that. Come over here and bend over the bed."

The dreaded paddle was in his hand and I slowly walked back over to the bed. "How many?" I asked feebly.

"As many as I think it will take to help you remember to do your work. You have been naughty and you admitted that you were dangerously horny. I don't want to come home to find you getting your tail warmed by a total stranger. Now bend over."

Wham. He brought the paddle down hard on my sit spot. The impact on my well-spanked bottom set me on fire and I jumped up and threw my hands behind me.

"Bend over."

Wham. The second lick was harder than the first and the sting was almost a delayed reaction. I have never cried during a spanking, but I could feel hot tears welling in my eyes. "I think that is all I can take" I said.

"I think you can take more. Bend over."

Wham. Honey swung hard and very accurately hit the same spot as the previous two licks. My ass was on fire! I danced and held my bottom and headed to the bathroom, only to be brought back to the bed.

"One more – and you better remember this. Now bend over."

Wham. I think he swung harder for the last lick than he ever has before. I came up off the bed and furiously rubbed my burning ass. Honey came over and held me and told me how much he loves me. He then sent me off for a quick shower before the kids got home from school.

It was a memorable spanking and I felt the effects for several days. I didn't spend much time on internet spanking sites, mostly because I couldn't sit comfortably, but I was still "dangerously horny."

Whew! That was fantastic. Thank you, YKF, for sharing your implements and this terrific story about how well they are used!

When Randy learns that my blog played a role in YKF not completing her work, I might just find myself being instructed to bend over as well. Such is the life of a spanko blogger!

If you own a spanking toy that has a tale to tell, I invite you to participate in our annual Implement Stories series. Just send me an e-mail with a photograph and/or a story about your implement.


Jessica said...

Wow, that was terrific. Very well written and steamy! Thanks for sharing.


mthc said...

That's the kind of story i like!

john said...

Great story.

Hermione said...

Two words - Clear History!

A great story, and a hot way to start my day. Thanks for that.


Terpsichore said...

Thanks for sharing your story...ouch! :-)

Paul said...

Bonnie, now this one's a winner.
Thank you YFK, I'll bet you are sore, your Honey really knows how to lay it on.
Thank you for sharing.
Warm hugs,

Indiana said...

What a deliciously squirmy story, YFK! Not that I could ever identify with reading MBS while I'm supposed to be working. ::checks watch:: Uh oh. Bye for now, hope we see you again!


Dragon & Tiger said...

This is a great story. I look forward to the next!

Thanks for linking our site. It really is a different way to go about this DD journey (hence the name of the blog) and you're absolutely right when you say it's one you don't hear about very often. I guess that's one of the reasons we started our blog, to try and find more couples like us and to share our experience and way of doing things with those who may not understand it very well or how it works. Hope you enjoy our ramblings!


Reesa Roberts said...

Great story, YKF! Thanks for posting this, Bonnie!


Mary said...

very fun and steamy. Thanks for sharing.

Hans said...

Yes indeed a good story. Written clearly and to the point.

Anonymous said...

Whew, I need to go turn on the air conditioning I think. Holy Moly, thanks for sharing that...

Michelle said...

WOW... I've been lurking for 3 days and falling behind on my work and sleep... lucky my boy doesn't get on my laptop ;-)

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